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1. A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of Appropriate Site of Botulinum Toxin Therapy in Hemifacial Spasm Jitpimolmard S.
Thinkhamrop B.
Tiamkao S.
Arunpongpaisal S.
Arayavichanon P.
Kosuwon W.
Jitpimolmard S.
Sawanyawisuth K.
2022 Advances in Therapy
5 (39), pp. 2025-2034
2. Adult Height as a Risk Factor for Developing Colorectal Cancer: A Population-Based Cohort Study in Thailand Bureemas J.
Chindaprasirt J.
Chindaprasirt J.
Suwanrungruang K.
Santong C.
Sarakarn P.
2022 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
6 (23), pp. 2105-2111
3. A meta-analysis to identify factors associated with CPAP machine purchasing in patients with obstructive sleep apnea Sawunyavisuth B.
Ngamjarus C.
Sawanyawisuth K.
2022 Biomedical Reports
6 (16), pp.
4. A national surveillance of eosinophilic meningitis in Thailand Aekphachaisawat N.
Sawanyawisuth K.
Khamsai S.
Boonsawat W.
Tiamkao S.
Limpawattana P.
Maleewong W.
Ngamjarus C.
2022 Parasite Epidemiology and Control
(19), pp.
5. A review on microplastics and nanoplastics in the environment: Their occurrence, exposure routes, toxic studies, and potential effects on human health Sangkham S.
Faikhaw O.
Munkong N.
Sakunkoo P.
Arunlertaree C.
Chavali M.
Chavali M.S.
Mousazadeh M.
Tiwari A.
2022 Marine Pollution Bulletin
(181), pp.
6. Association Between Sleep and Temperament of Preschool Children in Malaysia Fujii M.
Hayashi M.
Teng C.L.
2022 Journal of Indian Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health
1 (18), pp. 36-44
7. Association between the Number of Repeated Praziquantel Treatments and Kidney Parenchymal Change in Northeast Thailand Prathumkam P.
Thinkhamrop K.
Khuntikeo N.
Chamadol N.
Thuanman J.
Kelly M.
Thinkhamrop B.
2022 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
7 (23), pp. 2397-2405
8. Association of Strongyloides stercoralis infection and type 2 diabetes mellitus in northeastern Thailand: Impact on diabetic complication-related renal biochemical parameters Yingklang M.
Chaidee A.
Dangtakot R.
Jantawong C.
Haonon O.
Sitthirach C.
Hai N.
Cha'on U.
Anutrakulchai S.
Kamsa-Ard S.
Pinlaor S.
2022 PLoS ONE
5 May (17), pp.
9. Associations between ultrasound screening findings and cholangiocarcinoma diagnosis in an at-risk population Thinkhamrop K.
Khuntikeo N.
Chamadol N.
Suwannatrai A.
Phimha S.
Kelly M.
2022 Scientific Reports
1 (12), pp.
10. Attitudes and Beliefs of Cancer Patients Demanding Medical Cannabis Use in the North of Thailand Sukrueangkul A.
Phimha S.
Panomai N.
Loahasiriwong W.
Sakphisutthikul C.
2022 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
4 (23), pp. 1309-1314
11. A Validation and Feasibility of a Questionnaire to Assess Literacy, Fear, Hesitancy, and Acceptance of COVID-19 Vaccine in Thailand Siewchaisakul P.
Nanthanangkul S.
Longkul J.
Sarakarn P.
Wungrath J.
2022 Open Public Health Journal
1 (15), pp.
12. Barriers and Facilitators to Implementing Immediate Postpartum Contraceptive Implant Programs: A Formative Implementation Research Sothornwit J.
Lumbiganon P.
Singhdaeng K.S.T.
Jampathong N.
Sangkomkamhang U.S.
2022 International Journal of Women's Health
(14), pp. 945-956
13. Bioaccumulation of Microplastics in Fish and Snails in the Nam Pong River, Khon Kaen, Thailand Yasaka S.
Pitaksanurat S.
Loahasiriwong W.
Neeratanaphan L.
Jungoth R.
Donprajum T.
Taweetanawanit P.
2022 EnvironmentAsia
1 (15), pp. 81-93
14. Cardiorenal dysfunction and hypertrophy induced by renal artery occlusion are normalized by galangin treatment in rats Chaihongsa N.
Maneesai P.
Sangartit W.
Rattanakanokchai S.
Potue P.
Khamseekaew J.
Bunbupha S.
Pakdeechote P.
2022 Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy
(152), pp.
15. Comparative evaluation of Tc-99m DTPA and Tc-99m MAG3 post-transplant renal scintigraphy for predicting one-year renal function in kidney transplant recipients Theerakulpisut D.
Anutrakulchai S.
Thinkhamrop B.
2022 Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology
6 (27), pp.
16. Corrigendum to “Intra-macro anatomical variations of the bronchial tree in an L2R2 pattern: Case report” [Transl. Res. Anat. 21C (2020) 100078] (Translational Research in Anatomy (2020) 21, (S2214854X20300170), (10.1016/j.tria.2020.100078)) Maneenin C.
Maneenin N.
Wanram S.
Jirapornkul C.
Mahiphot J.
Iamsaard S.
2022 Translational Research in Anatomy
(27), pp.
17. Development and validation of machine learning for early mortality in systemic sclerosis Foocharoen C.
Thinkhamrop W.
Chaichaya N.
Mahakkanukrauh A.
Suwannaroj S.
Thinkhamrop B.
2022 Scientific Reports
1 (12), pp.
18. Development of a School-Based Health Literacy Model for Liver Fluke Prevention and Control Using Participatory Action Research Patchasuwan N.H.
Banchonhattakit P.
Rattanapitoon N.K.
Nilnate N.
Srithumsuk W.
Heebkaew S.
Phimha S.
2022 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
4 (23), pp. 1177-1183
19. Early as compared to late initiation of twice-weekly hemodialysis and short-term survival among end-stage renal disease patients Panaput T.
Domrongkitchaiporn S.
Thinkhamrop B.
Sirivongs D.
Praderm L.
Anukulanantachai J.
Kanokkantapong C.
Tungkasereerak P.
Pongskul C.
Anutrakulchai S.
Keobounma T.
Narenpitak S.
Intarawongchot P.
Suwattanasin A.
Tatiyanupanwong S.
Niwattayakul K.
2022 Hemodialysis International
4 (26), pp. 509-518
20. Early-onset neonatal sepsis and antibiotic use in Indonesia: a descriptive, cross-sectional study Salsabila K.
Toha N.M.A.
Rundjan L.
Pattanittum P.
Sirikarn P.
Rohsiswatmo R.
Wandita S.
Hakimi M.
Lumbiganon P.
Green S.
Turner T.J.
2022 BMC Public Health
1 (22), pp.
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