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1. Concentration of Urine Samples Improves Sensitivity in Detection of Strongyloides-Specific IgG Antibody in Urine for Diagnosis of Strongyloidiasis Chungkanchana N.
Sithithaworn P.
Worasith C.
Wongphutorn P.
Ruantip S.
Kopolrat K.Y.
Jusakul A.
Thanan R.
Duenngai K.
Sithithaworn J.
Techasen A.
2022 Journal of clinical microbiology
1 (60), pp. e0145421
2. Exploring the Learning Psychology Mobilization of Music Majors Through Innovative Teaching Methods Under the Background of New Curriculum Reform Cai H.
Liu G.
2022 Frontiers in Psychology
(12), pp.
3. Fibrinogen with high-sensitivity C-reactive protein: A combined prediction biomarker for acute coronary syndrome risk assessment Makmool C.
Pussadhamma B.
Leuangwatthananon W.
Howhan S.
Komanasin N.
2022 ScienceAsia
1 (48), pp. 8-14
4. Intervention Effect of Rehabilitation Robotic Bed Under Machine Learning Combined With Intensive Motor Training on Stroke Patients With Hemiplegia Liu G.
Cai H.
Leelayuwat N.
2022 Frontiers in Neurorobotics
(16), pp.
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