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41. All-Atom Molecular Dynamics Simulations on a Single Chain of PET and PEV Polymers Sangkhawasi M.
Remsungnen T.
Vangnai A.S.
Poo-arporn R.P.
Rungrotmongkol T.
2022 Polymers
6 (14), pp.
42. All-trans-retinoic acid induces RARB-dependent apoptosis via ROS induction and enhances cisplatin sensitivity by NRF2 downregulation in cholangiocarcinoma cells Butsri S.
Kukongviriyapan V.
Senggunprai L.
Kongpetch S.
Prawan A.
2022 Oncology Letters
6 (23), pp.
43. Alterations of serum biochemical parameters and tyrosine phosphorylation in kidney and liver of chronic stress-induced rats Khanthiyong B.
Arun S.
Bunsueb S.
Thongbuakaew T.
Suwannakhan A.
Iamsaard S.
Chaiyamoon A.
2022 Brazilian journal of biology = Revista brasleira de biologia
(84), pp. e254646
44. A machine learning colorimetric biosensor based on acetylcholinesterase and silver nanoparticles for the detection of dichlorvos pesticides Tun W.S.T.
Talodthaisong C.
Daduang S.
Daduang J.
Rongchai K.
Patramanon R.
Kulchat S.
2022 Materials Chemistry Frontiers
11 (6), pp. 1487-1498
45. A mathematical model of transmission cycle of CC-Hemorrhagic fever via fractal–fractional operators and numerical simulations Etemad S.
Tellab B.
Zeb A.
Ahmad S.
Zada A.
Rezapour S.
Ahmad H.
Botmart T.
2022 Results in Physics
(40), pp.
46. A meta-analysis to identify factors associated with CPAP machine purchasing in patients with obstructive sleep apnea Sawunyavisuth B.
Ngamjarus C.
Sawanyawisuth K.
2022 Biomedical Reports
6 (16), pp.
5 (26), pp. 1161 - 1173
48. A Multianalyte Electrochemical Genosensor for the Detection of High-Risk HPV Genotypes in Oral and Cervical Cancers Chaibun T.
Thanasapburachot P.
Chatchawal P.
Yin L.S.
Jiaranuchart S.
Jearanaikoon P.
Promptmas C.
Buajeeb W.
Lertanantawong B.
2022 Biosensors
5 (12), pp.
49. A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of Online Soft Drink Advertisements Suphaborwornrat W.
Punkasirikul P.
2022 LEARN Journal: Language Education and Acquisition Research Network
1 (15), pp. 627-653
50. An adaptive control strategy for VSG with reduced size energy storage system Jongudomkarn J.
Suksri A.
2022 19th International Conference on Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology, ECTI-CON 2022
(), pp.
51. An advanced computing scheme for the numerical investigations of an infection-based fractional-order nonlinear prey-predator system Sabir Z.
Botmart T.
Raja M.A.Z.
Weera W.
2022 PLoS ONE
3 March (17), pp.
52. An Advanced Stochastic Numerical Approach for Host-Vector-Predator Nonlinear Model Junswang P.
Sabir Z.
Raja M.A.Z.
Salahshour S.
Botmart T.
Weera W.
2022 Computers, Materials and Continua
3 (72), pp. 5823-5843
53. Anaerobic co-digestion of biogas effluent and sugarcane filter cake for methane production Wongarmat W.
Reungsang A.
Sittijunda S.
Chu C.-Y.
2022 Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
3 (12), pp. 901-912
54. Analysis of bacterial and fungal communities in fermented fish (pla-ra) from Northeast Thailand Sirichoat A.
Lulitanond V.
Faksri K.
2022 Archives of Microbiology
6 (204), pp.
55. Analysis of Medical Interventions at the Start-Finish Medical Post of an International Running Event in Rural Thailand Ussahgij W.
Kotruchin P.
Osotthanakorn P.
Apiratwarakul K.
2022 Prehospital and Disaster Medicine
1 (37), pp. 84-89
56. Analysis of Online Customer Complaint Behavior in Vietnam’s Hotel Industry Hien N.T.
Su Y.-L.
Sann R.
Thanh L.T.P.
2022 Sustainability (Switzerland)
7 (14), pp. -
57. Analysis of the magnetohydrodynamic flow in a porous medium Vijayalakshmi E.A.
Santra S.S.
Botmart T.
Alotaibi H.
Loganathan G.B.
Kannan M.
Visuvasam J.
Govindan V.
2022 AIMS Mathematics
8 (7), pp. 15182-15194
58. Analytical and numerical investigation of Darcy-Forchheimer flow of a nonlinear-radiative non-Newtonian fluid over a Riga plate with entropy optimization Eswaramoorthi S.
Loganathan K.
Faisal M.
Botmart T.
Shah N.A.
2022 Ain Shams Engineering Journal
(), pp.
59. Analytical and Numerical Monotonicity Analyses for Discrete Delta Fractional Operators Nonlaopon K.
Mohammed P.O.
Hamed Y.S.
Muhammad R.S.
Brzo A.B.
Aydi H.
2022 Mathematics
10 (10), pp.
60. Analytical Investigation of Fractional-Order Cahn–Hilliard and Gardner Equations Using Two Novel Techniques Alaoui M.K.
Nonlaopon K.
Zidan A.M.
Khan A.
Shah R.
2022 Mathematics
10 (10), pp.
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