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781. Nil-Surin Rice Bran Hydrolysates Improve Lipid Metabolism and Hepatic Steatosis by Regulating Secretion of Adipokines and Expression of Lipid-Metabolism Genes Boonloh K.
Thanaruksa R.
Proongkhong T.
Thawornchinsombut S.
Pannangpetch P.
2022 Journal of Medicinal Food
6 (25), pp. 597-606
782. Nobiletin resolves left ventricular and renal changes in 2K-1C hypertensive rats Iampanichakul M.
Poasakate A.
Potue P.
Rattanakanokchai S.
Maneesai P.
Prachaney P.
Settheetham-Ishida W.
Pakdeechote P.
2022 Scientific Reports
1 (12), pp.
783. Non-Fourier energy transmission in power-law hybrid nanofluid flow over a moving sheet Alhowaity A.
Bilal M.
Hamam H.
Alqarni M.M.
Mukdasai K.
Ali A.
2022 Scientific Reports
1 (12), pp.
784. Non-invasively accuracy enhanced blood glucose sensor using shallow dense neural networks with NIR monitoring and medical features Srichan C.
Srichan W.
Danvirutai P.
Ritsongmuang C.
Sharma A.
Anutrakulchai S.
Anutrakulchai S.
2022 Scientific Reports
1 (12), pp.
785. Non-minimal coupled warm inflation with quantum-corrected self-interacting inflaton potential Samart D.
Ma-adlerd P.
Koad P.
Channuie P.
2022 European Physical Journal C
6 (82), pp.
786. Nordentatin Inhibits Neuroblastoma Cell Proliferation and Migration through Regulation of GSK-3 Pathway Boonyarat C.
Boonput P.
Tongloh N.
Kaewamatawong R.
Chaiwiwatrakul S.
Yenjai C.
Waiwut P.
2022 Current Issues in Molecular Biology
3 (44), pp. 1062-1074
Nupo N.
2022 Transactions on Combinatorics
2 (11), pp. 111-122
788. Norlignan glycosides from the leaves of Molineria latifolia Maliwong J.
Chimnoi N.
Ruchirawat S.
Kanchanapoom T.
2022 Phytochemistry Letters
(47), pp. 136-139
789. Novel Analysis of the Fractional-Order System of Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations with the Exponential-Decay Kernel Alesemi M.
Iqbal N.
Botmart T.
2022 Mathematics
4 (10), pp.
790. Novel approach to find the optimal parameters of a tractor disc plough used for land preparation Srichok T.
Pitakaso R.
Sethanan K.
Kumphon O.
Pattanapairoj S.
Worasan K.
2022 Engineering Optimization
5 (54), pp. 864-880
791. Novel Computing for the Delay Differential Two-Prey and One-Predator System Junsawang P.
Sabir Z.
Raja M.A.Z.
Salahshour S.
Botmart T.
Weera W.
2022 Computers, Materials and Continua
1 (73), pp. 249-263
792. Novel electromagnetic induction heat curing process of fly ash geopolymer using waste iron powder as a conductive material Nongnuang T.
Jitsangiam P.
Rattanasak U.
Chindaprasirt P.
2022 Scientific Reports
1 (12), pp.
793. Novel non-cytotoxic antimicrobial peptides WSKK11 and WSRR11 with potent activity against Cutibacterium acnes Theansungnoen T.
Phosri S.
Bumrungthai S.
Daduang J.
Klaynongsruang S.
Daduang S.
2022 Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
4 (77), pp. 1012-1019
794. Novel Oscillation Theorems and Symmetric Properties of Nonlinear Delay Differential Equations of Fourth-Order with a Middle Term Almarri B.
Janaki S.
Ganesan V.
Ali A.H.
Nonlaopon K.
Bazighifan O.
2022 Symmetry
3 (14), pp.
795. Novel polymer composites of RuO<inf>2</inf>@nBaTiO<inf>3</inf>/PVDF with a high dielectric constant Silakaew K.
Swatsitang E.
Thongbai P.
2022 Ceramics International
13 (48), pp. 18925-18932
796. Nuclear Fusion Diffusion: Theory, Policy, Practice, and Politics Perspectives Carayannis E.G.
Draper J.
Iftimie I.A.
2022 IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
4 (69), pp. 1237-1251
797. NUDT15 is a key genetic factor for prediction of hematotoxicity in pediatric patients who received a standard low dosage regimen of 6-mercaptopurine Khaeso K.
Komvilaisak P.
Chainansamit S.o.
Nakkam N.
Suwannaying K.
Kuwatjanakul P.
Hikino K.
Dornsena A.
Kanjanawart S.
Laoaroon N.
Vannaprasaht S.
Taketani T.
Tassaneeyakul W.
2022 Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics
(43), pp.
798. Numerical investigation of fractional-order Kersten–Krasil’shchik coupled KdV–mKdV system with Atangana–Baleanu derivative Iqbal N.
Botmart T.
Mohammed W.W.
Ali A.
2022 Advances in Continuous and Discrete Models
1 (2022), pp.
799. Numerical Simulations of Vaccination and Wolbachia on Dengue Transmission Dynamics in the Nonlinear Model Junsawang P.
Zuhra S.
Sabir Z.
Raja M.A.Z.
Shoaib M.
Botmart T.
Weera W.
2022 IEEE Access
(10), pp. 31116-31144
800. Numerical simulation using the non-standard weighted average FDM for 2Dim variable-order Cable equation Adel M.
Sweilam N.H.
Khader M.M.
Ahmed S.M.
Ahmad H.
Botmart T.
2022 Results in Physics
(39), pp.
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