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81. An Advanced Stochastic Numerical Approach for Host-Vector-Predator Nonlinear Model Junswang P.
Sabir Z.
Raja M.A.Z.
Salahshour S.
Botmart T.
Weera W.
2022 Computers, Materials and Continua
3 (72), pp. 5823-5843
82. Anaerobic co-digestion of biogas effluent and sugarcane filter cake for methane production Wongarmat W.
Reungsang A.
Sittijunda S.
Chu C.
2022 Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
3 (12), pp. 901-912
83. An Alternative Approach to Improve the Butanol Production Efficiency from Sweet Sorghum Stem Juice Using Immobilized Cells Combined with an In Situ Gas Stripping System Thanapornsin T.
Laopaiboon P.
Laopaiboon L.
2022 Fermentation
9 (8), pp.
84. Analysis of bacterial and fungal communities in fermented fish (pla-ra) from Northeast Thailand Sirichoat A.
Lulitanond V.
Faksri K.
2022 Archives of Microbiology
6 (204), pp.
85. Analysis of fractal fractional Lorenz type and financial chaotic systems with exponential decay kernels Ul Haq I.
Ahmad S.
Saifullah S.
Nonlaopon K.
Akgül A.
2022 AIMS Mathematics
10 (7), pp. 18809-18823
86. Analysis of Heat Transfer of Mono and Hybrid Nanofluid Flow between Two Parallel Plates in a Darcy Porous Medium with Thermal Radiation and Heat Generation/Absorption Yaseen M.M.
Rawat S.K.
Shafiq A.
Kumar M.K.
Nonlaopon K.
2022 Symmetry
9 (14), pp.
87. Analysis of Kink Behaviour of KdV-mKdV Equation under Caputo Fractional Operator with Non-Singular Kernel Ali S.
Ullah A.
Ahmad S.
Nonlaopon K.
2022 Symmetry
11 (14), pp.
88. Analysis of Medical Interventions at the Start-Finish Medical Post of an International Running Event in Rural Thailand Ussahgij W.
Kotruchin P.
Osotthanakorn P.
Apiratwarakul K.
2022 Prehospital and Disaster Medicine
1 (37), pp. 84-89
89. Analysis of MHD Falkner–Skan Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer Due to Symmetric Dynamic Wedge: A Numerical Study via the SCA-SQP-ANN Technique Nonlaopon K.
Fawad Khan M.
Sulaiman M.
Alshammari F.S.
Laouini G.
2022 Symmetry
10 (14), pp.
90. Analysis of Online Customer Complaint Behavior in Vietnam’s Hotel Industry Hien N.T.
Su Y.L.
Sann R.
Thanh L.T.P.
2022 Sustainability (Switzerland)
7 (14), pp.
91. Analysis of S-Box Based on Image Encryption Application Using Complex Fuzzy Credibility Frank Aggregation Operators Yahya M.
Abdullah S.
Almagrabi A.O.
Botmart T.
2022 IEEE Access
(10), pp. 88858-88871
92. Analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on the Cruise Shipping Network in the Asian-Australasian Region Kanrak M.
Nguyen H.O.(.
Du Y.
2022 Journal of International Logistics and Trade
1 (20), pp. 1-17
93. Analysis of the Fractional-Order Local Poisson Equation in Fractal Porous Media Alqhtani M.
Saad K.M.
Shah R.
Weera W.
Hamanah W.M.
2022 Symmetry
7 (14), pp.
94. Analysis of the magnetohydrodynamic flow in a porous medium Vijayalakshmi E.A.
Santra S.S.
Botmart T.
Alotaibi H.
Loganathan G.B.
Kannan M.
Visuvasam J.
Govindan V.
2022 AIMS Mathematics
8 (7), pp. 15182-15194
95. Analytical and Numerical Monotonicity Analyses for Discrete Delta Fractional Operators Nonlaopon K.
Mohammed P.O.
Hamed Y.S.
Muhammad R.S.
Brzo A.B.
Aydi H.
2022 Mathematics
10 (10), pp.
96. Analytical Investigation of Fractional-Order Cahn–Hilliard and Gardner Equations Using Two Novel Techniques Kbiri Alaoui M.
Nonlaopon K.
Zidan A.M.
Khan A.
Shah R.
2022 Mathematics
10 (10), pp.
97. Analytical investigation of fractional-order Newell-Whitehead-Segel equations via a novel transform Areshi M.
Khan A.
Shah R.
Nonlaopon K.
2022 AIMS Mathematics
4 (7), pp. 6936-6958
98. Analytical solution of time-fractional Schrö̈ dinger equations via Shehu Adomian Decomposition Method Kapoor M.
Shah N.A.
Weera W.
2022 AIMS Mathematics
10 (7), pp. 19562-19596
99. An analysis of connectivity, assortativity and cluster structure of the Asian-Australasian cruise shipping network Kanrak M.
Nguyen H.O.(.
2022 Maritime Transport Research
(3), pp.
100. An analysis of the incidence and survival rates of bone sarcoma patients in thailand: reports from population-based cancer registries 2001–2015 Klangjorhor J.
Pongnikorn D.
Phanphaisarn A.
Chaiyawat P.
Teeyakasem P.
Suksakit P.
Pasena A.
Udomrak S.
Orrapin S.
Pornwattanavate S.
Waisri N.
Daoprasert K.
Wisanuyotin T.
Santong C.
Sangrajrang S.
Sitthikong S.
Tuntarattanapong P.
Prechawittayakul P.
Pruksakorn D.
2022 Cancer Epidemiology
(76), pp.
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