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101. An analysis on approximate controllability of semilinear control systems with impulsive effects Shukla A.
Vijayakumar V.
Nisar K.S.
Singh A.K.
Udhayakumar R.
Botmart T.
Albalawi W.
Mahmoud M.
2022 Alexandria Engineering Journal
12 (61), pp. 12293-12299
102. An Analytical Approach for Fractional Hyperbolic Telegraph Equation Using Shehu Transform in One, Two and Three Dimensions Kapoor M.
Shah N.A.
Saleem S.
Weera W.
2022 Mathematics
12 (10), pp.
103. An application of statistical quality tools for process robustness and sustainability of titanium nitride coating on a machine component of a fishing net weaving machine Intanon N.
Wisitsoraat A.
Saikaew C.
2022 Journal of Cleaner Production
(363), pp.
104. An Approach for Incorporating Glycerol as a Co-Substrate into Unconcentrated Sugarcane Bagasse Hydrolysate for Improved Lipid Production in Rhodotorula glutinis Ngamsirisomsakul M.
Kongkeitkajorn M.B.
Amnuaypanich S.
Reungsang A.
2022 Fermentation
10 (8), pp.
105. An Appropriate Genetic Approach for Improving Reproductive Traits in Crossbred Thai–Holstein Cattle under Heat Stress Conditions Fathoni A.
Boonkum W.
Chankitisakul V.
Duangjinda M.
2022 Veterinary Sciences
4 (9), pp.
106. An argumentative approach for handling inconsistency in prioritized Datalog ± ontologies Ho L.T.T.
Arch-Int S.
Schlobach S.
Arch-Int N.
2022 AI Communications
3 (35), pp. 243-267
107. A national surveillance of eosinophilic meningitis in Thailand Aekphachaisawat N.
Sawanyawisuth K.
Khamsai S.
Boonsawat W.
Tiamkao S.
Limpawattana P.
Maleewong W.
Ngamjarus C.
2022 Parasite Epidemiology and Control
(19), pp.
108. Anatomical variants identified on chest computed tomography of 1000+ COVID-19 patients from an open-access dataset Yurasakpong L.
Asuvapongpatana S.
Weerachatyanukul W.
Meemon K.
Jongkamonwiwat N.
Kruepunga N.
Chaiyamoon A.
Sudsang T.
Iwanaga J.
Tubbs R.S.
Suwannakhan A.
2022 Clinical Anatomy
6 (35), pp. 723-731
109. Andrographolide Inhibits Epstein–Barr Virus Lytic Reactivation in EBV-Positive Cancer Cell Lines through the Modulation of Epigenetic-Related Proteins Malat P.
Ekalaksananan T.
Heawchaiyaphum C.
Suebsasana S.
Roytrakul S.
Yingchutrakul Y.
Pientong C.
2022 Molecules
14 (27), pp.
110. Andrographolide stabilized-silver nanoparticles overcome ceftazidime-resistant Burkholderia pseudomallei: study of antimicrobial activity and mode of action Thammawithan S.
Talodthaisong C.
Srichaiyapol O.
Patramanon R.
Hutchison J.A.
Kulchat S.
2022 Scientific Reports
1 (12), pp.
111. An effective strategy for the detection of tetracycline by N,S-doped carbon nanodots after preconcentration with a hybrid functional nanocomposite Sianglam P.
Ngamdee K.
Ittisanronnachai S.
Promarak V.
Ngeontae W.
2022 Microchemical Journal
(183), pp.
112. An efficient two-step iterative method with fifth-order convergence for solving non-linear equations Trachoo K.
Prathumwan D.
Chaiya I.
2022 Journal of Analysis and Applications
1 (20), pp. 81-90
113. A Nelder Mead-infused INFO algorithm for optimization of mechanical design problems Mehta P.
Yıldız B.S.
Kumar S.
Pholdee N.
Sait S.M.
Panagant N.
Bureerat S.
Yıldız A.R.
2022 Materialpruefung/Materials Testing
8 (64), pp. 1172-1182
114. Anemia, iron deficiency, and thalassemia among the Thai population inhabiting at the Thailand-Lao PDR-Cambodia triangle Karnpean R.
Vanichakulthada N.
Suwannaloet W.
Thongrung R.
Singsanan S.
Prakobkaew N.
Fucharoen G.
Fucharoen S.P.
2022 Scientific Reports
1 (12), pp.
115. An Enhanced Deep Learning Neural Network for the Detection and Identification of Android Malware Musikawan P.
Kongsorot Y.
You I.
So-In C.
2022 IEEE Internet of Things Journal
(), pp.
116. An enhanced fuzzy-based clustering protocol with an improved shuffled frog leaping algorithm for WSNs Kongsorot Y.
Musikawan P.
Muneesawang P.
So-In C.
2022 Expert Systems with Applications
(198), pp.
117. An enhanced obstacle-aware deployment scheme with an opposition-based competitive swarm optimizer for mobile WSNs Musikawan P.
Kongsorot Y.
Muneesawang P.
So-In C.
2022 Expert Systems with Applications
(189), pp.
118. An ethnobotanical study of the genus Smilax in Thailand and its botanical authentication for Hua-khao-yen crude drugs Pansumrit P.
Pathomwichaiwat T.
Kladwong P.
Tiyaworanant S.
Nguanchoo V.
Bongcheewin B.
2022 Pharmaceutical Sciences Asia
(49), pp. 230-241
119. A Neuro-Evolution Heuristic Using Active-Set Techniques to Solve a Novel Nonlinear Singular Prediction Differential Model Sabir Z.
Raja M.A.Z.
Botmart T.
Weera W.
2022 Fractal and Fractional
1 (6), pp.
120. An Evaluation of an Innovative Exercise to Relieve Chronic Low Back Pain in Sedentary Workers Saiklang P.
Puntumetakul R.
Selfe J.
Yeowell G.
2022 Human Factors
5 (64), pp. 820-834
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