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121. A simple method for fabricating flexible thermoelectric nanocomposites based on bacterial cellulose nanofiber and Ag<inf>2</inf>Se Palaporn D.
Mongkolthanaruk W.
Tanusilp S.A.
Kurosaki K.
Pinitsoontorn S.
2022 Applied Physics Letters
7 (120), pp.
122. Assessing the Risk Factors For Diagnosed Symptomatic Dry Eye Using a Smartphone App: Cross-sectional Study Kasetsuwan N.
Suwan-Apichon O.
Lekhanont K.
Chuckpaiwong V.
Reinprayoon U.
Chantra S.
Puangsricharern V.
Pariyakanok L.
Prabhasawat P.
Tesavibul N.
Chaidaroon W.
Tananuvat N.
Hirunpat C.
Prakairungthong N.
Sansanayudh W.
Chirapapaisan C.
Phrueksaudomchai P.
2022 JMIR mHealth and uHealth
6 (10), pp.
123. Assessment of equivalent substrate stiffness and mechanical properties of sustainable alkali-activated concrete containing recycled concrete aggregate Damrongwiriyanupap N.
Srikhamma T.
Plongkrathok C.
Phoo-Ngernkham T.
Sae-Long W.
Hanjitsuwan S.
Sukontasukkul P.
Li L.y.
Chindaprasirt P.
2022 Case Studies in Construction Materials
(16), pp.
124. Assessment of glomerular filtration rate measurement in dogs using dynamic contrast CT compared to serum iohexol clearance Kaenkangploo D.
Kampa N.
Jitpean S.
Seesupa S.
Yongvanit K.
2022 Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound
1 (63), pp. 38-46
125. Assessment of hydrologic variations under climate change scenarios using fully-distributed hydrological model in Huai Luang Watershed, Thailand Ikhwali M.F.
Pawattana C.
2022 Engineering and Applied Science Research
4 (49), pp. 470-484
126. Assessment of ochratoxin A exposure risk from the consumption of coffee beans in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Oeung S.
Songsermsakul P.
Porasuphatana S.
2022 Food Additives and Contaminants: Part B Surveillance
1 (15), pp. 71-77
127. Assessment of organosolv, hydrothermal, and combined organosolv and hydrothermal with enzymatic pretreatment to increase the production of biogas from Napier grass and Napier silage Jomnonkhaow U.
Sittijunda S.
Reungsang A.
2022 Renewable Energy
(181), pp. 1237-1249
128. Assisted peritoneal dialysis performed by caregivers and its association with patient outcomes Puapatanakul P.
Kanjanabuch T.
Tungsanga K.
Cheawchanwattana A.
Tangjittrong K.
Lounseng N.
Songviriyavithaya P.
Zhao J.
Wang A.Y.-M.
Shen J.
Perl J.
Davies S.J.
Finkelstein F.O.
Johnson D.W.
2022 Peritoneal Dialysis International
(), pp.
Kessomboon P.
Laha T.
Sripa B.
Suttiprapa S.
2022 Suranaree Journal of Science and Technology
1 (29), pp.
130. Association between Opisthorchis viverrini Infection and Glomerular Disease in Thailand Tonsawan P.
Intarak S.
Sripa B.
Puapairoj A.
Sripa M.
Sithithaworn P.
Anutrakulchai S.
Anutrakulchai S.
2022 American Journal of Nephrology
2-3 (53), pp. 199-206
131. Association between urine and serum estradiol levels in in vitro fertilization cycles Chotboon C.
Salang L.
Buppasiri P.
Amnatbuddee S.
Eamudomkarn N.
2022 Scientific Reports
1 (12), pp.
132. Association of Human Papillomavirus and Epstein-Barr Virus Infection with Tonsil Cancer in Northeastern Thailand Heawchaiyaphum C.
Ekalaksananan T.
Patarapadungkit N.
Vatanasapt P.
Pientong C.
2022 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
3 (23), pp. 781-787
133. Association of Probiotic Supplementation with Improvements in the Gut Microbes, Blood Lipid Profile and Caecal Villus Morphology of Broilers Khochamit N.
Buahom J.
Siripornadulsil S.
Siripornadulsil W.
2022 Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering
6 (47), pp. 6807-6819
134. Association of Strongyloides stercoralis infection and type 2 diabetes mellitus in northeastern Thailand: Impact on diabetic complication-related renal biochemical parameters Yingklang M.
Chaidee A.
Dangtakot R.
Jantawong C.
Haonon O.
Sitthirach C.
Hai N.T.
Cha'on U.
Anutrakulchai S.
Kamsa-Ard S.
Pinlaor S.
2022 PLoS ONE
5 May (17), pp.
135. A Study of Generalized Clones of Rank k and Generalized k-Hypersubstitutions Lekkoksung N.
Jampachon P.
2022 Thai Journal of Mathematics
1 (20), pp. 406-416
136. A Study on Logistical Distribution Management and Safety in Thailand’s Highway Work Zone: The case of Logistics Drivers Mahasirikul N.
Aksorn P.
Srinavin K.
Ngowtanasuwan G.
2022 Journal of Distribution Science
3 (20), pp. 23-31
137. A Subgradient-Type Extrapolation Cyclic Method for Solving an Equilibrium Problem over the Common Fixed-Point Sets Promsinchai P.
Nimana N.
2022 Symmetry
5 (14), pp.
138. A systematic review on pharmacists’ turnover and turnover intention Thin S.M.
Chongmelaxme B.
Watcharadamrongkun S.
Kanjanarach T.
Sorofman B.A.
Kittisopee T.
2022 Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy
(), pp.
139. A theoretical and numerical analysis of a fractal–fractional two-strain model of meningitis Rezapour S.
Asamoah J.K.K.
Hussain A.
Ahmad H.
Banerjee R.
Etemad S.
Botmart T.
2022 Results in Physics
(39), pp.
140. A Transmission Scheme Based on Uniform Shortening LDPC Codes for Performance Improvement in Faster-Than-Nyquist Systems Khantha T.
Imtawil V.
Ruangchaijatupon N.
Khunkitti P.
Suthisopapan P.
2022 IEEE Access
(10), pp. 31255-31262
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