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121. A new chaotic Lévy flight distribution optimization algorithm for solving constrained engineering problems Yildiz B.S.
Kumar S.
Pholdee N.
Bureerat S.
Sait S.M.
Yildiz A.R.
2022 Expert Systems
8 (39), pp.
122. A New Deep Learning Model for The Classification of Poisonous and Edible Mushrooms Based on Improved AlexNet Convolutional Neural Network Ketwongsa W.
Boonlue S.
Kokaew U.
2022 Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
7 (12), pp.
123. A new diarylhexane and two new diarylpropanols from the roots of Knema globularia Sriphana U.
Yenjai C.
Suthiwong J.
Poopasit K.
2022 Natural Product Research
7 (36), pp. 1741-1748
124. A new Four-clawed Gecko from limestone hills in Lopburi Province, central Thailand (Squamata, Gekkonidae: Gehyra) Pauwels O.S.G.
Meesook W.
Kunya K.
Donbundit N.
Sumontha M.
2022 Zootaxa
4 (5115), pp. 511-531
125. A new genus of bamboo culm tarantula from Thailand (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Theraphosidae) Songsangchote C.
Sippawat Z.
Khaikaew W.
Chomphuphuang N.
2022 ZooKeys
1080 (2022), pp. 1-19
126. A new hybrid artificial hummingbird-simulated annealing algorithm to solve constrained mechanical engineering problems Yildiz B.S.
Mehta P.
Sait S.M.
Panagant N.
Kumar S.
Yildiz A.R.
2022 Materialpruefung/Materials Testing
7 (64), pp. 1043-1050
Chimnoi N.
Srinroch C.
Petchthong C.
Ruchirawat S.
Kanchanapoom T.
2022 Heterocycles
3 (104), pp.
128. A newly developed droplet digital PCR for Ehrlichia canis detection: comparisons to conventional PCR and blood smear techniques Wichianchot S.
Hongsrichan N.
Maneeruttanarungroj C.
Pinlaor S.
Iamrod K.
Purisarn A.
Donthaisong P.
Karanis P.
Nimsuphan B.
Rucksaken R.
2022 Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
6 (84), pp. 831-840
129. A new sesquiterpenoid juvenile hormone III from the stems of Cananga latifolia Phatchana R.
Senawong T.
Lakornwong W.
Sribuhom T.
Yenjai C.
2022 Journal of Asian Natural Products Research
12 (24), pp. 1185-1191
130. A new species of Acentrella Bengtsson, 1912 (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) from Thailand Tungpairojwong N.
Phlai-Ngam S.
Jacobus L.M.
2022 Zootaxa
4 (5125), pp. 351-378
131. A New Sushila Distribution: Properties and Applications Boonthiem S.
Moumeesri A.
Klongdee W.
Ieosanurak W.
2022 European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
3 (15), pp. 1280-1300
132. Angle design of stator-rotor blades for VLH axial ow turbine using surrogate-based optimization Pholdee N.
Nuantong W.
Taechajedcadarungsri S.
Bureerat S.
2022 Scientia Iranica
1 B (29), pp. 13-25
133. An Innovative Decision-Making Approach Based on Correlation Coefficients of Complex Picture Fuzzy Sets and Their Applications in Cluster Analysis Qu J.
Nasir A.
Khan S.
Nonlaopon K.
Rahman G.
2022 Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience
(2022), pp.
134. An innovative scoring system for predicting an excellent Harris hip score after proximal femoral nail anti-rotation in elderly patients with intertrochanteric fracture Phruetthiphat O.a.
Pinijprapa P.
Satravaha Y.
Kitcharanant N.
Pongchaiyakul C.
2022 Scientific Reports
1 (12), pp.
135. An Innovative Test for the Rapid Detection of Specific IgG Antibodies in Human Whole-Blood for the Diagnosis of Opisthorchis viverrini Infection Sadaow L.
Rodpai R.
Janwan P.
Boonroumkaew P.
Sanpool O.
Thanchomnang T.
Yamasaki H.
Ittiprasert W.
Mann V.H.
Brindley P.J.
Maleewong W.
Intapan P.M.
2022 Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease
10 (7), pp.
136. An In Situ Formation of Ionic Liquid for Enrichment of Triazole Fungicides in Food Applications Followed by HPLC Determination Kachangoon R.
Vichapong J.
Santaladchaiyakit Y.
Srijaranai S.
2022 Molecules
11 (27), pp.
137. An Integrated Proteomics and Bioinformatics Analysis of the Anticancer Properties of RT2 Antimicrobial Peptide on Human Colon Cancer (Caco-2) Cells Maijaroen S.
Klaynongsruang S.
Roytrakul S.
Konkchaiyaphum M.
Taemaitree L.
Jangpromma N.
2022 Molecules
4 (27), pp.
138. An Investigation of Fractional One-Dimensional Groundwater Recharge by Spreading Using an Efficient Analytical Technique Gowda R.J.
Singh S.
Suma S.P.
Khan U.
Zaib A.
Weera W.
2022 Fractal and Fractional
5 (6), pp.
139. Annexin A1 Is a Potential Prognostic Marker for, and Enhances the Metastasis of, Cholangiocarcinoma Kotepui K.U.
Obchoei S.
Vaeteewoottacharn K.
Okada S.
Wongkham S.
Sawanyawisuth K.
2022 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
2 (23), pp. 715-721
140. An optimal intervention threshold of FRAX in postmenopausal Thai women Sribenjalak D.
Charoensri S.
Pongchaiyakul C.
2022 Archives of Osteoporosis
1 (17), pp.
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