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1401. Predictors for sarcopenia in biliary tract cancer patients Twinprai P.
Thammaroj P.
Promsorn J.
Limpawattana P.
Sawanyawisuth K.
Theerakulpisut D.
Chindaprasirt J.
2022 Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology
6 (27), pp.
1402. Predictors for Visual Outcome After Silicone Oil Removal in Eyes with Complicated Retinal Detachment Tangpontirak K.
Yospaiboon Y.
Sinawat S.
Sanguansak T.
Bhoomibunchoo C.
Ratanapakorn T.
Laovirojjanakul W.
2022 Clinical Ophthalmology
(16), pp. 4335-4343
1403. Predictors of Chemotherapy Induced Adverse Events in Pediatric Osteosarcoma Patients Sanguanboonyaphong P.
Komvilaisak P.
Suwannaying K.
Yoodee J.
Saeteaw M.
Chanthawong S.
Subongkot S.
2022 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
1 (23), pp. 93-100
1404. Predictors of transmural intestinal necrosis in patients presenting with acute mesenteric ischemia on computed tomography Atre I.D.
Eurboonyanun K.
O’Shea A.
Lahoud R.M.
Shih A.R.
Kalva S.P.
Harisinghani M.
Hedgire S.S.
2022 Abdominal Radiology
5 (47), pp. 1636-1643
1405. Preface Zhang Y.D.
Senjyu T.
So-In C.
Joshi A.
2022 Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
(286), pp. v
1406. Preference Heterogeneity of Local Participation in Coupling Conservation and Community-Based Entrepreneurship Development Saengavut V.
Somswasdi C.
2022 Sustainability (Switzerland)
12 (14), pp.
1407. Preferences for participating in a new community pharmacy alcohol brief intervention in Thailand: Discrete choice experiment with assessment of external validity Muadthong S.
Kessomboon N.
2022 Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research
1 (21), pp. 159-167
1408. Preferences of Thai head pharmacists for pharmacy technician education: Certification versus bachelor’s degree program Muadthong S.
Kessomboon N.
Kitajima T.
Muangyim K.
Ngorsuraches S.
Kessomboon P.
2022 Thai Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
1 (46), pp. 99-107
1409. Preliminary study on small angle X-ray scattering patterns of intact vancomycin susceptible and non-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus cells Wongthong S.
Kamonsutthipaijit N.
Kaewhan C.
Chanawong A.
Tippayawat P.
Lulitanond A.
2022 ScienceAsia
1 (48), pp. 37-42
1410. Preoperative predictors of poor outcomes in Thai patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage Sirataranon P.
Duangthongphon P.
Limwattananon P.
2022 PLoS ONE
3 March (17), pp.
1411. Preparation, characterizations, dielectric properties and nonlinear behavior of (Na<sup>+</sup><inf>1/3</inf>Ca<sup>2+</sup><inf>1/3</inf>Yb<sup>3+</sup><inf>1/3</inf>)Cu<inf>3</inf>Ti<inf>4</inf>O<inf>12</inf> ceramics Jumpatam J.
Boonlakhorn J.
Putasaeng B.
Chanlek N.
Thongbai P.
2022 Solid State Sciences
(132), pp.
1412. Preparation of purified spent coffee ground and its reinforcement in natural rubber composite Tapangnoi P.
Sae-Oui P.
Naebpetch W.
Siriwong C.
2022 Arabian Journal of Chemistry
7 (15), pp.
1413. Preparation of redispersible dry nanoemulsion using chitosan-octenyl succinic anhydride starch polyelectrolyte complex as stabilizer Sodalee K.
Limwikrant W.
Pongjanyakul T.
Ueda K.
Higashi K.
Moribe K.
Puttipipatkhachorn S.
2022 Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology
(73), pp.
1414. Prevalence and Associated Factors of Clinical Myelopathy Signs in Smartphone-Using University Students with Neck Pain Puntumetakul R.
Chatprem T.
Saiklang P.
Phadungkit S.
Kamruecha W.
Sae-Jung S.
2022 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
8 (19), pp.
1415. Prevalence and clinical association of sarcopenia among Thai patients with systemic sclerosis Sangaroon A.
Foocharoen C.
Theerakulpisut D.
Srichompoo K.
Mahakkanukrauh A.
Suwannaroj S.
Seerasaporn P.
Pongchaiyakul C.
2022 Scientific Reports
1 (12), pp.
1416. Prevalence and clinical associations with primary hypogonadism in male systemic sclerosis Thepwiwatjit S.
Charoensri S.
Sirithanaphol W.
Mahakkanukrauh A.
Suwannaroj S.
Foocharoen C.
2022 Journal of Scleroderma and Related Disorders
(), pp.
1417. Prevalence and multidrug resistance of Enterococcus species isolated from chickens at slaughterhouses in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand Noenchat P.
Nhoonoi C.
Srithong T.
Lertpiriyasakulkit S.
Sornplang P.
2022 Veterinary World
11 (15), pp. 2535-2542
1418. Prevalence and risk factors for persistent atrial fibrillation in obstructive sleep apnea Khamsai S.
Junkrasien C.
Limpawattana P.
Chindaprasirt J.
Chindaprasirt J.
Senthong V.
Boonsawat W.
Sawanyawisuth K.
2022 Sleep Science
4 (15), pp. 448-452
1419. Prevalence and Risk Factors of Opisthorchis viverrini Infection in Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand Perakanya P.
Ungcharoen R.
Worrabannakorn S.
Ongarj P.
Artchayasawat A.
Boonmars T.
Boueroy P.
2022 Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease
10 (7), pp.
1420. Prevalence and Significance of FDG-avid Mediastinal Lymph Nodes in Patients with Colorectal Cancer in a Tuberculosis-endemic Area Raruenrom Y.
Theerakulpisut D.
Wannasarnmetha M.
2022 Journal of Health Science and Medical Research
3 (40), pp. 261-270
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