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1421. Quantitative Analysis and In Silico Molecular Docking Screening for Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitor and ADME Prediction of Coumarins and Carbazole Alkaloids from Clausena harmandiana Sungthong B.
Sithon K.
Panyatip P.
Tadtong S.
Nunthaboot N.
Puthongking P.
2022 Records of Natural Products
4 (16), pp. 358-369
1422. Rank correlation inferences for clustered data with small sample size Hunsberger S.
Long L.
Reese S.E.
Hong G.H.
Myles I.A.
Zerbe C.S.
Chetchotisakd P.
Shih J.H.
2022 Statistica Neerlandica
3 (76), pp. 309-330
1423. Rapid assessment of Opisthorchis viverrini IgG antibody in serum: A potential diagnostic biomarker to predict risk of cholangiocarcinoma in regions endemic for opisthorchiasis Rodpai R.
Luvira V.
Sadaow L.
Sukeepaisarnjaroen W.
Kitkhuandee A.
Paonariang K.
Sanpool O.
Ittiprasert W.
Mann V.H.
Intapan P.M.
Brindley P.J.
Maleewong W.
2022 International Journal of Infectious Diseases
(116), pp. 80-84
1424. Rapid detection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in positive bloodcultures by recombinase polymerase amplification combined with lateral flow strip Srisrattakarn A.
Panpru P.
Tippayawat P.
Chanawong A.
Tavichakorntrakool R.
Daduang J.
Wonglakorn L.
Lulitanond A.
2022 PLoS ONE
6 June (17), pp.
1425. Rapid label-free detection of cholangiocarcinoma from human serum using Raman spectroscopy Suksuratin P.
Rodpai R.
Luvira V.
Intapan P.M.
Maleewong W.
Chuchuen O.
2022 PLoS ONE
10 October (17), pp.
1426. Rapid measurement of classification levels of primary macronutrients in durian (Durio zibethinus Murray CV. Mon Thong) leaves using FT-NIR spectrometer and comparing the effect of imbalanced and balanced data for modelling Phanomsophon T.
Jaisue N.
Worphet A.
Tawinteung N.
Shrestha B.
Posom J.
Khurnpoon L.
Sirisomboon P.
2022 Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation
(203), pp.
1427. Reagent-and solvent-mediated Fe<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> morphologies and electrochemical mechanism of Fe<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> supercapacitors Phakkhawan A.
Suksangrat P.
Srepusharawoot P.
Ruangchai S.
Klangtakai P.
Pimanpang S.
Amornkitbamrung V.
2022 Journal of Alloys and Compounds
(919), pp.
1428. Real-time measuring energy characteristics of cane bagasse using NIR spectroscopy Posom J.
Phuphaphud A.
Saengprachatanarug K.
Maraphum K.
2022 Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research
(38), pp.
1429. Reasoning in inconsistent prioritized knowledge bases: an argumentative approach Ho L.T.T.
Arch-Int S.
Arch-Int N.
2022 International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
3 (12), pp. 2944-2954
1430. Recent paleoseismic investigations at the hidden Thakhek fault in Thailand Arjwech R.
Chaisuriya S.
Rattanawannee J.
Youngme W.
Thitimakorn T.
Srikraiwest R.
2022 Journal of Asian Earth Sciences
(236), pp.
1431. Recognition awareness: adding awareness to pattern recognition using latent cognizance Katanyukul T.
Nakjai P.
2022 Heliyon
4 (8), pp.
1432. Recombinase Polymerase Amplification Combined with Lateral Flow Strip for Rapid Detection of OXA-48-like Carbapenemase Genes in Enterobacterales Hemwaranon P.
Srisrattakarn A.
Lulitanond A.
Tippayawat P.
Tavichakorntrakool R.
Wonglakorn L.
Daduang J.
Chanawong A.
2022 Antibiotics
11 (11), pp.
1433. Recurrent ovarian endometrioma after conservative surgery: A retrospective study Kantawee K.
Somboonporn W.
2022 Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction
1 (11), pp. 20-26
1434. Recycled Non-Biodegradable polyethylene terephthalate waste as fine aggregate in fly ash geopolymer and cement mortars Kunthawatwong R.
Sylisomchanh L.
Pangdaeng S.
Wongsa A.
Sata V.
Sukontasukkul P.
Chindaprasirt P.
2022 Construction and Building Materials
(328), pp.
1435. Recycling efficiency of Rhodopseudomonas faecalis PA2 immobilized in Ca-alginate for waste cooking oil removal Chaiyarat A.
Saejung C.
2022 Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
(), pp.
1436. Recycling of Citric Acid Waste for Potential Use as Animal Feed through Fermentation with Lactic Acid Bacteria and a Mixture of Fibrolytic Enzymes Tanpong S.
Wongtangtintharn S.
Cherdthong A.
Prachumchai R.
Tengjaroenkul B.
Chanjula P.
Suntara C.
Wachirapakorn C.
2022 Animals
21 (12), pp.
1437. Recycling of Piggery Effluent for Azolla microphylla Production and Application in Vermiculture for Enhancing Nutrients Quality and Driving BCG Economy Model Lay P.
Iwai C.B.
2022 EnvironmentAsia
Special Issue (15), pp. 68-86
1438. Red blood cell alloimmunization and other transfusion-related complications in patients with transfusion-dependent thalassemia: A multi-center study in Thailand Teawtrakul N.
Songdej D.
Hantaweepant C.
Tantiworawit A.
Sripornsawan P.
Surapolchai P.
Komvilaisak P.
Saengboon S.
Pongtanakul B.
Charoenkwan P.
2022 Transfusion
10 (62), pp. 2039-2047
1439. Reduction and adsorption co-processes for selenate removal by zeolite-supported nanoscale zero-valent iron Phanthasri J.
Yan D.Y.S.
Wantala K.
Khunphonoi R.
Tanboonchuy V.
2022 Engineering and Applied Science Research
3 (49), pp. 363-372
1440. Reference Values and Cutoff Scores of the Spinal Cord Independence Measure III to Determine Independence for Wheelchair Users and Ambulatory Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury Amatachaya S.
Khamnon N.
Wattanapan P.
Wiyanad A.
Thaweewannakij T.
Namwong W.
2022 Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
(), pp.
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