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141. A note on almost α-ideals in semigroups Tiprachot N.
Lekkoksung N.
2022 International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science
1 (17), pp. 325-330
142. A note on pebbling bound for a product of Class 0 graphs Pleanmani N.
Worawiset S.
2022 Asian-European Journal of Mathematics
2 (15), pp.
143. A Note on Varying G and Λ in Chern–Simons Modified Gravity Ali S.
Saif M.
Khan K.A.
Shah N.A.
Weera W.
2022 Symmetry
7 (14), pp.
144. A Novel Channel Model and Optimal Power Control Schemes for Mobile mmWave Two-Tier Networks Ghosh J.
Haci H.
Kumar N.
Al-Utaibi K.A.A.
Sait S.M.
So-In C.
2022 IEEE Access
(10), pp. 54445-54458
145. A novel chaotic Henry gas solubility optimization algorithm for solving real-world engineering problems Yildiz B.S.
Pholdee N.
Panagant N.
Bureerat S.
Yildiz A.R.
Sait S.M.
2022 Engineering with Computers
(38), pp. 871-883
146. A Novel Cloud Architecture for Internet of Space Things (IoST) Priyadarshini I.
Bhola B.
Kumar R.
So-In C.
2022 IEEE Access
(10), pp. 15118-15134
147. A Novel Conjugate Mechanism for Enhancing the Adsorption Capacity of Amine-Functionalized Activated Rice Husk Ash for Simultaneous Removal of Organics and Anions in Wastewater: Experimental and Theoretical Explanations Phan P.
Nguyen T.T.
Padungthon S.
Nguyen Thi T.
Huy N.N.
2022 ACS Omega
33 (7), pp. 28866-28874
148. A novel criteria on exponentially passive analysis for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy of neutral dynamic system with various time-varying delays Tranthi J.
Botmart T.
2022 PLoS ONE
10 October (17), pp.
149. A Novel Enhanced Differential Evolution Algorithm for Outbound Logistics of the Poultry Industry in Thailand Moonsri K.
Sethanan K.
Worasan K.
2022 Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity
1 (8), pp.
150. A Novel Feature Selection Method for High-Dimensional Mixed Decision Tables Thuy N.N.
Wongthanavasu S.
2022 IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
7 (33), pp. 3024-3037
151. A novel picture fuzzy Aczel-Alsina geometric aggregation information: Application to determining the factors affecting mango crops Naeem M.
Khan Y.
Ashraf S.
Weera W.
Batool B.
2022 AIMS Mathematics
7 (7), pp. 12264-12288
152. A novel preparation and characterization of melatonin loaded niosomes based on using a ball milling method Temprom L.
Krongsuk S.
Thapphasaraphong S.
Priperm A.
Namuangruk S.
2022 Materials Today Communications
(31), pp.
153. A Novel Stochastic Framework for the MHD Generator in Ocean Noinang S.
Sabir Z.
Javeed S.
Raja M.A.Z.
Ali D.
Weera W.
Botmart T.
2022 Computers, Materials and Continua
2 (73), pp. 3383-3402
154. Anserine/Carnosine-Rich Extract from Thai Native Chicken Suppresses Melanogenesis via Activation of ERK Signaling Pathway Teeravirote K.
Sutthanut K.
Thonsri U.
Mahalapbutr P.
Seubwai W.
Luang S.
Tippayawat P.
Kanthawong S.
Pipattanaboon C.
Duangjinda M.
Chankitisakul V.
Silsirivanit A.
2022 Molecules
21 (27), pp.
155. Antibacterial activities against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli of extracted Piper betle leaf materials by disc diffusion assay and batch experiments Ngamsurach P.
Praipipat P.
2022 RSC Advances
40 (12), pp. 26435-26454
156. Antibacterial activity evaluation of vinyl sulfones against global predominant methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus USA300 Vorasin O.
Momphanao K.
Katrun P.
Kuhakarn C.
Jiarpinitnun C.
2022 Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters
(63), pp.
157. Antibacterial activity of cannabis extract (Cannabis sativa L. subsp. indica (Lam.)) against canine skin infection bacterium Staphylococcus pseudintermedius Aiemsaard J.
Singh R.
Borlace G.N.
Sripanidkulchai B.O.
Tabboon P.
Thongkham E.
2022 ScienceAsia
3 (48), pp. 348-353
158. Anticancer activity of Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellirica, and Phyllanthus emblica extracts on cholangiocarcinoma cell proliferation and induction of apoptosis Chekdaengphanao P.
Jaiseri D.
Sriraj P.
Aukkanimart R.
Prathumtet J.
Udonsan P.
Boonmars T.
2022 Journal of Herbal Medicine
(35), pp.
159. Antidiabetic and Cytotoxic Activities of Rotenoids and Isoflavonoids Isolated from Millettia pachycarpa Benth Suthiphasilp V.
Rujanapun N.
Kumboonma P.
Chaiyosang B.
Tontapha S.
Maneerat T.
Patrick B.O.
Andersen R.J.
Duangyod T.
Charoensup R.
Laphookhieo S.
2022 ACS Omega
28 (7), pp. 24511-24521
160. Antihypertensive effect of Mali-Nil surin rice bran hydrolysate and its mechanisms related to the EDHF-mediated vasorelaxation and L-type Ca<sup>2+</sup> channel-mediated vasoconstriction in L-NAME hypertensive rats Pannangpetch P.
Tangsucharit P.
Thanaruksa R.
Proongkhong T.
Srisuwan S.
Aekthammarat D.
2022 Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy
(150), pp.
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