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1. A Comparison between Inbred and Hybrid Maize Haploid Inducers Trentin H.U.
Yavuz R.
Dermail A.
Frei U.K.
Dutta S.
Lübberstedt T.
2023 Plants
5 (12), pp.
2. Alternative Nitrogen Source for Producing Crude Extracted IAA and Suitable Method for Enhancing the Germination of Jerusalem Artichoke Onrit N.
Boonlue S.
Mongkolthanaruk W.
Jogloy S.
Riddech N.
2023 Waste and Biomass Valorization
5 (14), pp. 1497-1508
3. A new electric-blue tarantula species of the genus Chilobrachys Karsh, 1892 from Thailand (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Theraphosidae) Chomphuphuang N. 2023 ZooKeys
(1180), pp. 105-128
4. An investigation into the effects of using protein hydrolysate in low fish meal diets on growth performance, feed utilization and health status of snakehead fish (Channa striata) fingerling Suratip N.
Charoenwattanasak S.
Klahan R.
Herault M.
Yuangsoi B.
2023 Aquaculture Reports
(30), pp.
5. Antibiosis interaction of black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens) (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) with house fly (Musca domestica) (Diptera: Muscidae) Tangkawanit U.
Ardburai W.
2023 Tropical Biomedicine
2 (40), pp. 253-258
6. Biorefining and biotechnology prospects of low-cost fish feed on Red tilapia production with different feeding regime Klahan R.
Yuangsoi B.
Whangchai N.
Ramaraj R.
Unpaprom Y.
Khoo K.S.
Deepanraj B.
Pimpimol T.
2023 Chemosphere
(311), pp.
7. Black Soldier Fly Larva Oil in Diets with Roughage to Concentrate Ratios on Fermentation Characteristics, Degradability, and Methane Generation Prachumchai R.
Cherdthong A.
2023 Animals
15 (13), pp.
8. Can dietary fermented total mixed ration additives biological and chemical improve digestibility, performance, and rumen fermentation in ruminants? Supapong C.
Cherdthong A.
2023 Animal Biotechnology
(), pp.
9. Characterization, Epidemiology, and Management Tiwari A.K.
Oshima K.
Yadav A.
Esmaeilzadeh-Hosseini S.A.
Hanboonsong Y.
Lakhanpaul S.
2023 Characterization, Epidemiology, and Management: Volume 3
(3), pp. xxv
10. Characterization, Epidemiology, and Management: Volume 3 Tiwari A.K.
Oshima K.
Yadav A.
Esmaeilzadeh-Hosseini S.A.
Hanboonsong Y.
Lakhanpaul S.
2023 Characterization, Epidemiology, and Management: Volume 3
(3), pp. 1-199
11. Characterization of floral bud and anther development with stages of microspore in chili pepper (Capsicum annuum) Jaingulueam T.
Suwor P.
Saetiew K.
Tsai W.S.
Techawongstien S.
Tarinta T.
Kumar S.
Jeeartid N.
Chatchawankanphanich O.
Kramchote S.
2023 Acta Horticulturae
1362 (), pp. 181-188
12. Chemical Profiles and Lethal Toxicities of Native Botanical Insecticides for the Control of Musca domestica Linnaeus and Stomoxys indicus Picard (Diptera: Muscidae) in Songkhla Province, Thailand Klakankhai W.
Sathantriphop S.
Ngoenklan R.
Dada N.
Muenworn V.
Khawniam T.
Tainchum K.
2023 Journal of economic entomology
1 (116), pp. 249-255
13. Combining ability of tropical × temperate maize inducers for haploid induction rate, R1-nj seed set, and agronomic traits Dermail A.
Lübberstedt T.
Suwarno W.B.
Chankaew S.
Lertrat K.
Ruanjaichon V.
Suriharn K.
2023 Frontiers in Plant Science
(14), pp.
14. Combining Ability on Yields, Capsinoids and Capsaicinoids in Pepper Varieties (Capsicum annuum L.) Tarinta T.
Chanthai S.
Nawata E.
Techawongstien S.
2023 Horticulturae
9 (9), pp.
15. Comparative study and relationship analysis between purine content, uric acid, superoxide dismutase, and growth traits in purebred and crossbred Thai native chickens Tantiyasawasdikul V.
Chomchuen K.
Loengbudnark W.
2023 Frontiers in Veterinary Science
(10), pp.
16. Comparison of Cassava Chips and Winged Bean Tubers with Various Starch Modifications on Chemical Composition, the Kinetics of Gas, Ruminal Degradation, and Ruminal Fermentation Characteristics Using an In Situ Nylon Bag and an In Vitro Gas Production Technique Unnawong N.
Suriyapha C.
Khonkhaeng B.
Chankaew S.
Rakvong T.
Polyorach S.
Cherdthong A.
2023 Animals
10 (13), pp.
Borisutdhi Y.
Simarak S.
Panpakdee C.
2023 Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Studies
2 (23), pp. 273-283
18. Co-pyrolysis of biomass with magnesium and phosphorus: effect of magnesium content on phosphate release from biochar-based fertilizers Knijnenburg J.T.N.
Kasemsiri P.
Kaewpradit W.
Tarinta T.
Jantapa W.
Jeejaila T.
Saengthip C.
Jetsrisuparb K.
2023 Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
(), pp.
19. Cricket (Gryllus bimaculatus) meal pellets as a protein supplement to improve feed efficiency, ruminal fermentation and microbial protein synthesis in Thai native beef cattle Phesatcha B.
Phesatcha K.
Matra M.
Wanapat M.
2023 Animal Bioscience
9 (36), pp. 1384-1392
20. Crop model determined mega-environments for cassava yield trials on paddy fields following rice Sawatraksa N.
Banterng P.
Jogloy S.
Vorasoot N.
Hoogenboom G.
2023 Heliyon
3 (9), pp.
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