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1. 7-Methoxyheptaphylline Enhances TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis of Colorectal Adenocarcinoma Cell via JNK-Mediated DR5 Expression Boonyarat C.
Yenjai C.
Reubroycharoen P.
Chaiwiwatrakul S.
Takomthong P.
Pimsa P.
Waiwut P.
2023 Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
8 (46), pp. 1072-1078
2. Ability of converting sugarcane bagasse hydrolysate into polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) by bacteria isolated from stressed environmental soils Attapong M.
Chatgasem C.
Siripornadulsil W.
Siripornadulsil S.
2023 Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology
(50), pp.
3. A biobased magnetic dual-dummy-template molecularly imprinted polymer using a deep eutectic solvent as a coporogen for highly selective enrichment of organophosphates Surapong N.
Pongpinyo P.
Santaladchaiyakit Y.
Burakham R.
2023 Food Chemistry
(418), pp.
4. A bio-plastic composite film based on nanocrystalline cellulose-zinc oxide reinforced poly (lactic acid) with enhanced UV-shielding effect and antibacterial activity for food packaging applications Boopasiri S.
Sae-Oui P.
Roamcharern N.
Jangpromma N.
Ngernyen Y.
Siriwong C.
2023 Food Packaging and Shelf Life
(38), pp.
5. Acid-catalysed reactions of amines with dimethyl carbonate Worsawat P.
Noppawan P.
Noppawan P.
Croise C.
Supanchaiyamat N.
McElroy C.R.
Hunt A.J.
2023 Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry
5 (21), pp. 1070-1081
6. A comparative cytogenetic study of Hypsibarbus malcolmi and H. wetmorei (Cyprinidae, Poropuntiini) Khensuwan S.
Supiwong W.
Suwannapoom C.
Buasriyot P.
Jantarat S.
Thongnetr W.
Muanglen N.
Kaewmad P.
Saenjundaeng P.
Saenjundaeng P.
Seetapan K.
Liehr T.
Tanomtong A.
2023 Comparative Cytogenetics
(17), pp. 181-194
7. A Comparative Study of Hybrid Neural Network with Metaheuristics for Student Performance Classification Phatai G.
Luangrungruang T.
2023 2023 11th International Conference on Information and Education Technology, ICIET 2023
(), pp. 448-452
8. A computational supervised neural network procedure for the fractional SIQ mathematical model Mukdasai K.
Sabir Z.
Raja M.A.Z.
Singkibud P.
Sadat R.
Ali M.R.
2023 European Physical Journal: Special Topics
5 (232), pp. 535-546
9. A counterexample to the new iterative scheme of Rezapour et al.: Some discussions and corrections Saejung S. 2023 AIMS Mathematics
4 (8), pp. 9436-9442
10. Adaptive differential evolution algorithm with a pheromone-based learning strategy for global continuous optimization Singsathid P.
Puphasuk P.
Wetweerapong J.
2023 Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences
2 (48), pp. 243-266
11. A delayed subgradient method for nonsmooth convex-concave min–max optimization problems Arunrat T.
Nimana N.
2023 Results in Control and Optimization
(12), pp.
12. A distributed proximal gradient method with time-varying delays for solving additive convex optimizations Namsak S.
Petrot N.
Nimana N.
2023 Results in Applied Mathematics
(18), pp.
13. AdS to dS phase transition mediated by thermalon in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity from Rényi statistics Samart D.
Channuie P.
2023 Nuclear Physics B
(989), pp.
14. Advancements in N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs) catalysis for benzoin reactions: A comprehensive review from past to present Noppawan P.
Phungpis B.
Worawut K.
2023 Chimica Techno Acta
2 (10), pp. 2411-2414
15. A facile synthesis of hydroxyapatite and hydroxyapatite/activated carbon composite for paracetamol and ofloxacin removal Rueangchai N.
Noisong P.
Sansuk S.
2023 Materials Today Communications
(34), pp.
16. A fluorescence assay mediated peroxidase-like activity of magnetic nanoparticles for dopamine detection in human blood serum with a smartphone-based portable device Phongsanam N.
Phetduang S.
Ponlakhet K.
Phongsraphang T.
Nijpanich S.
Sriphan C.
Khammanthoon S.
2023 Dyes and Pigments
(220), pp.
17. A fractional-order model for computer viruses and some solution associated with residual power series method Al-Jarrah A.
Alquran M.
Freihat A.
Al-Omari S.
Nonlaopon K.
2023 Applied Mathematics in Science and Engineering
1 (31), pp.
18. Ag–Cellulose Hybrid Filler for Boosting the Power Output of a Triboelectric Nanogenerator Chenkhunthod S.
Yamklang W.
Kaeochana W.
Prada T.
Bunriw W.
Harnchana V.
2023 Polymers
5 (15), pp.
19. A generalized iterative scheme with computational results concerning the systems of linear equations Nonlaopon K.
Shah F.A.
Ahmed K.
Farid G.
2023 AIMS Mathematics
3 (8), pp. 6504-6519
20. A higher order Galerkin time discretization scheme for the novel mathematical model of COVID-19 Jawad M.
Alyobi S.
Yassen M.F.
Weera W.
2023 AIMS Mathematics
2 (8), pp. 3763-6790
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