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1. Chinese sexual symbolic art: The embodiment of the value and influence mechanism of Chun Gong Tu Xu X.
Apirating P.
Kotchapakdee P.
2023 Cogent Arts and Humanities
1 (10), pp.
2. Computational Simulation of a Field-Induced Charged Board Event Test Bench Using Transient Analysis Chumpen S.
Pimpakun S.
Plong-Ngooluam S.
Voldman S.H.
Sa-Ngiamsak C.
2023 IEEE Access
(11), pp. 57666-57673
3. Made to Order: Corporeality and Community in the Contemporary Isan Dancing Body Kittikong T. 2023 Lives in Motion: Celebrating Dance in Thailand
(), pp. 97-110
4. The Four Necessities of Buddhist Monks: Patterns, Faiths, and Signs Changes in Luang Prabang, Laos Chookaew P.
Phoomalee N.
Apirating P.
2023 International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology
3 (10), pp. 397-409
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