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1. All you have to do is ask: A nudge strategy for reducing sweetness in beverages Mahasuweerachai P.
Mahasuweerachai P.
2023 International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science
(34), pp.
2. Ambiguity aversion and individual adaptation to climate change: Evidence from a farmer survey in northeastern thailand Shiiba N.
Yokoo H.F.
Saengavut V.
Bumrungkit S.
2023 Climate Change Economics
1 (14), pp.
3. Rasch Analysis for Standards-Setting Appraisal of Competency Level-Based Performance on the Part of Instructors in Higher Education Nongna C.
Junpeng P.
Hong-Ngam J.
Podjana C.
Tang K.N.
2023 Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
1 (31), pp. 319-338
4. The Effect of Information Sources on Trust and Investment: Evidence from Economic Experimentation Limmaneewijit P.
Jearviriyaboonya J.
Jirasatthumb N.
2023 FWU Journal of Social Sciences
3 (17), pp. 1-13
5. Waste-merit management: How adapting Buddhist environmental ethics can help – A qualitative case study of Buddhist temples in Khon Kaen, Thailand Prabnok P.
Chamaratana T.
Sirisuwilai W.
Jirasatthumb N.
Sutheejariyawat P.
2023 International Social Science Journal
(), pp.
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