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1. A belief rule-based bayesian network approach for assessing risks in the cruise supply chain: An empirical study in Shanghai, China Zhou J.
Chen S.L.(.
Shi W.(.
Nguyen S.
Kanrak M.
Ge J.
2023 Ocean and Coastal Management
(232), pp.
2. A new shape of the supply chain during the COVID-19 pandemic Lau Y.y.
P.V R.
Man Hin C.E.
Kanrak M.
Varma A.J.
2023 Foresight
4 (25), pp. 578-596
3. An investigation of mediating factors for export–import business performance excellence: a systems perspective framework for Thailand Rangsungnoen G. 2023 TQM Journal
7 (35), pp. 1588-1608
4. Arctic region: analysis of cruise products, network structure, and popular routes Lau Y.y.
Kanrak M.
Ng A.K.Y.
Ling X.
2023 Polar Geography
2-3 (46), pp. 157-169
5. Challenge of Supplying Power with Renewable Energy Due to the Impact of COVID-19 on Power Demands in the Lao PDR: Analysis Using Metaheuristic Optimization Keokhoungning T.
Wongsinlatam W.
Remsungnen T.
Namvong A.
Khunkitti S.
Inthakesone B.
Siritaratiwat A.
Premrudeepreechacharn S.
Surawanitkun C.
2023 Sustainability (Switzerland)
8 (15), pp.
6. Chromosomes of Asian Cyprinid Fishes: Genomic Differences in Conserved Karyotypes of ‘Poropuntiinae’ (Teleostei, Cyprinidae) Khensuwan S.
Sassi F.d.M.C.
Moraes R.L.R.
Jantarat S.
Seetapan K.
Phintong K.
Thongnetr W.
Kaewsri S.
Jumrusthanasan S.
Supiwong W.
Rab P.
Tanomtong A.
Liehr T.
Cioffi M.B.
2023 Animals
8 (13), pp.
7. Climate Forecasting Models for Precise Management Using Extreme Value Theory Guayjarernpanishk P.
Guayjarernpanishk P.
Chiangpradit M.
Kong-Ied B.
Chutiman N.
2023 Civil Engineering Journal (Iran)
7 (9), pp. 1753-1767
8. Cruise shore excursion planning based on accessibility of scenic spots Sun X.
Xu M.
Lau Y.y.
Kanrak M.
2023 Research in Transportation Business and Management
(49), pp.
9. Cruise supply chain risk mitigation strategies: An empirical study in Shanghai, China Zhou J.
Chen S.L.(.
Shi W.(.
Kanrak M.
2023 Marine Policy
(153), pp.
10. Demand for Water Tourism by Rafting in the Upper Northeastern Region 1 of Thailand Waiyawet S.
Nonthapot S.
2023 Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism
4 (14), pp. 2056-2065
11. Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Crowd Monitoring System Based on Public Wi-Fi Infrastructure: A Case Study on the Sri Chiang Mai Smart City Wiangwiset T.
Surawanitkun C.
Wongsinlatam W.
Remsungnen T.
Siritaratiwat A.
Srichan C.
Thepparat P.
Bunsuk W.
Kaewchan A.
Namvong A.
2023 Smart Cities
2 (6), pp. 987-1008
12. Effects of black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae as a fish meal replacement on growth performance, feed utilisation, morphological characters and carcass composition of Thai climbing perch (Anabas testudineus) Mapanao R.
Jiwyam W.
Nithikulworawong N.
Weeplian T.
2023 Journal of Applied Aquaculture
1 (35), pp. 1-15
13. Electrical performance enhancement of a triboelectric nanogenerator based on epoxy resin/BaTiO<inf>3</inf> by Al nanopowder addition for low power electronic devices Amorntep N.
Namvong A.
Wongsinlatam W.
Remsungnen T.
Siritaratiwat A.
Srichan C.
Sriphan S.
Pakawanit P.
Ariyarit A.
Supasai W.
Jutong N.
Narkglom S.
Surawanitkun C.
2023 Nanotechnology
42 (34), pp.
14. Empirical Analysis of the Cruise Shipping Network in Asia Kanrak M.
Lau Y.y.
Zhou J.
Ge J.
Traiyarach S.
2023 Sustainability (Switzerland)
3 (15), pp.
15. Evolutionary tracks of chromosomal diversification in Trichopsis (Anabantiformes, Osphronemidae) fishes: New insights from a molecular cytogenetic perspective Mingkwan B.
De Menezes Cavalcante Sassi F.
Muanglenm N.
Pinmongkhonkul S.
Pinthong K.
Tongnunui S.
Yeesin P.
Tanomtong A.
Liehr T.
Cioffi M.B.
Supiwong W.
2023 Biodiversitas
3 (24), pp. 1551-1559
16. Factors Influencing the Lao PDR Import Value of Processed Agricultural Products from Thailand during the Covid-19 Pandemic Wattanakul T.
Sompholkrang M.
2023 Australasian Accounting, Business and Finance Journal
3 (17), pp. 155-170
17. High-Intensity Interval Training Versus Moderate-Intensity Continuous Training for Improving Physical Health in Elderly Women Rohmansyah N.A.
Praja R.K.
Ka Praja R.
Phanpheng Y.
Hiruntrakul A.
2023 Inquiry (United States)
(60), pp.
18. Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the relationship between the economic factors and stock prices of the transport sector in the stock exchange of Thailand Sirimat S.
Watchallanun T.
Choochote K.
Nonthapot S.
2023 Asian Economic and Financial Review
5 (13), pp. 293-307
19. Optimized Transfer Learning for Polyp Detection Boonsim N.
Kanjaruek S.
2023 ECTI Transactions on Computer and Information Technology
1 (17), pp. 73-81
Hiruntrakul A.
2023 Physical Education Theory and Methodology
3 (23), pp. 319-324
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