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1. “Because it eases my Childbirth Plan”: a qualitative study on factors contributing to preferences for caesarean section in Thailand Nuampa S.
Ratinthorn A.
Lumbiganon P.
Rungreangkulkij S.
Rujiraprasert N.
Buaboon N.
Jampathong N.
Dumont A.
Hanson C.
de Loenzien M.
Bohren M.A.
Betrán A.P.
2023 BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth
1 (23), pp.
2. Decision Delay Is a Significant Contributor to Prehospital Delay for Stroke Symptoms Potisopha W.
Vuckovic K.M.
DeVon H.A.
Park C.G.
Phutthikhamin N.
Hershberger P.E.
2023 Western Journal of Nursing Research
1 (45), pp. 55-66
3. Development and Evaluation of a Web-Based Application for Trauma Nursing Documentation in Thailand: A Feasibility Study Pearkao C.
Impool T.
Tantibundit P.
Hongveang S.
Potisopha W.
Sampaothong T.
2023 Journal of Trauma Nursing
1 (30), pp. 41-47
4. Effectiveness of acute myocardial infarction interventions on selected outcomes among community dwelling-older adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis Banharak S.
Metprommarat A.
Mahikul W.
Jeamjitvibool T.
Karaket A.
2023 Scientific Reports
1 (13), pp.
5. Effectiveness of bowel preparation innovative technology instructions (BPITIs) on clinical outcomes among patients undergoing colonoscopy: a systematic review and meta-analysis Wonggom P.
Rattanakanokchai S.
Suebkinorn O.
2023 Scientific Reports
1 (13), pp.
6. Effects of symptom management program on selected health outcomes among older people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a quasi-experimental study Phuthornchai K.
Banharak S.
Panpanit L.
Chanaboon S.
2023 Scientific Reports
1 (13), pp.
7. Factors Associated with the Quality of Life among Family Caregivers of Cholangiocarcinoma Survivors in Northeastern Thailand Summart U.
Sangruangake M.
Songthamwat M.
Wittayapun Y.
Teinprasert S.T.
Chaplik N.
Mongkolsawad J.
2023 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
4 (24), pp. 1249-1255
8. Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis in Older Intensive Care Patients: A Review and Case Report Qiao G.
Banharak S.
2023 Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare
(16), pp. 3299-3308
9. Optimizing Operation Time and Travel Distance for Motorcycle Ambulances in Emergency Medical Services Apiratwarakul K.
Phungoen P.
Cheung L.W.
Tiamkao S.
Suzuki T.
Pearkao C.
Ienghong K.
2023 Prehospital and Disaster Medicine
1 (38), pp. 88-94
10. Outcomes of Emergency Trauma Patients After the Implementation of Web Application Operating Systems Pearkao C.
Potisopha W.
Wonggom P.
Jumpamool A.
Apiratwarakul K.
Lenghong K.
Ienghong K.
2023 Asian Nursing Research
3 (17), pp. 174-179
11. Pilot testing of the strengthening caregiving activities program for Thai informal caregivers of dependent older people Sanprakhon P.
Chusri O.
Suriyawong W.
Banharak S.
2023 Geriatric Nursing
(51), pp. 176-181
12. Predictive Factors for Post-Hepatectomy Liver Failure in Patients with Cholangiocarcinoma Kriengkrai W.
Somjaivong B.
Titapan A.
Titapun A.
Wonggom P.
2023 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
2 (24), pp. 575-580
13. Study of medication use and effects of medication among hospitalized older Buddhist monks: An embedded mixed-method study Chisana N.
Banharak S.
Panpanit L.
Chanaboon S.
Tipkanjanaraykha K.
2023 Journal of Advanced Nursing
9 (79), pp. 3609-3621
14. The Effectiveness of a Multi-Sensory Sleep-Promotion Program on Sleep Quality among Hospitalized Older Adults of Thailand: A Quasi-Experimental Study Kaewlue A.
Banharak S.
Panpanit L.
Chanaboon S.
2023 Behavioral Sleep Medicine
5 (21), pp. 540-555
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