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1. Accelerating haploid induction rate and haploid validation through marker-assisted selection for qhir1 and qhir8 in maize Khammona K.
Dermail A.
2024 Frontiers in Plant Science
(15), pp.
2. Accuracy in patient-reported adverse drug reactions and their recognition: a mixed-methods study Kampichit S.
Srisuriyachanchai W.
Pratipanawatr T.
Jarernsiripornkul N.
2024 International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy
2 (46), pp. 401-410
3. A Contemporary Approach to the Diagnosis and Management of Adrenal Insufficiency Charoensri S. 2024 Endocrinology and Metabolism
1 (39), pp. 73-82
4. A critique of community-based tourism development: The comparative case of Betong and Pho Tak Districts, Thailand Ditta-Apichai M.
Sroypetch S.
Caldicott R.W.
2024 Community Development
1 (55), pp. 67-84
5. A cross-sectional study of the current situation with therapeutic drug monitoring in Thailand: Requirements, challenges and the role of educational institutions Chatjaroenpat S.
Chuenmueang C.
Jaisue S.
2024 Pharmacy Education
1 (24), pp. 154-163
6. Adaptive differential evolution with archive strategy for solving partitional clustering problems Poonthong T.
Puphasuk P.
Wetweerapong J.
2024 International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science
3 (19), pp. 705-714
7. Adlay Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films Coated on Titanium: Surface Characteristics and MC3T3-E1 Cell Morphology and Proliferation Boonbanyen A.
Angwaravong O.
Kanjanamekanant K.
Angwarawong T.
2024 Journal of Health Science and Medical Research
2 (42), pp.
8. Advanced quality assessment of Sanshishi (Gardenia jasminoides Ellis) and Kampo medicines using a monoclonal antibody against geniposide Noguchi K.
Imahori D.
Nishiura R.
Nuntawong P.
Putalun W.
Tanaka H.
Morimoto S.
Sakamoto S.
2024 Fitoterapia
(174), pp.
9. A hybridization of MODWT-SVR-DE model emphasizing on noise reduction and optimal parameter selection for prediction of CO<inf>2</inf> emission in Thailand Sujjaviriyasup T.
Pitiruek K.
2024 Cogent Engineering
1 (11), pp.
10. Alterations of serum biochemical parameters and tyrosine phosphorylation in kidney and liver of chronic stress-induced rats Khanthiyong B.
Arun S.
Bunsueb S.
Thongbuakaew T.
Suwannakhan A.
Tsang-Hsien Wu A.
Wu A.T.
Iamsaard S.
Chaiyamoon A.
2024 Brazilian Journal of Biology
(84), pp.
11. Altered O-linked glycosylation in benign and malignant meningiomas Talabnin C.
Trasaktaweesakul T.
Jaturutthaweechot P.
Asavaritikrai P.
Kongnawakun D.
Silsirivanit A.
Araki N.
Talabnin K.
2024 PeerJ
(12), pp.
12. Analysis of Hu-Han War Portrait Bricks and Architectural Art Characteristics in Nanyang Feng X.
Prompongsaton N.
Kotchapakdee P.
2024 Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry
1 (24), pp. 17-25
13. Analysis of tourism destination centrality and structural properties of tourism system: Complex network perspective Kanrak M.
Lean H.H.
Nonthapot S.
2024 Uncertain Supply Chain Management
1 (12), pp. 115-124
14. Analyzing online public opinion on Thailand-China high-speed train and Laos-China railway mega-projects using advanced machine learning for sentiment analysis Nokkaew M.
Nongpong K.
Yeophantong T.
Ploykitikoon P.
Arjharn W.
Siritaratiwat A.
Narkglom S.
Wongsinlatam W.
Remsungnen T.
Namvong A.
Surawanitkun C.
2024 Social Network Analysis and Mining
1 (14), pp.
15. An application of artificial intelligence for solving multi-visit scheduling and routing of multi-heterogeneous resources Pitakaso R.
Sethanan K.
Kumar A.
Tan K.H.
Nanthasamroeng N.
2024 Annals of Operations Research
(), pp.
16. An association between heart rate variability and pediatric obstructive sleep apnea Sonsuwan N.
Houngsuwannakorn K.
Chattipakorn N.
Sawanyawisuth K.
2024 Italian Journal of Pediatrics
1 (50), pp.
17. An eight-week PETTLEP imagery intervention and futsal shooting skills, anxiety, and self-confidence in collegiate futsal players Khongrassame M.
Khamsai S.
Sawanyawisuth K.
Putthithanasombat K.
2024 Gazzetta Medica Italiana Archivio per le Scienze Mediche
1-2 (183), pp. 64-68
18. An electrochemical AChE-based biosensor for organophosphate pesticides using a modified CuNWs/rGO nanocomposite on a screen-printed carbon electrode Suwannachat J.
Saenchoopa A.
Tun W.S.T.
Patramanon R.
Daduang S.
Daduang J.
Kulchat S.
2024 Food Chemistry
(434), pp.
19. An enhanced node segmentation and distance estimation scheme with a reduced search space boundary and improved PSO for obstacle-aware wireless sensor network localization Phoemphon S.
Leelathakul N.
So-In C.
2024 Journal of Network and Computer Applications
(221), pp.
20. An extension of the theory of planned behaviour in Thailand cycling tourism: the mediating role of attractiveness of sustainable alternatives Sann R.
Jansom S.
Muennaburan T.
2024 Leisure Studies
1 (43), pp. 47-61
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