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Title Authors Year Publication name < 2020 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 รวม
1. Analysis of Hu-Han War Portrait Bricks and Architectural Art Characteristics in Nanyang Feng X.
Prompongsaton N.
Kotchapakdee P.
2024 Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry
1 (24), pp. 17-25
2. Comparison of Apartment Space Design and Residential Standards of Indonesia Azmi A.U.
Chiranthanut C.
Thungsakul N.
2024 Journal of Architectural/Planning Research and Studies
1 (21), pp. 63-74
3. Spatial and timeframe distribution of diverse pedestrian activities in the street network of southeast asian developing cities Miura S.
Yoshida M.
Nakamura F.
Wongwiriya P.
Tanaka S.
Ariyoshi R.
2024 Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering
1 (23), pp. 386-404
4. The influencing factors developing PDCA model to achieve sustainability of area-based infrastructure project evaluation (AIPE) Aksorn P.
Tuntiratananon V.
Phansri B.
2024 Environment, Development and Sustainability
(), pp.
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