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Title Authors Year Publication name < 2020 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 รวม
1. A Strategy to Reorient Parental Perceptions to Create Conditions for Successful Inclusive Education: A Case Study in A Small-Sized School Narot P.
Kiettikunwong N.
2024 Education Sciences
4 (14), pp.
2. Government special purpose vehicles for public-private partnerships: stuck on the slow train in Khon Kaen City Laochankham S.
Gilley B.
Kamnuansilpa P.
2024 International Journal of Public Sector Performance Management
2 (13), pp. 275-287
3. The economic logic of open science in fusion energy research: A policy perspective Carayannis E.G.
Vincenzi M.
Draper J.
2024 Energy Policy
(186), pp.
4. Value Co-Creation: A Strategy for Enhancing Inclusiveness in Special Education Narot P.
Kiettikunwong N.
2024 Education Sciences
2 (14), pp.
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