ไม่นับซ้ำ : รายชื่อบทความทั้งหมดในปี 2022 (มหาวิทยาลัยขอนแก่น)

1. A comparison of surgical site infections in children after stoma reversal between purse-string and linear closure. Sayuen, C
Phannua, R
Chusilp, S
Tanming, P
Areemit, S
Decharun, K
Vejchapipat, P
Thaiwatcharamas, K
2. An analysis of the incidence and survival rates of bone sarcoma patients in thailand: reports from population-based cancer registries 2001–2015 Phanphaisarn, A.
Wisanuyotin, T.
Santong, C.
Pruksakorn, D.
3. Application of amberlite and magnetic ion-exchange resins for dissolved organic matter removal in sugar mill effluent Phungsai, P.
Ratpukdi, T.
4. A simple and green method for determination of ethanol in liquors by the conductivity measurement of the uncatalyzed esterification reaction Phatchana, R.
Tongpoothorn, W.
Sansuk, S.
5. Bioinformatic Prediction of Novel Signaling Pathways of Apoptosis-inducing Factor, Mitochondrion-associated 3 (AIFM3) and Their Roles in Metastasis of Cholangiocarcinoma Cells. Chua-On, D
Proungvitaya, T
Techasen, A
Limpaiboon, T
Roytrakul, S
Tummanatsakun, D
Araki, N
Proungvitaya, S
6. Cameron’s operator in terms of determinants and hypergeometric numbers Kanasri, N.R. 2022
7. Changes in molecular dissolved organic matter and disinfection by-product formation during granular activated carbon filtration by unknown screening analysis with Orbitrap mass spectrometry. 2022
8. Characterization and electrochemical properties of CuO–Cu2O@rGO nanocomposite synthesized by a seed-mediated growth process Tuichai, W.
Karaphun, A.
Daengsakul, S.
Pimanpang, S.
Moontragoon, P.
Srepusharawoot, P.
Ruttanapun, C.
9. Characterization of dissolved organic carbon and disinfection by-products in biochar filter leachate using orbitrap mass spectrometry Youngwilai, A.
Phungsai, P.
Supanchaiyamat, N.
Ngernyen, Y.
Ratpukdi, T.
Siripattanakul-Ratpukdi, S.
10. Chemical functionalization of bacterial cellulose film for enhancing output performance of bio-triboelectric nanogenerator Mongkolthanaruk, W.
Harnchana, V.
Pinitsoontorn, S.
11. Comparative Performance of Twelve Metaheuristics for Wind Farm Layout Optimisation Kunakote, T.
Panagant, N.
Pholdee, N.
Bureerat, S.
12. Cytotoxic and α-glucosidase inhibitory metabolites from twigs and leaves of Phyllanthus mirabilis, a species endemic to limestone mountains Kanokmedhakul, K.
Chaiyosang, B.
Yahuafai, J.
Pornpongrungrueng, P.
Kanokmedhakul, S.
13. De novo transcriptome analysis of the venom of latrodectus geometricus with the discovery of an insect-selective na channel modulator Daduang, S. 2022
14. Dill Shows Potential for Herb-Drug Interactions via Up-Regulation of , , , and in Caco-2 Cells. Udomsak, W
Chatuphonprasert, W
Jarukamjorn, K
15. Does forest conversion to tree plantations affect properties of subsoil horizons? Findings from mainland Southeast Asia (Lao PDR, Yunnan-China) Trelo-ges, V.
Isarangkool Na Ayutthaya, S.
16. Effect of an in vitro environment on compressive strength and apatite formation of white Portland cement Chindaprasirt, P.
Laonapakul, T.
17. Effects of an emollient application on newborn skin from birth for prevention of atopic dermatitis: a randomized controlled study in Thai neonates.
Effects of an emollient application on newborn skin from birth for prevention of atopic dermatitis: a randomized controlled study in Thai neonates
Techasatian, L.
Kiatchoosakun, P.
18. Effects of bismuth and bismuth-copper substitutions on structure, morphology, and magnetic properties of sol-gel derived barium hexaferrites Pinitsoontorn, S. 2022
19. Engineered biochar from sugarcane leaves with slow phosphorus release kinetics Suwanree, S.
Knijnenburg, J.T.
Kasemsiri, P.
Chindaprasirt, P.
Jetsrisuparb, K.
20. Enhanced superconductivity and ferroelectric quantum criticality in plastically deformed strontium titanate. Hameed, S
Pelc, D
Anderson, ZW
Klein, A
Spieker, RJ
Yue, L
Das, B
Ramberger, J
Lukas, M
Liu, Y
Krogstad, MJ
Osborn, R
Li, Y
Leighton, C
Fernandes, RM
Greven, M
21. Enhancement of output power density in a modified polytetrafluoroethylene surface using a sequential O2/Ar plasma etching for triboelectric nanogenerator applications Harnchana, V.
Chingsungnoen, A.
Thongbai, P.
Amornkitbamrung, V.
22. Enhancing the catalytic performance of calcium-based catalyst derived from gypsum waste for renewable light fuel production through a pyrolysis process: A study on the effect of magnesium content. Chansiriwat, W
Wantala, K
Khunphonoi, R
Khemthong, P
Suwannaruang, T
Rood, SC
23. Enzymatic degradation of Azo bonds and other functional groups on commercial silk dyes by streptomyces coelicoflavus CS-29 Jantaharn, P.
Boonlue, S.
Kanokmedhakul, S.
Mongkolthanaruk, W.
24. Epidemiology of acute lower respiratory tract infection hospitalizations in Thai children: A 5-year national data analysis.
Epidemiology of acute lower respiratory tract infection hospitalizations in Thai children: A 5-year national data analysis
Uppala, R.
Sutra, S.
Thepsuthammarat, K.
Techasatian, L.
Teeratakulpisarn, J.
25. Experimental performance investigation of an electronic fuel injection-SI engine fuelled with HCNG (H2 + CNG) for cleaner transportation Wongwuttanasatian, T. 2022
26. Exploration of combustion behavior in a compression ignition engine fuelled with low-viscous Pimpinella anisum and waste cooking oil biodiesel blends Wongwuttanasatian, T. 2022
27. Fast boundary extraction of color image using negative divergence of a normal compressive vector field Eua-Anant, N.
Phornphatcharaphong, W.
28. Formation and magnetic properties of low-temperature phase manganese bismuth prepared by low-temperature liquid phase sintering in vacuum Eknapakul, T.
Pinitsoontorn, S.
Thanachayanont, C.
29. General features and novel gene signatures that identify epstein-barr virus-associated epithelial cancers Pientong, C.
Ekalaksananan, T.
30. Genistein alleviates renin-angiotensin system mediated vascular and kidney alterations in renovascular hypertensive rats Poasakate, A.
Maneesai, P.
Potue, P.
Bunbupha, S.
Tong-Un, T.
Settheetham-Ishida, W.
Khamseekaew, J.
Pakdeechote, P.
31. Genome-wide association study on milk production and somatic cell score for Thai dairy cattle using weighted single-step approach with random regression test-day model.
Genome-wide association study on milk production and somatic cell score for Thai dairy cattle using weighted single-step approach with random regression test-day model
Buaban, S.
Boonkum, W.
32. Growth and biosorption of Purple guinea and Ruzi grasses in arsenic contaminated soils. Prommarach, T
Pholsen, S
Shivaraju, HP
Chareonsudjai, P
33. Growth performance, nutrient digestibility, blood profiles, and gut integrity of growing pigs fed pickled fish residue with decreased salt content Wachirapakorn, C. 2022
34. Growth performances, nutrient digestibility, ruminal fermentation and energy partition of Thai native steers fed exclusive rice straw and fermented sugarcane bagasse with Lactobacillus, cellulase and molasses. So, S
Cherdthong, A
Wanapat, M
35. Halpern subgradient extragradient algorithm for solving quasimonotone variational inequality problems Yotkaew, P. 2022
36. Hydrothermal synthesis of ZnO photocatalyst for detoxification of anionic azo dyes and antibiotic Chankhanittha, T.
Senasu, T.
Mukdasai, S.
Nanan, S.
37. Identification of Rhizoctonia solani, as the cause of rice sheath blight and the source of its resistance, from Thai indigenous lowland rice germplasm Saepaisan, S.
Monkham, T.
Sanitchon, J.
Chankaew, S.
38. Impact of Pineapple Juice on Expression of CYP3A4, NAT2, SULT1A1 and OATP1B1 mRNA in HepG2 Cells. Chatuphonprasert, W
Tukum-Mee, W
Wattanathorn, J
Jarukamjorn, K
39. Imperatorin attenuates cardiac remodelling and dysfunction in high-fat/high-fructose diet-fed rats by modulating oxidative stress, inflammation, and Nrf-2 expression. Prasartthong, P
Pakdeechote, P
Maneesai, P
Meephat, S
Rattanakanokchai, S
Wunpathe, C
Apaijit, K
Bunbupha, S
40. Improvement of batch and continuous ethanol fermentations from sweet sorghum stem juice in a packed bed bioreactor by immobilized yeast cells under microaeration Ariyajaroenwong, P.
Laopaiboon, P.
Laopaiboon, L.
41. Incentives for mechanized cane harvesting in Thailand: A choice experiment Mahasuweerachai, P.
Suksawat, J.
42. Influence of Fe2O3 Doping Levels on the Phase Evolution, Microstructure, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Ba0.97Ca0.03Ti0.94Sn0.06O3 Ceramics Synthesized via the Solid-State Combustion Technique Pinitsoontorn, S.
Bongkarn, T.
43. Innovative approach for co-production of single cell oil (SCO), novel carbon-based solid acid catalyst and SCO-based biodiesel from fallen Dipterocarpus alatus leaves Leesing, R.
Siwina, S.
Ngernyen, Y.
Fiala, K.
44. In-situ formation of modified nickel–zinc-layered double hydroxide followed by HPLC determination of neonicotinoid insecticide residues Vichapong, J.
Burakham, R.
Santaladchaiyakit, Y.
Srijaranai, S.
45. In vitro susceptibility of Burkholderia pseudomallei isolates from Thai patients to ceftolozane/tazobactam and ceftazidime/avibactam Sribenjalux, W.
Wonglakorn, L.
Meesing, A.
46. Joint Opposite Selection (JOS): A premiere joint of selective leading opposition and dynamic opposite enhanced Harris’ hawks optimization for solving single-objective problems Chiewchanwattana, S.
Soomlek, C.
Sunat, K.
47. Machine Learning and In Vitro Chemical Screening of Potential α-Amylase and α-Glucosidase Inhibitors from Thai Indigenous Plants Srisongkram, T.
Thitimetharoch, T.
Weerapreeyakul, N.
48. Microhydration of sorbitan monostearate (Span 60) investigated using hybrid QM/MM calculations in the gas phase Krongsuk, S. 2022
49. Mitragyna speciosa korth leaves supplementation on feed utilization, rumen fermentation efficiency, microbial population, and methane production in vitro Phesatcha, K.
Wanapat, M.
Cherdthong, A.
50. Molecular investigation of S2-3a/3b-E-M-4b/4c-5a/5b-N gene of QX-like and variant genotype infectious bronchitis virus isolated in Thailand reveals a distinct E gene Junnu, S.
Pohuang, T.
51. Multi-objective optimization of a threading machine for tobacco leaves Bureerat, S.
Laohavanich, J.
Chiawchanwattana, C.
Yangyuen, S.
52. Norlignan glycosides from the leaves of Molineria latifolia Ruchirawat, S.
Kanchanapoom, T.
53. Organic phosphorus forms in a tropical sandy soil after application of organic residues of different quality Jantamenchai, M.
Sukitprapanon, T.S.
Mekboonsonglarp, W.
Vityakon, P.
54. Oxygen saturation is associated with recurrent primary spontaneous pneumothorax treated by intercostal chest drainage.
Oxygen saturation is associated with recurrent primary spontaneous pneumothorax treated by intercostal chest drainage
Chaisuksant, S.
Timinkul, A.
Sakaew, W.
Sukeepaisarnjaroen, W.
Khamsai, S.
55. Pantoea spp. Application to increase the growth and yield of rice ‘pathum thani 1’ Sungthongwises, K. 2022
56. Phase Formation, Microstructure, Electric and Magnetic Properties of NiO Doping in (Ba0.85Ca0.15)(Ti0.90Zr0.10)O3 Ceramics Pinitsoontorn, S.
Bongkarn, T.
57. Photosynthetic and physiological responses to drought of Jerusalem artichoke genotypes differing in drought resistance Puangbut, D.
Jogloy, S.S.
Vorasoot, N.
Songsri, P.
58. Prevalence of qnrS-positive Escherichia coli from chicken in Thailand and possible co-selection of isolates with plasmids carrying qnrS and trimethoprim-resistance genes under farm use of trimethoprim Phuektes, P.
Angkititrakul, S.
59. Preventing extinction in Rastrelliger Brachysoma using an impulsive mathematical model Prathumwan, D.
Maiaugree, W.
60. Repeated-batch simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of cassava pulp for ethanol production using amylases and Saccharomyces cerevisiae immobilized on bacterial cellulose Lunprom, S.
Salakkam, A.
61. Route of intracellular uptake and cytotoxicity of sesamol, sesamin, and sesamolin in human melanoma SK-MEL-2 cells Srisongkram, T.
Weerapreeyakul, N.
62. Salt tolerance at vegetative stage is partially associated with changes in grain quality and starch physicochemical properties of rice exposed to salinity stress at reproductive stage.
Salt tolerance at vegetative stage is partially associated with changes in grain quality and starch physicochemical properties of rice exposed to salinity stress at reproductive stage
Sangwongchai, W.
Thitisaksakul, M.
63. Screening of natural product extracts for fly repellent and larvicide Aunpromma, S.
Pitaksakulrat, O.
Boonjaraspinyo, S.
Boonmars, T.
64. Significantly improved dielectric properties of poly(vinylidene fluoride) polymer nanocomposites by the addition of nAu−LaFeO3 hybrid particles Kum-Onsa, P.
Thongbai, P.
65. Simulation of non-isothermal turbulent flows through circular rings of steel Nonlaopon, K. 2022
66. Simultaneous preconcentration and fluorescence detection of ATP by a hybrid nanocomposite of magnetic nanoparticles incorporated in mixed metal hydroxide. Sianglam, P
Ngamdee, K
Ngeontae, W
67. Skew pairs of idempotents in partial transformation semigroups Luangchaisri, P.
Changphas, T.
68. Solutions of general fractional-order differential equations by using the spectral tau method Nonlaopon, K. 2022
69. Solvothermal synthesis of BiOBr photocatalyst with an assistant of PVP for visible-light-driven photocatalytic degradation of fluoroquinolone antibiotics Nanan, S. 2022
70. Some hadamard–fejér type inequalities for LR-convex interval-valued functions Nonlaopon, K. 2022
71. Some new jensen, schur and hermite-hadamard inequalities for log convex fuzzy interval-valued functions Nonlaopon, K. 2022
72. Speciation and pH- and particle size-dependent solubility of phosphorus in tropical sandy soils Lawongsa, P.
Klysubun, W.
73. Status and perspective of asian neglected tropical diseases Sripa, B. 2022
74. Stock Market Development and Economic Growth in Thailand: An ARDL Approach Chancharat, N.
Chancharat, S.
75. Superovulatory responses based on ovarian sizes after superstimulation in Thai-Holstein crossbred dairy cows Chumchai, R.
Ratsiri, T.
Ratchamak, R.
Boonkum, W.
Chankitisakul, V.
76. Switching efavirenz to rilpivirine in virologically suppressed adolescents with HIV: a multi-centre 48-week efficacy and safety study in Thailand. Phongsamart, W
Jantarabenjakul, W
Chantaratin, S
Anugulruengkitt, S
Suntarattiwong, P
Sirikutt, P
Kosalaraksa, P
Maleesatharn, A
Chokephaibulkit, K
77. Targeting alpha2,3-sialylated glycan in glioma stem-like cells by Maackia amurensis lectin-II: A promising strategy for glioma treatment Silsirivanit, A.
Luang, S.
Muisuk, K.
Wongkham, S.
78. The Association Between Rear Impact Crash Characteristics and Risk of Injury Neubert, M.S. 2022
79. The burden of opisthorchiasis and leptospirosis in Thailand: A nationwide syndemic analysis Suttiprapa, S.
Sripa, B.
80. The decreasing prevalence of the thyroid ima artery: A systematic review and machine learning assisted meta-analysis Nantasenamat, C.
Chaiyamoon, A.
81. The effect of phase transition of crednerite/delafossite CuMn1−xCrxO2 on optical, thermal, and power factor properties Srepusharawoot, P.
Ruttanapun, C.
82. The effect of yeast and roughage concentrate ratio on ruminal ph and protozoal population in thai native beef cattle Phesatcha, K.
Wanapat, M.
Cherdthong, A.
83. The effects of Terminalia chebula, Terminalia belerica, Phyllanthus emblica and Triphala on the growth performance and immune response in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Prisingkorn, W.
Yuangsoi, B.
Doolgindachbaporn, S.
Wiriyapattanasub, P.
Wongmaneeprateep, S.
84. The lyapunov-razumikhin theorem for the conformable fractional system with delay Nonlaopon, K.
Mukdasai, K.
85. The mathematical model for streptococcus suis infection in pig-human population with humidity effect Nonlaopon, K.
Prathumwan, D.
86. The use of simple muscle strength tests to reflect body compositions among individuals with spinal cord injury.
The use of simple muscle strength tests to reflect body compositions among individuals with spinal cord injury
Wiyanad, A.
Amatachaya, P.
Thaweewannakij, T.
Saengsuwan, J.
Amatachaya, S.
87. Utilization of formononetin and pinocembrin from stem extract of Dalbergia parviflora as capping agents for preparation of ZnO photocatalysts for degradation of RR141 azo dye and ofloxacin antibiotic Yenjai, C.
Nanan, S.
88. Validity and feasibility of a seated push-up test to indicate skeletal muscle mass in well-functioning older adults. Poncumhak, P
Wiyanad, A
Siriyakul, C
Kosura, N
Amatachaya, P
Amatachaya, S
89. Wavelengths selection based on genetic algorithm (Ga) and successive projections algorithms (spa) combine with pls regression for determination the soluble solids content in nam-dokmai mangoes based on near infrared spectroscopy Maraphum, K.
Ounkaew, A.
Kasemsiri, P.
Posom, J.
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