Unique title : รายชื่อบทความทั้งหมดในปี 2022 (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)

1. A cross sectional survey on the effect of COVID-19 related restrictions on undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in Qatar. Thomas, M
Suliman, S
Allen, M
Hameed, M
Ghaffar, A
Emara, MM
Fatima, H
George, S
Singh, R
Ghazouaini, H
Alkhal, AL
2. A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of Online Soft Drink Advertisements Suphaborwornrat, W.
Punkasirikul, P.
3. An ESPGHAN Position Paper on the Use of Low-FODMAP Diet in Pediatric Gastroenterology. Thomassen, RA
Luque, V
Assa, A
Borrelli, O
Broekaert, I
Dolinsek, J
Martin-de-Carpi, J
Mas, E
Miele, E
Norsa, L
Ribes-Koninckx, C
Saccomani, MD
Thomson, M
Tzivinikos, C
Verduci, E
Bronsky, J
Haiden, N
Köglmeier, J
de Koning, B
Benninga, MA
4. A PMM2-CDG caused by an A108V mutation associated with a heterozygous 70 kilobases deletion case report. Lebredonchel, E
Riquet, A
Neut, D
Broly, F
Matthijs, G
Klein, A
Foulquier, F
5. Application of systems theory to explore knowledge gaps of standardization: A case of the standard organization of LAO PDR Sysomphanh, K.
Promphakping, B.
6. ASEAN Policy Responses to COVID-19 Pandemic: Adaptation and Experimentation Policy: A Study of ASEAN Countries Policy Volatility for COVID-19 Pandemic Purnomo, E.P.
Nurmandi, A.
Dewi, A.
Rosa, E.M.
Bayu, A.H.
Erviana, R.
7. Collaborative governance for forest land use policy implementation and development Roengtam, S.
Agustiyara, A.
8. Complex Citizenship from Below among Cross-border Families in a Thai-Lao Border Community Lapanun, P. 2022
9. Contemporary and future research of digital humanities: a scientometric analysis Chansanam, W. 2022
10. Coping Strategies and Workplace Supports for Peers with Substance Use Disorders. Brady, LA
Wozniak, ML
Brimmer, MJ
Terranova, E
Moore, C
Kahn, L
Vest, BM
Thomas, M
11. Cross-Linked Gel Electrolytes with Self-Healing Functionalities for Smart Lithium Batteries. Davino, S
Callegari, D
Pasini, D
Thomas, M
Nicotera, I
Bonizzoni, S
Mustarelli, P
Quartarone, E
12. Culture knowledge graph construction techniques Chansanam, W.
Jaroenruen, Y.
Kaewboonma, N.
Tuamsuk, K.
13. Deletion of osteopontin or bone sialoprotein induces opposite bone responses to mechanical stimulation in mice. Maalouf, M
Çinar, H
Bouleftour, W
Thomas, M
Vanden-Bossche, A
Laroche, N
Linossier, MT
Peyroche, S
Lafage-Proust, MH
Vico, L
Guignandon, A
Malaval, L
14. Developing a faculty-librarian collaboration model to support teaching and research at Vietnamese universities Tuamsuk, K. 2022
15. Development of Ontology for Knowledge of Traditions Common Culture of Countries in the Greater Mekong Subregion Hoaihongthong, S.
Kwiecien, K.
16. Digital learning ecosystem at educational institutions: A content analysis of scholarly discourse Nguyen, L.T.
Tuamsuk, K.
17. Efficacy, safety and quality-of-life data from patients with pre-treated metastatic colorectal cancer receiving trifluridine/tipiracil: results of the TALLISUR trial. Weiss, L
Karthaus, M
Riera-Knorrenschild, J
Kretzschmar, A
Welslau, M
Vehling-Kaiser, U
Pelz, H
Ettrich, TJ
Hess, J
Reisländer, T
Klein, A
Heinemann, V
18. Enhanced superconductivity and ferroelectric quantum criticality in plastically deformed strontium titanate. Hameed, S
Pelc, D
Anderson, ZW
Klein, A
Spieker, RJ
Yue, L
Das, B
Ramberger, J
Lukas, M
Liu, Y
Krogstad, MJ
Osborn, R
Li, Y
Leighton, C
Fernandes, RM
Greven, M
19. Factors Determining the Working Patterns of Commuters Who Work in the Service-Sector in Khon Kaen, Thailand Phusrisom, M.
Ayuwat, D.
20. Factors influencing employee engagement towards the organisation of Thai university personnel Ayuwat, D.
Hong-Ngam, J.
Narongchai, W.
Samorna, S.
Pasuta, K.
Kingsawat, K.
Thinpru, S.
Sonman, K.
Auraiampai, N.
21. Factors Influencing New Media Exposure of Political News by Youths in Isan Society Jitsaeng, K.
Chaikhambung, J.
22. Factors Influencing the Digital Transformation of Universities in Thailand Laorach, C.
Tuamsuk, K.
23. How Actor-Networks Work in Community Adaptation under Special Economic Zone Development: A Case Study of Mukdahan, Thailand Thammawat, P.
Chamaratana, T.
24. How teachers manage their classroom in the digital learning environment - experiences from the University Smart Learning Project. Nguyen, LT
Kanjug, I
Lowatcharin, G
Manakul, T
Poonpon, K
Sarakorn, W
Somabut, A
Srisawasdi, N
Traiyarach, S
Tuamsuk, K
25. How teachers manage their classroom in the digital learning environment – experiences from the University Smart Learning Project Nguyen, L.T.
Kanjug, I.
Lowatcharin, G.
Manakul, T.
Poonpon, K.
Sarakorn, W.
Somabut, A.
Srisawasdi, N.
Traiyarach, S.
26. Imaging Features of Craniofacial Giant Cell Granulomas: A Large Retrospective Analysis from a Tertiary Care Center. Chanda, R
Regi, SS
Kandagaddala, M
Irodi, A
Thomas, M
John, M
27. Incidence, prevalence, and survival trends for neuroendocrine neoplasms in Victoria, Australia, from 1982 to 2019: Based on site, grade, and region. Michael, M
Thursfield, V
Te Marvelde, L
Kong, G
Hicks, RJ
28. -induced pulmonary and pericardial abscesses in a patient presenting with subacute cough. Ismail, S
Thomas, M
Razok, A
Akbar, R
Abid, FB
Wilson, G
29. Institution of organisation and organic Jasmine rice production extension of the district agriculture offices in Thung Kularonghai Nityasuiddhi, P. 2022
30. "I've Lived that Thing that We do with Families": Understanding the Experiences of Practitioners' Undertaking a Three-Year Open Dialogue UK Training Programme. Wates, A
Allen, J
Cooke, A
Holttum, S
31. Knowledge Creation in International Non-Profit Organisations Le, Q.N.
Tuamsuk, K.
32. Korean-popular Facebook fan page analytics in Thailand Chansanam, W.
Tuamsuk, K.
Kwiecien, K.
Oh, S.G.
33. Laotian Perspectives, Standards, and Meaning of Plain Silk Cloth Sysomphanh, K.
Promphakping, B.
34. Male and Female Language in the Openings of Short Stories: A Transitivity Approach1 Tongpoon-Patanasorn, A. 2022
35. Man vs. machine: A meta-analysis on the added value of human support in text-based internet treatments ("e-therapy") for mental disorders. Koelen, JA
Vonk, A
Klein, A
de Koning, L
Vonk, P
de Vet, S
Wiers, R
36. Meishan scroll paintings and ancestor worship of the Flat Land Yao people in Gongcheng Yao Autonomous District, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China ,
37. Metacognitive Knowledge in Performing a Speaking Task: A Report From High and Low Proficient Thai University Students Thawarom, T.
Wilang, J.D.
Singhasiri, W.
38. Metadata Integration Framework for Data Integration of Socio-Cultural Anthropology Digital Repositories: A Case Study of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre Buranarach, M.
Chansanam, W.
39. Needs Analysis of Primary School English Teachers: Implications for Teacher Training in Thailand Darasawang, P. 2022
40. Ontology Rules for Library Research Services Recommendation System Ruger, Y.
Kabmala, M.
Chansanam, W.
41. Publisher Correction: The asymmetry of antimatter in the proton. Dove, J
Kerns, B
McClellan, RE
Miyasaka, S
Morton, DH
Nagai, K
Prasad, S
Sanftl, F
Scott, MBC
Tadepalli, AS
Aidala, CA
Arrington, J
Ayuso, C
Barker, CL
Brown, CN
Chang, WC
Chen, A
Christian, DC
Dannowitz, BP
Daugherity, M
Diefenthaler, M
El Fassi, L
Geesaman, DF
Gilman, R
Goto, Y
Guo, L
Guo, R
Hague, TJ
Holt, RJ
Isenhower, D
Kinney, ER
Kitts, N
Klein, A
Kleinjan, DW
Kudo, Y
Leung, C
Lin, PJ
Liu, K
Liu, MX
Lorenzon, W
Makins, NCR
de Medeiros, MM
McGaughey, PL
Miyachi, Y
Mooney, I
Nakahara, K
Nakano, K
Nara, S
Peng, JC
Puckett, AJ
Ramson, BJ
Reimer, PE
Rubin, JG
Sawada, S
Sawada, T
Shibata, TA
Su, D
Teo, M
Tice, BG
Towell, RS
Uemura, S
Watson, S
Wang, SG
Wickes, AB
Wu, J
Xi, Z
Ye, Z
42. [Pulmonary mucosa during the perinatal period: Can understanding of the lung help to combat the infant's sensitivity to bronchiolitis?] Chottin, C
Marquant, Q
Saint-Criq, V
Thomas, M
Riffault, S
Descamps, D
43. Quantifying Older Black Americans' Exposure to Structural Racial Discrimination: How Can We Measure the Water In Which We Swim? LaFave, SE
Bandeen-Roche, K
Gee, G
Thorpe, RJ
Li, Q
Crews, D
Samuel, L
Cooke, A
Hladek, M
Szanton, SL
44. Rethinking free skilled labour migration policies in CLMV countries: a qualitative systematic review Chamaratana, T. 2022
45. Rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis: patient characteristics in pre-COVID-19 and COVID-19 period. Cherian, LM
Varghese, L
Rupa, V
Bright, RR
Abraham, L
Panicker, R
R, N
Peter, J
Nayak, A
Shyam, A
Varghese, GM
Manesh, A
Karuppusami, R
George, K
George, T
Lenin, A
Hansdak, SG
I, R
Michael, JS
Ninan, M
Thomas, M
Kurian, R
Mammen, S
Kurien, R
46. Safety and efficacy of pralsetinib in RET fusion-positive non-small-cell lung cancer including as first-line therapy: update from the ARROW trial. Griesinger, F
Curigliano, G
Thomas, M
Subbiah, V
Baik, CS
Tan, DSW
Lee, DH
Misch, D
Garralda, E
Kim, DW
van der Wekken, AJ
Gainor, JF
Paz-Ares, L
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Kalemkerian, GP
Houvras, Y
Bowles, DW
Mansfield, AS
Lin, JJ
Smoljanovic, V
Rahman, A
Kong, S
Zalutskaya, A
Louie-Gao, M
Boral, AL
Mazières, J
47. Scientometrics of Poverty Research for Sustainability Development: Trend Analysis of the 1964–2022 Data through Scopus Chansanam, W. 2022
48. Search for an Excess of Electron Neutrino Interactions in MicroBooNE Using Multiple Final-State Topologies. Abratenko, P
An, R
Anthony, J
Arellano, L
Asaadi, J
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Baller, B
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49. Search for Subsolar-Mass Binaries in the First Half of Advanced LIGO's and Advanced Virgo's Third Observing Run. Abbott, R
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