ไม่นับซ้ำ : รายชื่อบทความทั้งหมดในปี 2022 (คณะเทคโนโลยี)

1. Acidogenic phase anaerobic digestion of pretreated sugarcane filter cake for co-digestion with biogas effluent to enhance the methane production Sittijunda, S. 2022
2. Anaerobic co-digestion of biogas effluent and sugarcane filter cake for methane production Sittijunda, S. 2022
3. An Alternative Approach to Improve the Butanol Production Efficiency from Sweet Sorghum Stem Juice Using Immobilized Cells Combined with an In Situ Gas Stripping System Thanapornsin, T.
Laopaiboon, P.
Laopaiboon, L.
4. An Approach for Incorporating Glycerol as a Co-Substrate into Unconcentrated Sugarcane Bagasse Hydrolysate for Improved Lipid Production in Rhodotorula glutinis Ngamsirisomsakul, M.
Kongkeitkajorn, M.B.
Amnuaypanich, S.
Reungsang, A.
5. Antioxidant and Anticancer Potential of Bioactive Compounds from Rhinacanthus nasutus Cell Suspension Culture Klanrit, P.
Klanrit, P.
Phetcharaburanin, J.
Thanonkeo, P.
Apiraksakorn, J.
Klanrit, P.
6. Application of a modified membrane-trapping technique to determine fish microflora species from Thai silver BARB (Barbonymus gonionotus) Piyatheerawong, W.
Yunchalard, S.
7. Application of mild-subcritical alkaline water extraction: optimum condition for phenolic antioxidant extracted from cold-pressed defatted KDML 105 rice bran and its phenolic profile Sae-Eaw, A.
Sripui, J.
Thawornchinsombut, S.
8. Assessment of organosolv, hydrothermal, and combined organosolv and hydrothermal with enzymatic pretreatment to increase the production of biogas from Napier grass and Napier silage Sittijunda, S. 2022
9. Biocircular platform for renewable energy production: Valorization of waste cooking oil mixed with agricultural wastes into biosolid fuels Tumma, A.
Dujjanutat, P.
Muanruksa, P.
Winterburn, J.
Kaewkannetra, P.
10. Biohydrogen and Methane Production from Sugarcane Leaves Pretreated by Deep Eutectic Solvents and Enzymatic Hydrolysis by Cellulolytic Consortia Miftah, A.K.
Sittijunda, S.
Imai, T.
Salakkam, A.
11. Butanol Production by a Novel Efficient Method Using Mixed Cultures of Clostridium beijerinckii and Arthrobacter sp. in Stirred-Tank and Gas-Lift Bioreactors Daengbussadee, C.
Laopaiboon, L.
Laopaiboon, P.
12. Characterisation and Evaluation of Columnar Basalt Geoheriatge in Thailand: Implication for Geotourism Management in Post-Quarrying Area Singtuen, V. 2022
13. Characterisation of potholes formed on bedrock sandstones at Loei Dun, Phetchabun Geopark, Thailand Singtuen, V. 2022
14. Characteristics and nutritional value of silkworm (Bombyx mori) pupae-fortified chicken bread spread Petsong, K. 2022
15. Cigarette Butts Valorization: Activated Hydrochar for Methylene Blue Removal Phasukarratchai, N. 2022
16. Clostridium thailandense sp. nov., a novel CO2-reducing acetogenic bacterium isolated from peatland soil ,
Reungsang, A.
17. Co-digestion of sugarcane bagasse, microalgal biomass and cow dung for biohydrogen and methane production Reungsang, A.
Salakkam, A.
18. Comparison of biodiesel production using a novel porous Zn/Al/Co complex oxide prepared from different methods: Physicochemical properties, reaction kinetic and thermodynamic studies Lunprom, S. 2022
19. Composite flour cracker enriched with banana flour: Formulation optimization and properties Tangwongchai, R. 2022
20. Conceptualizing a Gluten-Free Instant Noodle Prototype Using Environmental Sustainability Aspects: A Cross-National Qualitative Study on Thai and Danish Consumers Sae-Eaw, A. 2022
21. Consumers' emotional responses evoked by fermented rice noodles containing crickets and/or mango peel: impact of product information and prior insect consumption Maw, W.W.
Sae-Eaw, A.
Wongthahan, P.
Prinyawiwatkul, W.
22. Determination of optimum retention time in an air–cathode single-chamber microbial fuel cell batch-mode reactor by comparing different substrate types and concentrations Reungsang, A. 2022
23. Development and enhancement of antioxidant peptides from spontaneous plaa-som fermentation co-stimulated with Chiangrai Phulae pineapple enzymatic reaction Piyatheerawong, W.
Yunchalard, S.
24. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) production by Aurantiochytrium limacinum using cassava pulp hydrolysate as an alternative low-cost carbon source Aini, U.N. 2022
25. Eco-friendly extraction of banana peel cellulose using a wood charcoal ash solution and application of process wastewater as a naturally-derived product Phirom-On, K.
Apiraksakorn, J.
26. Effectiveness of Low-Cost Bioreactors Integrated with a Gas Stripping System for Butanol Fermentation from Sugarcane Molasses by Clostridium beijerinckii Thanapornsin, T.
Sirisantimethakom, L.
Laopaiboon, L.
Laopaiboon, P.
27. Emotion and Wellness Profiles of Herbal Drinks Measured Using Different Questionnaire Designs Hanmontree, P.
Prinyawiwatkul, W.
Sae-Eaw, A.
28. Extraction, Characterization, and Chitosan Microencapsulation of Bioactive Compounds from Cannabis sativa L., Cannabis indica L., and Mitragyna speiosa K. Phupaboon, S.
Matra, M.
Phajuy, B.
30. Growth performance, nutrient digestibility, blood profiles, and gut integrity of growing pigs fed pickled fish residue with decreased salt content Wachirapakorn, C. 2022
31. High Cell Density Cultivation of Paracoccus sp. on Sugarcane Juice for Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) Production Moungprayoon, A.
Lunprom, S.
Reungsang, A.
Salakkam, A.
32. High Cell Density Cultivation of sp. on Sugarcane Juice for Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) Production. Moungprayoon, A
Lunprom, S
Reungsang, A
Salakkam, A
33. High-solid dark fermentation of cassava pulp and cassava processing wastewater for hydrogen production Moungprayoon, A.
Lunprom, S.
Reungsang, A.
Salakkam, A.
34. High-temperature ethanol fermentation from pineapple waste hydrolysate and gene expression analysis of thermotolerant yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
High-temperature ethanol fermentation from pineapple waste hydrolysate and gene expression analysis of thermotolerant yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Klanrit, P.
Thanonkeo, S.
Thanonkeo, P.
35. Improvement of batch and continuous ethanol fermentations from sweet sorghum stem juice in a packed bed bioreactor by immobilized yeast cells under microaeration Ariyajaroenwong, P.
Laopaiboon, P.
Laopaiboon, L.
36. Innovative approach for co-production of single cell oil (SCO), novel carbon-based solid acid catalyst and SCO-based biodiesel from fallen Dipterocarpus alatus leaves Leesing, R.
Siwina, S.
Ngernyen, Y.
Fiala, K.
37. Integration of cellulosic sugar syrup produced from sugarcane bagasse to molasses-based ethanol production process and improvement in spent wash quality Netsopa, S.
Kongkeitkajorn, M.B.
Yuvadetkun, P.
Matsuno, T.
Minamino, A.
Kasahara, T.
Kobayashi, K.
Funada, S.
38. Integration of Dark Fermentation with Microbial Electrolysis Cells for Biohydrogen and Methane Production from Distillery Wastewater and Glycerol Waste Co-Digestion Sittijunda, S. 2022
39. Isolation of bacteria utilizing glycerol as a sole carbon source for potential production of 1,3-propanediol Sotapong, N.
Kongkeitkajorn, M.B.
Oraintara, A.
40. Massive Sandstone Falling Analysis and Design Barriers Along National Highway No. 2013 in Phitsanulok Province, Thailand: A Case Study Sukplum, W.
Wannawongsa, S.
41. Mineralogical and Geochemical Characteristics of Carbonate Rocks for Lime Industry in Ban Pong, Chiang Mai Province, Northern Thailand Singtuen, V. 2022
42. Morphology, Mechanical, and Water Barrier Properties of Carboxymethyl Rice Starch Films: Sodium Hydroxide Effect , 2022
43. Multiple Response Optimization of Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Starch Based Bioactive Composite Films for Antimicrobial Packaging Applications Ounkaew, A.
Kasemsiri, P.
Theerakulpisut, S.
44. Nil-Surin Rice Bran Hydrolysates Improve Lipid Metabolism and Hepatic Steatosis by Regulating Secretion of Adipokines and Expression of Lipid-Metabolism Genes.
Nil-Surin Rice Bran Hydrolysates Improve Lipid Metabolism and Hepatic Steatosis by Regulating Secretion of Adipokines and Expression of Lipid-Metabolism Genes
Boonloh, K.
Thawornchinsombut, S.
Pannangpetch, P.
45. Nutritional and phytochemical properties of Chaya leaves (Cnidoscolus chayamansa Mc Vaugh) planted in Northeastern Thailand Cha'on, U. 2022
46. Observation of WWW Production in pp Collisions at sqrt[s]=13  TeV with the ATLAS Detector. Aad, G
Abbott, B
Abbott, DC
Abed Abud, A
Abeling, K
Abhayasinghe, DK
Abidi, SH
Aboulhorma, A
Abramowicz, H
Abreu, H
Abulaiti, Y
Abusleme Hoffman, AC
Acharya, BS
Achkar, B
Adam, L
Adam Bourdarios, C
Adamczyk, L
Adamek, L
Addepalli, SV
Adelman, J
Adiguzel, A
Adorni, S
Adye, T
Affolder, AA
Afik, Y
Agapopoulou, C
Agaras, MN
Agarwala, J
Aggarwal, A
Agheorghiesei, C
Aguilar-Saavedra, JA
Ahmad, A
Ahmadov, F
Ahmed, WS
Ai, X
Aielli, G
Aizenberg, I
Akbiyik, M
Åkesson, TPA
Akimov, AV
Al Khoury, K
Alberghi, GL
Albert, J
Albicocco, P
Alconada Verzini, MJ
Alderweireldt, S
Aleksa, M
Aleksandrov, IN
Alexa, C
Alexopoulos, T
Alfonsi, A
Alfonsi, F
Alhroob, M
Ali, B
Ali, S
Aliev, M
Alimonti, G
Allaire, C
Allbrooke, BMM
Allport, PP
Aloisio, A
Alonso, F
Alpigiani, C
Alunno Camelia, E
Alvarez Estevez, M
Alviggi, MG
Amaral Coutinho, Y
Ambler, A
Ambroz, L
Amelung, C
Amidei, D
Amor Dos Santos, SP
Amoroso, S
Amos, KR
Amrouche, CS
Ananiev, V
Anastopoulos, C
Andari, N
Andeen, T
Anders, JK
Andrean, SY
Andreazza, A
Angelidakis, S
Angerami, A
Anisenkov, AV
Annovi, A
Antel, C
Anthony, MT
Antipov, E
Antonelli, M
Antrim, DJA
Anulli, F
Aoki, M
Aparisi Pozo, JA
Aparo, MA
Aperio Bella, L
Aranzabal, N
Araujo Ferraz, V
Arcangeletti, C
Arce, ATH
Arena, E
Arguin, JF
Argyropoulos, S
Arling, JH
Armbruster, AJ
Arnaez, O
Arnold, H
Arrubarrena Tame, ZP
Artoni, G
Asada, H
Asai, K
Asai, S
Asbah, NA
Asimakopoulou, EM
Assahsah, J
Assamagan, K
Astalos, R
Atkin, RJ
Atkinson, M
Atlay, NB
Atmani, H
Atmasiddha, PA
Augsten, K
Auricchio, S
Austrup, VA
Avner, G
Avolio, G
Ayoub, MK
Azuelos, G
Babal, D
Bachacou, H
Bachas, K
Bachiu, A
Backman, F
Badea, A
Bagnaia, P
Bahmani, M
Bailey, AJ
Bailey, VR
Baines, JT
Bakalis, C
Baker, OK
Bakker, PJ
Bakos, E
Bakshi Gupta, D
Balaji, S
Balasubramanian, R
Baldin, EM
Balek, P
Ballabene, E
Balli, F
Baltes, LM
Balunas, WK
Balz, J
Banas, E
Bandieramonte, M
Bandyopadhyay, A
Bansal, S
Barak, L
Barberio, EL
Barberis, D
Barbero, M
Barbour, G
Barends, KN
Barillari, T
Barisits, MS
Barkeloo, J
Barklow, T
Barnett, RM
Baron, P
Baroncelli, A
Barone, G
Barr, AJ
Barranco Navarro, L
Barreiro, F
Barreiro Guimarães da Costa, J
Barron, U
Barsov, S
Bartels, F
Bartoldus, R
Bartolini, G
Barton, AE
Bartos, P
Basalaev, A
Basan, A
Baselga, M
Bashta, I
Bassalat, A
Basso, MJ
Basson, CR
Bates, RL
Batlamous, S
Batley, JR
Batool, B
Battaglia, M
Bauce, M
Bauer, F
Bauer, P
Bayirli, A
Beacham, JB
Beau, T
Beauchemin, PH
Becherer, F
Bechtle, P
Beck, HP
Becker, K
Becot, C
Beddall, AJ
Bednyakov, VA
Bee, CP
Beemster, LJ
Beermann, TA
Begalli, M
Begel, M
Behera, A
Behr, JK
Beirao Da Cruz E Silva, C
Beirer, JF
Beisiegel, F
Belfkir, M
Bella, G
Bellagamba, L
Bellerive, A
Bellos, P
Beloborodov, K
Belotskiy, K
Belyaev, NL
Benchekroun, D
Benhammou, Y
Benjamin, DP
Benoit, M
Bensinger, JR
Bentvelsen, S
Beresford, L
Beretta, M
Berge, D
Bergeaas Kuutmann, E
Berger, N
Bergmann, B
Bergsten, LJ
Beringer, J
Berlendis, S
Bernardi, G
Bernius, C
Bernlochner, FU
Berry, T
Berta, P
Bertram, IA
Bessidskaia Bylund, O
Bethke, S
Betti, A
Bevan, AJ
Bhatta, S
Bhattacharya, DS
Bhattarai, P
Bhopatkar, VS
Bi, R
Bianchi, RM
Biebel, O
Bielski, R
Biesuz, NV
Biglietti, M
Billoud, TRV
Bindi, M
Bingul, A
Bini, C
Biondi, S
Biondini, A
Birch-Sykes, CJ
Bird, GA
Birman, M
Bisanz, T
Biswal, JP
Biswas, D
Bitadze, A
Bjørke, K
Bloch, I
Blocker, C
Blue, A
Blumenschein, U
Blumenthal, J
Bobbink, GJ
Bobrovnikov, VS
Boehler, M
Bogavac, D
Bogdanchikov, AG
Bohm, C
Boisvert, V
Bokan, P
Bold, T
Bomben, M
Bona, M
Boonekamp, M
Booth, CD
Borbély, AG
Borecka-Bielska, HM
Borgna, LS
Borissov, G
Bortoletto, D
Boscherini, D
Bosman, M
Bossio Sola, JD
Bouaouda, K
Boudreau, J
Bouhova-Thacker, EV
Boumediene, D
Bouquet, R
Boveia, A
Boyd, J
Boye, D
Boyko, IR
Bracinik, J
Brahimi, N
Brandt, G
Brandt, O
Braren, F
Brau, B
Brau, JE
Breaden Madden, WD
Brendlinger, K
Brener, R
Brenner, L
Brenner, R
Bressler, S
Brickwedde, B
Britton, D
Britzger, D
Brock, I
Brooijmans, G
Brooks, WK
Brost, E
Bruckman de Renstrom, PA
Brüers, B
Bruncko, D
Bruni, A
Bruni, G
Bruschi, M
Bruscino, N
Bryngemark, L
Buanes, T
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Buchholz, P
Buckley, AG
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Bullard, BA
Burdin, S
Burgard, CD
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Burghgrave, B
Burr, JTP
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Burzynski, JC
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Butler, JM
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Butterworth, JM
Buttinger, W
Buxo Vazquez, CJ
Buzykaev, AR
Cabras, G
Cabrera Urbán, S
Caforio, D
Cai, H
Cairo, VMM
Cakir, O
Calace, N
Calafiura, P
Calderini, G
Calfayan, P
Callea, G
Caloba, LP
Calvet, D
Calvet, S
Calvet, TP
Calvetti, M
Camacho Toro, R
Camarda, S
Camarero Munoz, D
Camarri, P
Camerlingo, MT
Cameron, D
Camincher, C
Campanelli, M
Camplani, A
Canale, V
Canesse, A
Cano Bret, M
Cantero, J
Cao, Y
Capocasa, F
Capua, M
Carbone, A
Cardarelli, R
Cardenas, JCJ
Cardillo, F
Carducci, G
Carli, T
Carlino, G
Carlson, BT
Carlson, EM
Carminati, L
Carnesale, M
Caron, S
Carquin, E
Carrá, S
Carratta, G
Carter, JWS
Carter, TM
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Castiglia, EG
Castillo, FL
Castillo Garcia, L
Castillo Gimenez, V
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Chowdhury, T
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Clark, PJ
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Coimbra, AEC
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Ferrari, R
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Fuster, J
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Gagliardi, G
Gagnon, LG
Gallardo, GE
Gallas, EJ
Gallop, BJ
Gamboa Goni, R
Gan, KK
Ganguly, S
Gao, J
Gao, Y
Garay Walls, FM
Garcia, B
García, C
García Navarro, JE
García Pascual, JA
Garcia-Sciveres, M
Gardner, RW
Garg, D
Garg, RB
Gargiulo, S
Garner, CA
Garonne, V
Gasiorowski, SJ
Gaspar, P
Gaudio, G
Gauzzi, P
Gavrilenko, IL
Gavrilyuk, A
Gay, C
Gaycken, G
Gazis, EN
Geanta, AA
Gee, CM
Geisen, J
Geisen, M
Gemme, C
Genest, MH
Gentile, S
George, S
George, WF
Geralis, T
Gerlach, LO
Gessinger-Befurt, P
Ghasemi Bostanabad, M
Ghosh, A
Giacobbe, B
Giagu, S
Giangiacomi, N
Giannetti, P
Giannini, A
Gibson, SM
Gignac, M
Gil, DT
Gilbert, BJ
Gillberg, D
Gilles, G
Gillwald, NEK
Ginabat, L
Gingrich, DM
Giordani, MP
Giraud, PF
Giugliarelli, G
Giugni, D
Giuli, F
Gkialas, I
Gkountoumis, P
Gladilin, LK
Glasman, C
Gledhill, GR
Glisic, M
Gnesi, I
Go, Y
Goblirsch-Kolb, M
Godin, D
Goldfarb, S
Golling, T
Golubkov, D
Gombas, JP
Gomes, A
Goncalves Gama, R
Gonçalo, R
Gonella, G
Gonella, L
Gongadze, A
Gonnella, F
Gonski, JL
González de la Hoz, S
Gonzalez Fernandez, S
Gonzalez Lopez, R
Gonzalez Renteria, C
Gonzalez Suarez, R
Gonzalez-Sevilla, S
Gonzalvo Rodriguez, GR
González Andana, RY
Goossens, L
Gorasia, NA
Gorbounov, PA
Gordon, HA
Gorini, B
Gorini, E
Gorišek, A
Goshaw, AT
Gostkin, MI
Gottardo, CA
Gouighri, M
Goumarre, V
Goussiou, AG
Govender, N
Goy, C
Grabowska-Bold, I
Graham, K
Gramstad, E
Grancagnolo, S
Grandi, M
Gratchev, V
Gravila, PM
Gravili, FG
Gray, HM
Grefe, C
Gregor, IM
Grenier, P
Grevtsov, K
Grieco, C
Grillo, AA
Grimm, K
Grinstein, S
Grivaz, JF
Groh, S
Gross, E
Grosse-Knetter, J
Grud, C
Grummer, A
Grundy, JC
Guan, L
Guan, W
Gubbels, C
Guerrero Rojas, JGR
Guescini, F
Guest, D
Gugel, R
Guida, A
Guillemin, T
Guindon, S
Guo, F
Guo, J
Guo, L
Guo, Y
Gupta, R
Gurbuz, S
Gustavino, G
Guth, M
Gutierrez, P
Gutierrez Zagazeta, LF
Gutschow, C
Guyot, C
Gwenlan, C
Gwilliam, CB
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Haas, A
Habedank, M
Haber, C
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Haleem, M
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Han, K
Han, L
Han, S
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Hansen, JB
Hansen, JD
Hansen, PH
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Hartmann, NM
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Hayes, RL
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Heidegger, KK
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Heim, T
Heinemann, B
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Heinrich, L
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Held, A
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Helsens, C
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Hertenberger, R
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Huang, X
Huang, Y
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Huston, J
Huth, J
Hyneman, R
Hyrych, S
Iacobucci, G
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Ikegami, Y
Ilg, A
Ilic, N
Imam, H
Ingebretsen Carlson, T
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Ishino, M
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Ivina, A
Izen, JM
Izzo, V
Jacka, P
Jackson, P
Jacobs, RM
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Jäkel, G
Jakobs, K
Jakoubek, T
Jamieson, J
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Jarlskog, G
Jaspan, AE
Javůrek, T
Javurkova, M
Jeanneau, F
Jeanty, L
Jejelava, J
Jenni, P
Jézéquel, S
Jia, J
Jia, Z
Jiang, Y
Jiggins, S
Jimenez Pena, J
Jin, S
Jinaru, A
Jinnouchi, O
Jivan, H
Johansson, P
Johns, KA
Johnson, CA
Jones, DM
Jones, E
Jones, RWL
Jones, TJ
Jovicevic, J
Ju, X
Junggeburth, JJ
Juste Rozas, A
Kabana, S
Kaczmarska, A
Kado, M
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Kagan, M
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Kakati, N
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Kareem, MJ
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Kawamoto, T
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Klein, L
Klein, MH
Klein, M
Klein, U
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Klioutchnikova, T
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Kluth, S
Kneringer, E
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Kobayashi, R
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Konstantinidis, N
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Korotkova, N
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Kortner, S
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Kourkoumeli-Charalampidi, A
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Kroeninger, K
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Kuechler, D
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Kumari, N
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Lantzsch, K
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Laurier, A
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Lefebvre, HP
Lefebvre, M
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Leone, S
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Lester, CG
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Li, H
Li, J
Li, K
Li, L
Li, M
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Li, T
Li, X
Li, Z
Liang, Z
Liberatore, M
Liberti, B
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Lieber Marin, J
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Liu, JB
Liu, JKK
Liu, K
Liu, M
Liu, MY
Liu, P
Liu, Q
Liu, X
Liu, Y
Liu, YL
Liu, YW
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Longo, R
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Lu, M
Lu, S
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Lucio Alves, FL
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Luehring, F
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Majersky, O
Majewski, S
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Maksimovic, V
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Malek, F
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Mancini, G
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Maniatis, IM
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Manjarres Ramos, J
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Mankinen, KH
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Mansoulie, B
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Marantis, A
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Marcoccia, L
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Marjanovic, M
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Martinez Agullo, P
Martinez Outschoorn, VI
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Mastrandrea, P
Mastroberardino, A
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Matic, A
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Mazza, SM
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Mc Kee, SP
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McDougall, AE
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McKay, MA
Mckenzie, RP
Mclaughlin, DJ
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Mehlhase, S
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Meyer, JP
Michetti, M
Middleton, RP
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Mikuž, M
Mildner, H
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Milstead, DA
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Mincer, AI
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Mironova, M
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Miyagawa, PS
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Mobius, S
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Mogg, P
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Mondal, B
Mondal, S
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Monsonis Romero, L
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Monticelli, F
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Moreno Martinez, C
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Morgenstern, S
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Morinaga, M
Morisbak, V
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Mueller, R
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Mullier, GA
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Mungo, DP
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Munoz Sanchez, FJ
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Murray, WJ
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Myers, AA
Myers, G
Myska, M
Nachman, BP
Nackenhorst, O
Nag, AN
Nagai, K
Nagano, K
Nagle, JL
Nagy, E
Nairz, AM
Nakahama, Y
Nakamura, K
Nanjo, H
Napolitano, F
Narayan, R
Narayanan, EA
Naryshkin, I
Naseri, M
Nass, C
Navarro, G
Navarro-Gonzalez, J
Nayak, R
Nechaeva, PY
Nechansky, F
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Negri, A
Negrini, M
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Nelson, C
Nelson, K
Nemecek, S
Nessi, M
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Neuhaus, F
Neundorf, J
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Newman, PR
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Ng, YS
Ngair, B
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Nielsen, DS
Nielsen, J
Niemeyer, M
Nikiforou, N
Nikolaenko, V
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Nisius, R
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Noel, DL
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Norisam, RRB
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Novak, T
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Novotny, R
Nozka, L
Ntekas, K
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Oakham, FG
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Oliveira Goncalves, D
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Otono, H
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Owen, RE
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Ozturk, S
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Palacino, G
Palazzo, S
Palestini, S
Palka, M
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Panduro Vazquez, JG
Pani, P
Panizzo, G
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Papadatos, C
Parajuli, S
Paramonov, A
Paraskevopoulos, C
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Parker, MA
Parodi, F
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Parrish, VA
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Pascual Dominguez, L
Pascuzzi, VR
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Pauly, T
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Pedro, R
Peleganchuk, SV
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Peng, H
Penzin, M
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Peixoto, APP
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Perepelitsa, DV
Perez Codina, E
Perganti, M
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Pernegger, H
Perrella, S
Perrevoort, A
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Peters, RFY
Petersen, BA
Petersen, TC
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Petridou, C
Petrukhin, A
Pettee, M
Pettersson, NE
Petukhova, K
Peyaud, A
Pezoa, R
Pezzotti, L
Pezzullo, G
Pham, T
Phillips, PW
Phipps, MW
Piacquadio, G
Pianori, E
Piazza, F
Piegaia, R
Pietreanu, D
Pilkington, AD
Pinamonti, M
Pinfold, JL
Pitman Donaldson, C
Pizzi, DA
Pizzimento, L
Pizzini, A
Pleier, MA
Plesanovs, V
Pleskot, V
Plotnikova, E
Poddar, G
Poettgen, R
Poggi, R
Poggioli, L
Pogrebnyak, I
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Poley, A
Polifka, R
Polini, A
Pollard, CS
Pollock, ZB
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