Unique title : รายชื่อบทความทั้งหมดในปี 2022 (Faculty of Public Health)

1. Addressing child undernutrition in Tanzania with the ASTUTE program. Beckstead, E
Mulokozi, G
Jensen, M
Smith, J
Baldauf, M
Dearden, KA
Linehan, M
Torres, S
Glenn, J
West, JH
Hall, PC
Crookston, BT
2. A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of Appropriate Site of Botulinum Toxin Therapy in Hemifacial Spasm
A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of Appropriate Site of Botulinum Toxin Therapy in Hemifacial Spasm.
Jitpimolmard, S
Thinkhamrop, B
Tiamkao, S
Arunpongpaisal, S
Arayavichanon, P
Kosuwan, W
Jitpimolmard, S
Sawanyawisuth, K
3. Adult Height as a Risk Factor for Developing Colorectal Cancer: A Population-Based Cohort Study in Thailand
Adult Height as a Risk Factor for Developing Colorectal Cancer: A Population-Based Cohort Study in Thailand.
Bureemas, J
Chindaprasert, J
Suwanrungruang, K
Santong, C
Sarakarn, P
4. A meta-analysis to identify factors associated with CPAP machine purchasing in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.
A meta-analysis to identify factors associated with CPAP machine purchasing in patients with obstructive sleep apnea
Ngamjarus, C. 2022
5. A national surveillance of eosinophilic meningitis in Thailand. Aekphachaisawat, N
Sawanyawisuth, K
Khamsai, S
Boonsawat, W
Tiamkao, S
Limpawattana, P
Maleewong, W
Ngamjarus, C
6. A review on microplastics and nanoplastics in the environment: Their occurrence, exposure routes, toxic studies, and potential effects on human health Sangkham, S.
Faikhaw, O.
Munkong, N.
Sakunkoo, P.
Arunlertaree, C.
Chavali, M.
Mousazadeh, M.
Tiwari, A.
7. Association between the Number of Repeated Praziquantel Treatments and Kidney Parenchymal Change in Northeast Thailand. Prathumkam, P
Thinkhamrop, K
Khuntikeo, N
Chamadol, N
Thuanman, J
Kelly, M
Thinkhamrop, B
8. Association of Strongyloides stercoralis infection and type 2 diabetes mellitus in northeastern Thailand: Impact on diabetic complication-related renal biochemical parameters
Association of Strongyloides stercoralis infection and type 2 diabetes mellitus in northeastern Thailand: Impact on diabetic complication-related renal biochemical parameters.
Yingklang, M
Chaidee, A
Dangtakot, R
Jantawong, C
Haonon, O
Sitthirach, C
Hai, NT
Cha'on, U
Anutrakulchai, S
Kamsa-Ard, S
Pinlaor, S
9. Attitudes and Beliefs of Cancer Patients Demanding Medical Cannabis Use in North Thailand. Sukrueangkul, A
Phimha, S
Panomai, N
Laohasiriwong, W
Sakphisutthikul, C
10. Attitudes and Beliefs of Cancer Patients Demanding Medical Cannabis Use in the North of Thailand Panomai, N.
Laohasiriwong, W.
11. Barriers and Facilitators to Implementing Immediate Postpartum Contraceptive Implant Programs: A Formative Implementation Research.
Barriers and Facilitators to Implementing Immediate Postpartum Contraceptive Implant Programs: A Formative Implementation Research
Sothornwit, J.
Lumbiganon, P.
Singhdaeng, K.S.T.
Jampathong, N.
Sangkomkamhang, U.
12. Bibliometric analysis of immigration and environmental degradation: evidence from past decades. Anuar, A
Marwan, NF
Smith, J
Siriyanun, S
Sharif, A
13. Bioaccumulation of Microplastics in Fish and Snails in the Nam Pong River, Khon Kaen, Thailand Pitaksanurat, S.
Laohasiriwong, W.
Neeratanaphan, L.
14. Cardiorenal dysfunction and hypertrophy induced by renal artery occlusion are normalized by galangin treatment in rats Chaihongsa, N.
Maneesai, P.
Sangartit, W.
Rattanakanokchai, S.
Potue, P.
Khamseekaew, J.
Bunbupha, S.
Pakdeechote, P.
15. complex pulmonary disease: does the diagnostic method affect severity and progression? Hayashi, M
Yamazaki, Y
Kishino, S
Takishima, H
Matsukura, S
16. Corrigendum to “Intra-macro anatomical variations of the bronchial tree in an L2R2 pattern: Case report” [Transl. Res. Anat. 21C (2020) 100078] (Translational Research in Anatomy (2020) 21, (S2214854X20300170), (10.1016/j.tria.2020.100078)) Maneenin, C.
Maneenin, N.
Wanram, S.
Jirapornkul, C.
Mahiphot, J.
Iamsaard, S.
17. Development of a School-Based Health Literacy Model for Liver Fluke Prevention and Control Using Participatory Action Research.
Development of a School-Based Health Literacy Model for Liver Fluke Prevention and Control Using Participatory Action Research
Banchonhattakit, P. 2022
18. Does ventilator use status correlate with quality of life in patients with early-onset scoliosis treated with rib-based growing system implantation? Nossov, SB
Quinonez, A
SanJuan, J
Gaughan, JP
Pahys, J
Samdani, A
Flynn, J
Mayer, OH
Garg, S
Glotzbecker, M
Smith, J
Cahill, PJ
19. Early as compared to late initiation of twice-weekly hemodialysis and short-term survival among end-stage renal disease patients Panaput, T.
Thinkhamrop, B.
Sirivongs, D.
Praderm, L.
Anukulanantachai, J.
Pongskul, C.
Keobounma, T.
Narenpitak, S.
Intarawongchot, P.
Suwattanasin, A.
Tatiyanupanwong, S.
Niwattayakul, K.
20. Early-onset neonatal sepsis and antibiotic use in Indonesia: a descriptive, cross-sectional study.
Early-onset neonatal sepsis and antibiotic use in Indonesia: a descriptive, cross-sectional study
Salsabila, K.
Toha, N.M.A.
Rundjan, L.
Pattanittum, P.
Sirikarn, P.
Rohsiswatmo, R.
Wandita, S.
Hakimi, M.
Lumbiganon, P.
Green, S.
Turner, T.
21. Early outcomes of growth friendly instrumentation in children with Williams syndrome. O'Neill, N
Cook, D
Verhofste, B
Smith, J
Emans, JB
22. Effects of a school-network intervention using Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in Thailand Banchonhattakit, P.
Inmuong, U.
Duangsong, R.
23. Effects of PM2.5 on the Incidence of Circulatory System Diseases in Muang District, Khon Kaen Province of Northeast Thailand Sakunkoo, P.
Manochai, P.
Koh, D.
Sangkham, S.
24. Esports may improve cognitive skills in soccer players: A systematic review Duangsawang, N.
Ngamjarus, C.
Khamsai, S.
25. Factors Influencing Demand for Medical Cannabis Use among Cancer Patients in the North of Thailand
Factors Influencing Demand for Medical Cannabis Use among Cancer Patients in the North of Thailand.
Sukrueangkul, A
Panomai, N
Laohasiriwong, W
Sakphisutthikul, C
Phimha, S
26. Field Application of Spent Lime Water Treatment Residual for the Removal of Phosphorus and other Pollutants in Urban Stormwater Runoff Kuster, A.C.
Pilgrim, K.M.
Kuster, A.T.
Huser, B.J.
27. Health behavior, stress and obesity among working age women in Myanmar Laohasiriwong, W. 2022
28. Human health risk assessment of PM-bound heavy metal of anthropogenic sources in the Khon Kaen Province of Northeast Thailand. Sakunkoo, P
Thonglua, T
Sangkham, S
Jirapornkul, C
Limmongkon, Y
Daduang, S
Tessiri, T
Rayubkul, J
Thongtip, S
Maneenin, N
Pimonsree, S
29. Human health risk assessment of PM2.5-bound heavy metal of anthropogenic sources in the Khon Kaen Province of Northeast Thailand Sakunkoo, P.
Jirapornkul, C.
Limmongkon, Y.
Daduang, S.
Tessiri, T.
Maneenin, N.
30. Immediate versus delayed postabortal insertion of contraceptive implant.
Immediate versus delayed postabortal insertion of contraceptive implant
Lumbiganon, P.
Jampathong, N.
Salang, L.
31. Immunometabolic analysis shows a distinct cyto-metabotype in Covid-19 compared to sepsis from other causes. Trovato, FM
Mujib, S
Jerome, E
Cavazza, A
Morgan, P
Smith, J
Depante, MT
O'Reilly, K
Luxton, J
Mare, T
Napoli, S
McPhail, MJ
32. Imperatorin attenuates cardiac remodelling and dysfunction in high-fat/high-fructose diet-fed rats by modulating oxidative stress, inflammation, and Nrf-2 expression Pakdeechote, P.
Maneesai, P.
Meephat, S.
Rattanakanokchai, S.
Wunpathe, C.
Bunbupha, S.
33. Influence of active ageing and health literacy on quality of life among elderly persons in northeast Thailand Sirisuwan, P.
Phimha, S.
Banchonhattakit, P.
34. Lawson Criterion for Ignition Exceeded in an Inertial Fusion Experiment. Abu-Shawareb, H
Acree, R
Adams, P
Adams, J
Addis, B
Aden, R
Adrian, P
Afeyan, BB
Aggleton, M
Aghaian, L
Aguirre, A
Aikens, D
Akre, J
Albert, F
Albrecht, M
Albright, BJ
Albritton, J
Alcala, J
Alday, C
Alessi, DA
Alexander, N
Alfonso, J
Alfonso, N
Alger, E
Ali, SJ
Ali, ZA
Alley, WE
Amala, P
Amendt, PA
Amick, P
Ammula, S
Amorin, C
Ampleford, DJ
Anderson, RW
Anklam, T
Antipa, N
Appelbe, B
Aracne-Ruddle, C
Araya, E
Arend, M
Arnold, P
Arnold, T
Asay, J
Atherton, LJ
Atkinson, D
Atkinson, R
Auerbach, JM
Austin, B
Auyang, L
Awwal, AS
Ayers, J
Ayers, S
Ayers, T
Azevedo, S
Bachmann, B
Back, CA
Bae, J
Bailey, DS
Bailey, J
Baisden, T
Baker, KL
Baldis, H
Barber, D
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