ไม่นับซ้ำ : รายชื่อบทความทั้งหมดในปี 2022 (วิทยาลัยนานาชาติ)

1. 6-Iodopurine as a Versatile Building Block for RNA Purine Architecture Modifications. Xie, Y
Fang, Z
Yang, W
He, Z
Chen, K
Heng, P
Wang, B
Zhou, X
2. A Community of monastic development practice: the formation of a nationwide collaborative development monk network Southard, D. 2022
3. A COVID-19 disruption: The great acceleration of digitally planned and transformed behaviors in Thailand
A COVID-19 disruption: The great acceleration of digitally planned and transformed behaviors in Thailand.
Srisathan, WA
Naruetharadhol, P
4. Adsorption of cationic dye on activated carbon from hydrolyzed Dipterocarpus alatus leaves: Waste from biodiesel production Leesing, R.
Knijnenburg, J.T.
Ngernyen, Y.
5. Altered metabolome and microbiome features provide clues in understanding irritable bowel syndrome and depression comorbidity. Han, L
Zhao, L
Zhou, Y
Yang, C
Xiong, T
Lu, L
Deng, Y
Luo, W
Chen, Y
Qiu, Q
Shang, X
Huang, L
Mo, Z
Huang, S
Huang, S
Liu, Z
Yang, W
Zhai, L
Ning, Z
Lin, C
Huang, T
Cheng, C
Zhong, LLD
Li, S
Bian, Z
Fang, X
6. Anadromous fish as biomarkers for the combined impact of marine and freshwater heavy metal pollution. Foley, M
Askin, N
Belanger, MP
Wittnich, C
7. Analytical validity and clinical utility of whole-genome sequencing for cytogenetically balanced chromosomal abnormalities in prenatal diagnosis: abridged secondary publication. Chung, BHY
Kan, ASY
Chan, KYK
Yang, W
Tang, MHY
Mak, CCY
Leung, GKC
8. Anchoring ultra-small MoC nanocrystals on honeycomb-structured N-doped carbon spheres for efficient hydrogen evolution. Shi, C
Li, X
Yang, W
Liu, X
An, Y
Zhou, L
Mai, L
9. An imConvNet-based deep learning model for Chinese medical named entity recognition. Zheng, Y
Han, Z
Cai, Y
Duan, X
Sun, J
Yang, W
Huang, H
10. An orally available M inhibitor is effective against wild-type SARS-CoV-2 and variants including Omicron. Quan, BX
Shuai, H
Xia, AJ
Hou, Y
Zeng, R
Liu, XL
Lin, GF
Qiao, JX
Li, WP
Wang, FL
Wang, K
Zhou, RJ
Yuen, TT
Chen, MX
Yoon, C
Wu, M
Zhang, SY
Huang, C
Wang, YF
Yang, W
Tian, C
Li, WM
Wei, YQ
Yuen, KY
Chan, JF
Lei, J
Chu, H
Yang, S
11. A novel NF2 splicing mutant causes neurofibromatosis type 2 via liquid-liquid phase separation with large tumor suppressor and Hippo pathway. Jia, Z
Yang, S
Li, M
Lei, Z
Ding, X
Fan, M
Wang, D
Xie, D
Zhou, H
Qiu, Y
Zhuang, Q
Li, D
Yang, W
Qi, X
Cang, X
Zhao, JW
Wang, W
Lin, A
Yan, Q
12. Apolipoprotein A-IV reduced metabolic inflammation in white adipose tissue by inhibiting IKK and JNK signaling in adipocytes. Liu, XH
Zhang, Y
Chang, L
Wei, Y
Huang, N
Zhou, JT
Cheng, C
Zhang, J
Xu, J
Li, Z
Li, X
13. A randomized, double-blind, single-dose, parallel phase I clinical trial to compare the bioequivalence, immunogenicity, and safety of bevacizumab biosimilar and bevacizumab in healthy Chinese subjects. Liu, Z
Gao, Z
Yang, W
Zhang, L
Xiao, N
Qu, D
Su, Z
Xu, K
Liu, G
Wang, Y
Ren, Q
Yu, S
Cheng, Y
Zhou, Y
Deng, Q
Zhao, Y
Wang, Z
Yang, H
14. A randomized, open-label, single-dose, two-cycle crossover study to evaluate the bioequivalence and safety of lenvatinib and Lenvima® in Chinese healthy subjects. Xu, Z
Wang, Y
Liu, G
Chen, J
Wang, W
Cheng, Y
Ren, Q
Cui, Y
Yang, W
Liu, Z
Chen, X
Xue, J
Chang, T
Qu, X
Yu, S
Zhou, Y
Xu, K
Su, Z
Deng, Q
Zhao, Y
Yang, H
15. A robust experimental and computational analysis framework at multiple resolutions, modalities and coverages. Tran, M
Yoon, S
Teoh, M
Andersen, S
Lam, PY
Purdue, BW
Raghubar, A
Hanson, SJ
Devitt, K
Jones, K
Walters, S
Monkman, J
Kulasinghe, A
Tuong, ZK
Soyer, HP
Frazer, IH
Nguyen, Q
16. Assessing Bladder Radiotherapy Response With Quantitative Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging Analysis. Hafeez, S
Koh, M
Jones, K
El Ghzal, A
D'Arcy, J
Kumar, P
Khoo, V
Lalondrelle, S
McDonald, F
Thompson, A
Scurr, E
Sohaib, A
Huddart, R
17. Assessment of toxin-producing genes in Aspergillus species from traditional herbal products in Khon Kaen province, Thailand using molecular method Jitjak, W. 2022
18. [Automatic Post-operative Cervical Cancer Target Area and Organ at Risk Outlining Based on Fusion Convolutional Neural Network]. Zhou, J
Yang, W
Gu, S
Quan, H
Liu, J
Ju, Z
19. Biocomposites from agricultural wastes and mycelia of a local mushroom, Lentinus squarrosulus (Mont.) Singer Ly, L.
Jitjak, W.
20. circMTND5 Participates in Renal Mitochondrial Injury and Fibrosis by Sponging MIR6812 in Lupus Nephritis. Luan, J
Jiao, C
Ma, C
Zhang, Y
Hao, X
Zhou, G
Fu, J
Qiu, X
Li, H
Yang, W
Illei, GG
Kopp, JB
Pi, J
Zhou, H
21. Clinical characteristics of 310 SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant patients and comparison with Delta and Beta variant patients in China. Yang, W
Yang, S
Wang, L
Zhou, Y
Xin, Y
Li, H
Mu, W
Wu, Q
Xu, L
Zhao, M
Wang, C
Yu, K
22. Combined electronic medical records and gene polymorphism characteristics to establish an anti-tuberculosis drug-induced hepatic injury (ATDH) prediction model and evaluate the prediction value. Zhang, J
Zhou, W
Ma, S
Kang, Y
Yang, W
Peng, X
Zhou, Y
Deng, F
23. Comparative genome anatomy reveals evolutionary insights into a unique amphitriploid fish. Wang, Y
Li, XY
Xu, WJ
Wang, K
Wu, B
Xu, M
Chen, Y
Miao, LJ
Wang, ZW
Li, Z
Zhang, XJ
Yin, Z
Zhou, BT
Yang, YL
Zhu, CL
Hu, ML
Zheng, JM
Feng, CG
Qiu, Q
Tian, LT
Lu, M
Peng, F
Lu, WJ
Tong, JF
Tong, JG
Fu, BD
Yu, P
Ding, M
Gan, RH
Zhang, QQ
Jian, JB
Zhang, C
He, WM
Yang, W
Zhao, ZC
Zhang, QQ
Gao, Q
Xu, JY
Bai, MZ
Zhang, YP
Yang, HM
Fang, XD
Wang, W
Zhou, L
Gui, JF
24. Comparative transcriptomics reveal different genetic adaptations of biofilm formation in isolate 1JN2 in response to Cd treatment. Yang, W
Yan, H
Dong, G
Li, Z
Jiang, C
Gu, D
Niu, D
Zhou, D
Luo, Y
25. Conceptualizing a Gluten-Free Instant Noodle Prototype Using Environmental Sustainability Aspects: A Cross-National Qualitative Study on Thai and Danish Consumers Sae-Eaw, A. 2022
26. Consumers' emotional responses evoked by fermented rice noodles containing crickets and/or mango peel: impact of product information and prior insect consumption Maw, W.W.
Sae-Eaw, A.
Wongthahan, P.
Prinyawiwatkul, W.
27. Consumers’ Intention to Purchase Functional Non-Dairy Milk and Gender-Based Market Segmentation Wongthahan, P.
Naruetharadhol, P.
Wongsaichia, S.
Ketkaew, C.
28. Controllability, antiproliferative activity, Ag+ release, and flow behavior of silver nanoparticles deposited onto cellulose nanocrystals Jutakridsada, P.
Suwannaruang, T.
Kasemsiri, P.
Weerapreeyakul, N.
Knijnenburg, J.T.N.
Theerakulpisut, S.
29. Correction: Hypoxia-induced TUFT1 promotes the growth and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma by activating the Ca/PI3K/AKT pathway. Dou, C
Zhou, Z
Xu, Q
Liu, Z
Zeng, Y
Wang, Y
Li, Q
Wang, L
Yang, W
Liu, Q
Tu, K
30. Corrigendum to "Oviductus ranae protein hydrolysate (ORPH) inhibits the growth, metastasis and glycolysis of HCC by targeting miR-491-5p/PKM2 axis" [Biomed. Pharmacother. 107 (2018) 1692-1704]. Xu, Q
Dou, C
Liu, X
Yang, L
Ni, C
Wang, J
Guo, Y
Yang, W
Tong, X
Huang, D
31. Determination of 5-Formyluracil via Oxime-Based Nucleotide-Metal Coordination. Zhang, K
Fu, B
Zou, G
Yang, W
Yan, S
Tian, T
Zhou, X
32. Development and validation of an immune-related gene signature for predicting the radiosensitivity of lower-grade gliomas. Yan, D
Zhao, Q
Du, Z
Li, H
Geng, R
Yang, W
Zhang, X
Cao, J
Yi, N
Zhou, J
Tang, Z
33. Development of Biodegradable Films with Antioxidant Activity Using Pectin Extracted from Cissampelos pareira Leaves Kasemsiri, P.
Jetsrisuparb, K.
Chindaprasirt, P.
Knijnenburg, J.T.
34. Distinct Gut Microbiota Structure and Function of Children with Idiopathic Central and Peripheral Precocious Puberty. Huang, C
Liu, H
Yang, W
Li, Y
Wu, B
Chen, J
Yang, Z
Liao, C
Liu, L
Zhang, X
35. Diversity of Freshwater Calanoid Copepods (Crustacea: Copepoda: Calanoida) in Southern Vietnam with an Updated Checklist for the Country Boonmak, P. 2022
36. Effects of Ganoderic Acid A on Gastrointestinal Motility and Brain-Gut Peptide in Rats with Functional Dyspepsia. Yang, W
Liu, R
Zhou, L
Chen, X
Hu, Y
37. Elaphoidella longiramus sp. nov. (Copepoda: Harpacticoida, Canthocamptidae), a new species of cave-dwelling copepod from central Thailand
Elaphoidella longiramus sp. nov. (Copepoda: Harpacticoida, Canthocamptidae), a new species of cave-dwelling copepod from central Thailand.
Watiroyram, S
Janpong, W
Sanoamuang, L
38. Engineered biochar from sugarcane leaves with slow phosphorus release kinetics Suwanree, S.
Knijnenburg, J.T.
Kasemsiri, P.
Chindaprasirt, P.
Jetsrisuparb, K.
39. Establishing an Irish autism research network. Ní Ghrálaigh, F
Brennan, A
Bolshakova, N
Foley, M
Gallagher, L
Lopez, LM
40. Evaluating the long-term survival benefits of high intensity focused ultrasound ablation for hepatocellular carcinoma with portal vein tumor thrombus: a single center retrospective study. Chen, X
Ma, Y
Zhang, J
Yang, W
Jin, C
Ran, L
Zhu, H
Bai, J
Zhou, K
41. Evaluation of orelabrutinib monotherapy in patients with relapsed or refractory Waldenström's macroglobulinemia in a single-arm, multicenter, open-label, phase 2 study. Cao, XX
Jin, J
Fu, CC
Yi, SH
Zhao, WL
Sun, ZM
Yang, W
Li, DJ
Cui, GH
Hu, JD
Liu, T
Song, YP
Xu, B
Zhu, ZM
Xu, W
Zhang, MZ
Tian, YM
Zhang, B
Zhao, RB
Zhou, DB
42. Examination of Genetic Susceptibility in Radiation-Associated Meningioma. Pemov, A
Kim, J
Jones, K
Vogt, A
Sadetzki, S
Stewart, DR
43. Extra plasticity governed by shear band deflection in gradient metallic glasses. Tang, Y
Zhou, H
Lu, H
Wang, X
Cao, Q
Zhang, D
Yang, W
Jiang, JZ
44. Functional landscapes of POLE and POLD1 mutations in checkpoint blockade-dependent antitumor immunity. Ma, X
Riaz, N
Samstein, RM
Lee, M
Makarov, V
Valero, C
Chowell, D
Kuo, F
Hoen, D
Fitzgerald, CWR
Jiang, H
Alektiar, J
Alban, TJ
Juric, I
Parthasarathy, PB
Zhao, Y
Sabio, EY
Verma, R
Srivastava, RM
Vuong, L
Yang, W
Zhang, X
Wang, J
Chu, LK
Wang, SL
Kelly, DW
Pei, X
Chen, J
Yaeger, R
Zamarin, D
Zehir, A
Gönen, M
Morris, LGT
Chan, TA
45. Hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy following simultaneous metallic stent placement and iodine-125 seed strands for advanced cholangiocarcinoma causing malignant obstructive jaundice: a propensity score matching study. Wu, JZ
Li, CL
Shi, HB
Liu, S
Yang, W
Zhou, WZ
46. Hierarchical twinning governed by defective twin boundary in metallic materials. Zhu, Q
Huang, Q
Tian, Y
Zhao, S
Chen, Y
Cao, G
Song, K
Zhou, Y
Yang, W
Zhang, Z
An, X
Zhou, H
Wang, J
47. High-speed wide-field photoacoustic microscopy using a cylindrically focused transparent high-frequency ultrasound transducer. Chen, M
Jiang, L
Cook, C
Zeng, Y
Vu, T
Chen, R
Lu, G
Yang, W
Hoffmann, U
Zhou, Q
Yao, J
48. Ideating A Sustainable Swine Feed Prototype: A Qualitative Approach in Farmers’ Pain Point Identification and Product Development ,
Naruetharadhol, P.
Wongthahan, P.
Ketkaew, C.
49. Identification of Novel Multi-Omics Expression Landscapes and Meta-Analysis of Landscape-Based Competitive Endogenous RNA Networks in ALDH+ Lung Adenocarcinoma Stem Cells. Yang, W
Liang, Y
Zheng, Y
Luo, H
Yang, X
Li, F
50. IL-18 deficiency ameliorates the progression from AKI to CKD. Luan, J
Fu, J
Jiao, C
Hao, X
Feng, Z
Zhu, L
Zhang, Y
Zhou, G
Li, H
Yang, W
Yuen, PST
Kopp, JB
Pi, J
Zhou, H
51. "I must do this!": A latent profile analysis approach to understanding the role of irrational beliefs and motivation regulation in mental and physical health. Turner, MJ
Miller, A
Youngs, H
Barber, N
Brick, NE
Chadha, NJ
Chandler, C
Coyle, M
Didymus, FF
Evans, AL
Jones, K
McCann, B
Meijen, C
Rossato, CJL
52. Industry 4.0 for Thai SMEs: Implementing Open Innovation as Innovation Capability Management Naruetharadhol, P.
Wongthahan, P.
Ketkaew, C.
53. Influences of Green Eating Behaviors Underlying the Extended Theory of Planned Behavior: A Study of Market Segmentation and Purchase Intention Wongsaichia, S.
Naruetharadhol, P.
Schrank, J.
Phoomsom, P.
Sirisoonthonkul, K.
Paiyasen, V.
Srichaingwang, S.
Ketkaew, C.
54. Innovative price-setting approaches to high-value products: A pricing method for agribusiness farmers.
Innovative price-setting approaches to high-value products: A pricing method for agribusiness farmers
Naruetharadhol, P.
Ketkaew, C.
Srisathan, W.A.
55. Instability Mechanism of Osimertinib in Plasma and a Solving Strategy in the Pharmacokinetics Study. Yuan, Z
Yu, X
Wu, S
Wu, X
Wang, Q
Cheng, W
Hu, W
Kang, C
Yang, W
Li, Y
Zhou, XY
56. Kinetics and Isotherm Studies of Methylene Blue Adsorption on Activated Carbon Derived from Chrysanthemum: Solid Waste of Beverage Industry Rattanet, C.
Knijnenburg, J.T.N.
Ngernyen, Y.
57. Lawson Criterion for Ignition Exceeded in an Inertial Fusion Experiment. Abu-Shawareb, H
Acree, R
Adams, P
Adams, J
Addis, B
Aden, R
Adrian, P
Afeyan, BB
Aggleton, M
Aghaian, L
Aguirre, A
Aikens, D
Akre, J
Albert, F
Albrecht, M
Albright, BJ
Albritton, J
Alcala, J
Alday, C
Alessi, DA
Alexander, N
Alfonso, J
Alfonso, N
Alger, E
Ali, SJ
Ali, ZA
Alley, WE
Amala, P
Amendt, PA
Amick, P
Ammula, S
Amorin, C
Ampleford, DJ
Anderson, RW
Anklam, T
Antipa, N
Appelbe, B
Aracne-Ruddle, C
Araya, E
Arend, M
Arnold, P
Arnold, T
Asay, J
Atherton, LJ
Atkinson, D
Atkinson, R
Auerbach, JM
Austin, B
Auyang, L
Awwal, AS
Ayers, J
Ayers, S
Ayers, T
Azevedo, S
Bachmann, B
Back, CA
Bae, J
Bailey, DS
Bailey, J
Baisden, T
Baker, KL
Baldis, H
Barber, D
Barberis, M
Barker, D
Barnes, A
Barnes, CW
Barrios, MA
Barty, C
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Bazan, G
Beagle, JK
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Beck, JB
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Besenbruch, G
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Bettenhausen, R
Betti, R
Bezzerides, B
Bhandarkar, SD
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Biener, J
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Bigelow, K
Bigelow-Granillo, J
Bigman, V
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Boley, CD
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Bond, EJ
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Bowers, M
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Bozek, A
Bradley, DK
Bradley, KS
Bradley, PA
Bradley, L
Brannon, L
Brantley, PS
Braun, D
Braun, T
Brienza-Larsen, K
Briggs, TM
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Bude, J
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Callahan, DA
Calleja-Aguirre, J
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