ไม่นับซ้ำ : รายชื่อบทความทั้งหมดในปี 2022 (คณะสหวิทยาการ)

1. 30 Days Randomized Ginger Ingestion on Blood Lipid and Sugar Levels in Hypertensive Older Women Pariwat, P.
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2. Acceptance of Commercial Cricket Cultivation Technology in Nong Khai Province, Thailand Panyasit, K.
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3. A critique of community-based tourism development: The comparative case of betong and Pho Tak Districts, Thailand Ditta-Apichai, M.
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4. All-Atom Molecular Dynamics Simulations on a Single Chain of PET and PEV Polymers Remsungnen, T.
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5. Analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on the Cruise Shipping Network in the Asian-Australasian Region Kanrak, M.
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6. An analysis of connectivity, assortativity and cluster structure of the Asian-Australasian cruise shipping network Kanrak, M.
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7. A Novel Matrisomal-Related LncRNA Signature Associated With Survival Outcome and Immune Evasion in Patients With Gastric Cancer. Yang, Y
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9. Assessing the factorial validity and the internal reliability of the International Trauma Questionnaire (ITQ); PTSD and complex PTSD among survivors of sexual violence in Ireland. Frost, R
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10. Author Correction: Asperosaponin VI promotes angiogenesis and accelerates wound healing in rats via up-regulating HIF-1α/VEGF signaling. Wang, CG
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12. Blockchain-Based Traceability System for Product Recall Kravenkit, S.
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13. Chemical characterisation of the vapour emitted by an e-cigarette using a ceramic wick-based technology. Pinto, MI
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14. Chinese Cruisers’ Preference, Travel Constraints, and Behavioural Intention: Experience from the Arctic Cruise Market Lau, Y.-Y.
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15. Chinese Guideline on Allergen Immunotherapy for Allergic Rhinitis: The 2022 Update. Wang, C
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16. Chromosomal aberration and genetic differentiation of Oreochromis niloticus affected by heavy metals from an iron ore mine area Chowrong, S.
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17. Clinical predictors and RT-PCR profile of prolonged viral shedding in patients with SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant in Shanghai: A retrospective observational study. Zhang, W
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18. Comparative chromosome mapping of repetitive DNA in four minnow fishes (Cyprinidae, Cypriniformes) Aiumsumang, S.
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19. Comparative cytogenomic analysis of Cardinal fishes (Perciformes, Apogonidae) from Thailand Kasiroek, W.
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20. Continuous Moderate-Intensity Exercise: Effects on Diabetic Ulcers in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Mawarti, S.
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21. Contribution of multiple overexpressed carboxylesterase genes to indoxacarb resistance in Spodoptera litura. Shi, Y
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Shi, L
22. Correlation between Deep Cervical Muscle Endurance, Cervical Proprioception, and Chronic Neck Pain: A Cross-Sectional Analysis Study Hiruntrakul, A. 2022
23. CYP81A68 confers metabolic resistance to ALS and ACCase-inhibiting herbicides and its epigenetic regulation in Echinochloa crus-galli. Pan, L
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24. Daily Maximum Rainfall Forecast Affected by Tropical Cyclones using Grey Theory Chutiman, N.
Chiangpradit, M.
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25. Developing resilience for small island tourism planning: A qualitative design infusing the sustainability trilogy with three streams of resilience thinking Giang, T.H.T. 2022
26. Distinct basolateral amygdala excitatory inputs mediate the somatosensory and aversive-affective components of pain. Meng, X
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27. Does green finance matter for sustainable entrepreneurship and environmental corporate social responsibility during COVID-19? Nonthapot, S. 2022
28. Dynamics of the Asian shipping network in adjacent ports: Comparative case studies of Shanghai-Ningbo and Hong Kong-Shenzhen Wang, L.
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Su, H.
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Kanrak, M.
29. Economic Valuation of Ayutthaya Historical Park, Thailand Nonthapot, S. 2022
30. Effective handling of nonlinear distortions in CO-OFDM using affinity propagation clustering. Wei, J
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31. Effect of cold water immersion during half time on body recovery in soccer player Panyakham, A.
Pariwat, P.
32. Effect of Soaking Conditions and Fuzzy Analytical Method for Producing the Quick-Cooking Black Jasmine Rice Lasunon, P.
Phonkerd, N.
Pariwat, S.
Sengkhamparn, N.
33. Effect of thermo-sonication condition on carotenoid yield and its antioxidant activity Lasunon, P.
Phonkerd, N.
Sengkhamparn, N.
34. Effect of Ultrasound-Assisted, Microwave-Assisted and Ultrasound-Microwave-Assisted Extraction on Pectin Extraction from Industrial Tomato Waste Lasunon, P.
Sengkhamparn, N.
Hiruntrakul, A.
36. Fundamental Shifts of Cruise Shipping in the Post-COVID-19 Era Lau, Y.Y.
Yip, T.L.
Kanrak, M.
37. Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles loaded into bacterial cellulose for antimicrobial application Hongsachart, P.
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38. High ambipolar mobility in cubic boron arsenide. Shin, J
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Zhou, J
Shi, L
Nguyen, T
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Broido, D
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Chen, G
39. Internal teat sealants alone or in combination with antibiotics at dry-off - the effect on udder health in dairy cows in five commercial herds. Clabby, C
McParland, S
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Flynn, J
Murphy, J
Boloña, PS
40. Investigating the association between COVID-19 vaccination and care home outbreak frequency and duration. Bradley, DT
Murphy, S
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Murphy, J
de Lusignan, S
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Tsang, RSM
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Shi, T
Vasileiou, E
Robertson, C
Sheikh, A
Reid, H
O'Reilly, D
41. Is National Park Affinity Related to Visitors’ Satisfaction with Park Service and Recreation Quality? A Case Study from a Thai Forest National Park Seebunruang, J.
Burns, R.C.
Arnberger, A.
42. Karyomorphological delineation, and the NOR loci on the sex chromosome in three species of Chrysopeleinid (Chrysopeleinae: Colubridae) from Thailand Donbundit, N.
Bausriyod, P.
Tanomtong, A.
Srisamoot, N.
Sumontha, M.
Thongnetr, W.
Patawang, I.
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Kaewmad, P.
43. Leveraging routine data in impact evaluation: Understanding data systems in primary healthcare prior to a matched cluster-randomised evaluation of adherence guidelines in South Africa. Huber, AN
Pascoe, S
Fox, MP
Murphy, J
Mphokojoe, M
Gorgens, M
Wilson, D
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Fraser-Hurt, N
44. Low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields exposure alleviate the abnormal subchondral bone remodeling at the early stage of temporomandibular joint osteoarthritis. Ma, Y
Chen, X
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Li, S
He, R
Liu, Q
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Zhou, S
Miao, H
Lu, Q
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Yang, H
Zhang, M
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45. Microwave-assisted synthesis of nitrogen-doped pineapple leaf fiber-derived activated carbon with manganese dioxide nanofibers for high-performance coin- and pouch-cell supercapacitors Nanan, S.
Meethong, N.
Sodtipinta, J.
46. Multi-resource collaborative scheduling problem of automated terminal considering the AGV charging effect under COVID-19. Sun, B
Zhai, G
Li, S
Pei, B
47. Neuropsychology consultation to identify learning disorders in children and adolescents: a proposal based on lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. Colvin, MK
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Braaten, EB
48. Non-invasive digital etching of van der Waals semiconductors. Zhou, J
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Taniguchi, T
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Li, S
49. Observation of WWW Production in pp Collisions at sqrt[s]=13  TeV with the ATLAS Detector. Aad, G
Abbott, B
Abbott, DC
Abed Abud, A
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D'Onofrio, M
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Dreyer, E
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du Pree, TA
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Duckeck, G
Ducu, OA
Duda, D
Dudarev, A
D'uffizi, M
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Dülsen, C
Dumitriu, AE
Dunford, M
Dungs, S
Dunne, K
Duperrin, A
Yildiz, HD
Düren, M
Durglishvili, A
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Dwyer, BL
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Egidio Purcino De Souza, E
Ehrke, LF
Eigen, G
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El Moussaouy, A
Ellajosyula, V
Ellert, M
Ellinghaus, F
Elliot, AA
Ellis, N
Elmsheuser, J
Elsing, M
Emeliyanov, D
Emerman, A
Enari, Y
Ene, I
Erdmann, J
Ereditato, A
Erland, PA
Errenst, M
Escalier, M
Escobar, C
Etzion, E
Evans, G
Evans, H
Evans, MO
Ezhilov, A
Ezzarqtouni, S
Fabbri, F
Fabbri, L
Facini, G
Fadeyev, V
Fakhrutdinov, RM
Falciano, S
Falke, PJ
Falke, S
Faltova, J
Fan, Y
Fang, Y
Fanourakis, G
Fanti, M
Faraj, M
Farbin, A
Farilla, A
Farina, EM
Farooque, T
Farrington, SM
Fassi, F
Fassouliotis, D
Faucci Giannelli, M
Fawcett, WJ
Fayard, L
Fedin, OL
Fedotov, G
Feickert, M
Feligioni, L
Fell, A
Fellers, DE
Feng, C
Feng, M
Fenton, MJ
Fenyuk, AB
Ferguson, SW
Fernandez Pretel, JA
Ferrando, J
Ferrari, A
Ferrari, P
Ferrari, R
Ferrere, D
Ferretti, C
Fiedler, F
Filipčič, A
Filthaut, F
Fiolhais, MCN
Fiorini, L
Fischer, F
Fisher, WC
Fitschen, T
Fleck, I
Fleischmann, P
Flick, T
Flores, L
Flores, M
Flores Castillo, LR
Follega, FM
Fomin, N
Foo, JH
Forland, BC
Formica, A
Forti, AC
Fortin, E
Fortman, AW
Foti, MG
Fountas, L
Fournier, D
Fox, H
Francavilla, P
Francescato, S
Franchini, M
Franchino, S
Francis, D
Franco, L
Franconi, L
Franklin, M
Frattari, G
Freegard, AC
Freeman, PM
Freund, WS
Freundlich, EM
Froidevaux, D
Frost, JA
Fu, Y
Fujimoto, M
Fullana Torregrosa, E
Fuster, J
Gabrielli, A
Gadow, P
Gagliardi, G
Gagnon, LG
Gallardo, GE
Gallas, EJ
Gallop, BJ
Gamboa Goni, R
Gan, KK
Ganguly, S
Gao, J
Gao, Y
Garay Walls, FM
Garcia, B
García, C
García Navarro, JE
García Pascual, JA
Garcia-Sciveres, M
Gardner, RW
Garg, D
Garg, RB
Gargiulo, S
Garner, CA
Garonne, V
Gasiorowski, SJ
Gaspar, P
Gaudio, G
Gauzzi, P
Gavrilenko, IL
Gavrilyuk, A
Gay, C
Gaycken, G
Gazis, EN
Geanta, AA
Gee, CM
Geisen, J
Geisen, M
Gemme, C
Genest, MH
Gentile, S
George, S
George, WF
Geralis, T
Gerlach, LO
Gessinger-Befurt, P
Ghasemi Bostanabad, M
Ghosh, A
Giacobbe, B
Giagu, S
Giangiacomi, N
Giannetti, P
Giannini, A
Gibson, SM
Gignac, M
Gil, DT
Gilbert, BJ
Gillberg, D
Gilles, G
Gillwald, NEK
Ginabat, L
Gingrich, DM
Giordani, MP
Giraud, PF
Giugliarelli, G
Giugni, D
Giuli, F
Gkialas, I
Gkountoumis, P
Gladilin, LK
Glasman, C
Gledhill, GR
Glisic, M
Gnesi, I
Go, Y
Goblirsch-Kolb, M
Godin, D
Goldfarb, S
Golling, T
Golubkov, D
Gombas, JP
Gomes, A
Goncalves Gama, R
Gonçalo, R
Gonella, G
Gonella, L
Gongadze, A
Gonnella, F
Gonski, JL
González de la Hoz, S
Gonzalez Fernandez, S
Gonzalez Lopez, R
Gonzalez Renteria, C
Gonzalez Suarez, R
Gonzalez-Sevilla, S
Gonzalvo Rodriguez, GR
González Andana, RY
Goossens, L
Gorasia, NA
Gorbounov, PA
Gordon, HA
Gorini, B
Gorini, E
Gorišek, A
Goshaw, AT
Gostkin, MI
Gottardo, CA
Gouighri, M
Goumarre, V
Goussiou, AG
Govender, N
Goy, C
Grabowska-Bold, I
Graham, K
Gramstad, E
Grancagnolo, S
Grandi, M
Gratchev, V
Gravila, PM
Gravili, FG
Gray, HM
Grefe, C
Gregor, IM
Grenier, P
Grevtsov, K
Grieco, C
Grillo, AA
Grimm, K
Grinstein, S
Grivaz, JF
Groh, S
Gross, E
Grosse-Knetter, J
Grud, C
Grummer, A
Grundy, JC
Guan, L
Guan, W
Gubbels, C
Guerrero Rojas, JGR
Guescini, F
Guest, D
Gugel, R
Guida, A
Guillemin, T
Guindon, S
Guo, F
Guo, J
Guo, L
Guo, Y
Gupta, R
Gurbuz, S
Gustavino, G
Guth, M
Gutierrez, P
Gutierrez Zagazeta, LF
Gutschow, C
Guyot, C
Gwenlan, C
Gwilliam, CB
Haaland, ES
Haas, A
Habedank, M
Haber, C
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Haleem, M
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Hamer, M
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Han, K
Han, L
Han, S
Han, YF
Hanagaki, K
Hance, M
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Hank, MD
Hankache, R
Hansen, E
Hansen, JB
Hansen, JD
Hansen, PH
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Harada, D
Harenberg, T
Harkusha, S
Harris, YT
Harrison, PF
Hartman, NM
Hartmann, NM
Hasegawa, Y
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Haug, S
Hauser, R
Havranek, M
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Hayes, C
Hayes, RL
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Hays, JM
Hayward, HS
He, F
He, Y
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Heggelund, AL
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Heidegger, C
Heidegger, KK
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Heim, T
Heinemann, B
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Heinrich, L
Hejbal, J
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Held, A
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Helsens, C
Henderson, RCW
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Henriques Correia, AM
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Herrmann, MG
Herrmann, T
Herten, G
Hertenberger, R
Hervas, L
Hessey, NP
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Hirose, S
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Hodgkinson, MC
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Hofer, J
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Hong, TM
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Horyn, LA
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Hu, S
Hu, YF
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Huang, X
Huang, Y
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Huston, J
Huth, J
Hyneman, R
Hyrych, S
Iacobucci, G
Iakovidis, G
Ibragimov, I
Iconomidou-Fayard, L
Iengo, P
Iguchi, R
Iizawa, T
Ikegami, Y
Ilg, A
Ilic, N
Imam, H
Ingebretsen Carlson, T
Introzzi, G
Iodice, M
Ippolito, V
Ishino, M
Islam, W
Issever, C
Istin, S
Ito, H
Iturbe Ponce, JM
Iuppa, R
Ivina, A
Izen, JM
Izzo, V
Jacka, P
Jackson, P
Jacobs, RM
Jaeger, BP
Jagfeld, CS
Jäkel, G
Jakobs, K
Jakoubek, T
Jamieson, J
Janas, KW
Jarlskog, G
Jaspan, AE
Javůrek, T
Javurkova, M
Jeanneau, F
Jeanty, L
Jejelava, J
Jenni, P
Jézéquel, S
Jia, J
Jia, Z
Jiang, Y
Jiggins, S
Jimenez Pena, J
Jin, S
Jinaru, A
Jinnouchi, O
Jivan, H
Johansson, P
Johns, KA
Johnson, CA
Jones, DM
Jones, E
Jones, RWL
Jones, TJ
Jovicevic, J
Ju, X
Junggeburth, JJ
Juste Rozas, A
Kabana, S
Kaczmarska, A
Kado, M
Kagan, H
Kagan, M
Kahn, A
Kahra, C
Kaji, T
Kajomovitz, E
Kakati, N
Kalderon, CW
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Kang, NJ
Kano, Y
Kar, D
Karava, K
Kareem, MJ
Karentzos, E
Karkanias, I
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Karpova, ZM
Kartvelishvili, V
Karyukhin, AN
Kasimi, E
Kato, C
Katzy, J
Kaur, S
Kawade, K
Kawagoe, K
Kawaguchi, T
Kawamoto, T
Kawamura, G
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Kaya, FI
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Kazanin, VF
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Keeler, R
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Kepka, O
Kersten, S
Kerševan, BP
Ketabchi Haghighat, S
Khandoga, M
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Kharlamov, AG
Kharlamova, T
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Khoo, TJ
Khoriauli, G
Khramov, E
Khubua, J
Kiehn, M
Kilgallon, A
Kim, E
Kim, YK
Kimura, N
Kirchhoff, A
Kirchmeier, D
Kirfel, C
Kirk, J
Kiryunin, AE
Kishimoto, T
Kisliuk, DP
Kitsaki, C
Kivernyk, O
Klassen, M
Klein, C
Klein, L
Klein, MH
Klein, M
Klein, U
Klimek, P
Klimentov, A
Klimpel, F
Klingl, T
Klioutchnikova, T
Klitzner, FF
Kluit, P
Kluth, S
Kneringer, E
Knight, TM
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Kobayashi, R
Kocian, M
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Köhler, NM
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Konstantinidis, N
Konya, B
Kopeliansky, R
Koperny, S
Korcyl, K
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Koren, G
Korn, A
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Korotkova, N
Kortman, B
Kortner, O
Kortner, S
Kostecka, WH
Kostyukhin, VV
Kotsokechagia, A
Kotwal, A
Koulouris, A
Kourkoumeli-Charalampidi, A
Kourkoumelis, C
Kourlitis, E
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Kozanecki, W
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Kramarenko, VA
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Krasznahorkay, A
Kremer, JA
Kretzschmar, J
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Krieger, P
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Krishnan, A
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Krizka, K
Kroeninger, K
Kroha, H
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Krumnack, N
Kruse, MC
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Kuechler, D
Kuechler, JT
Kuehn, S
Kuhl, T
Kukhtin, V
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Kuleshov, S
Kumar, M
Kumari, N
Kuna, M
Kupco, A
Kupfer, T
Kuprash, O
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Kurchaninov, LL
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Kurova, A
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Kvam, AK
Kvita, J
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Kwok, KW
Lacasta, C
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Lacour, D
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Lalloue, N
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Langenberg, RJ
Lankford, AJ
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Lantzsch, K
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Laporte, JF
Lari, T
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Lassnig, M
Latonova, V
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Laudrain, A
Laurier, A
Lavorgna, M
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Le, B
Leban, B
Lebedev, A
LeBlanc, M
LeCompte, T
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Lee, GR
Lee, L
Lee, SC
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Lefebvre, HP
Lefebvre, M
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Lehmann Miotto, G
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Leney, KJC
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Leonidopoulos, C
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Leroy, C
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Lester, CG
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Levêque, J
Levin, D
Levinson, LJ
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Li, C
Li, CQ
Li, H
Li, J
Li, K
Li, L
Li, M
Li, QY
Li, S
Li, T
Li, X
Li, Z
Liang, Z
Liberatore, M
Liberti, B
Lie, K
Lieber Marin, J
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Lindley, RE
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Lipniacka, A
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Liu, BX
Liu, D
Liu, JB
Liu, JKK
Liu, K
Liu, M
Liu, MY
Liu, P
Liu, Q
Liu, X
Liu, Y
Liu, YL
Liu, YW
Livan, M
Llorente Merino, J
Lloyd, SL
Lobodzinska, EM
Loch, P
Loffredo, S
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Lohwasser, K
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Longo, R
Lopez Paz, I
Lopez Solis, A
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Lorenzo Martinez, N
Lory, AM
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Lou, X
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Love, PA
Lozano Bahilo, JJ
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Lu, M
Lu, S
Lu, YJ
Lubatti, HJ
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Lucio Alves, FL
Lucotte, A
Luehring, F
Luise, I
Lundberg, O
Lund-Jensen, B
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Lyubushkin, V
Lyubushkina, T
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Ma, LL
Ma, Y
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Mader, WF
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Maeno, T
Maerker, M
Magerl, V
Magro, J
Mahon, DJ
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Majersky, O
Majewski, S
Makovec, N
Maksimovic, V
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Malecki, P
Maleev, VP
Malek, F
Malito, D
Mallik, U
Malone, C
Maltezos, S
Malyukov, S
Mamuzic, J
Mancini, G
Mandalia, JP
Mandić, I
Manhaes de Andrade Filho, L
Maniatis, IM
Manisha, M
Manjarres Ramos, J
Mankad, DC
Mankinen, KH
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Manousos, A
Mansoulie, B
Manzoni, S
Marantis, A
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Marcoccia, L
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Marinescu, M
Marjanovic, M
Marshall, Z
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Martin, VJ
Martin Dit Latour, B
Martinelli, L
Martinez, M
Martinez Agullo, P
Martinez Outschoorn, VI
Martinez Suarez, P
Martin-Haugh, S
Martoiu, VS
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Marzin, A
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Masetti, L
Mashimo, T
Masik, J
Maslennikov, AL
Massa, L
Massarotti, P
Mastrandrea, P
Mastroberardino, A
Masubuchi, T
Mathisen, T
Matic, A
Matsuzawa, N
Maurer, J
Maček, B
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Maznas, I
Mazza, M
Mazza, SM
Mc Ginn, C
Mc Gowan, JP
Mc Kee, SP
McCarthy, TG
McCormack, WP
McDonald, EF
McDougall, AE
Mcfayden, JA
Mchedlidze, G
McKay, MA
Mckenzie, RP
Mclaughlin, DJ
McLean, KD
McMahon, SJ
McNamara, PC
McPherson, RA
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Meehan, S
Megy, T
Mehlhase, S
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Mellado Garcia, BR
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Mentink, M
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Meroni, C
Merz, G
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Mete, AS
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Meyer, JP
Michetti, M
Middleton, RP
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Mikuž, M
Mildner, H
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Miller, DW
Miller, LS
Milov, A
Milstead, DA
Min, T
Minaenko, AA
Minashvili, IA
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Mincer, AI
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Mineev, M
Minegishi, Y
Mino, Y
Mir, LM
Miralles Lopez, M
Mironova, M
Mitani, T
Mitra, A
Mitsou, VA
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Miyagawa, PS
Miyazaki, Y
Mizukami, A
Mjörnmark, JU
Mkrtchyan, T
Mlynarikova, M
Moa, T
Mobius, S
Mochizuki, K
Moder, P
Mogg, P
Mohammed, AF
Mohapatra, S
Mokgatitswane, G
Mondal, B
Mondal, S
Mönig, K
Monnier, E
Monsonis Romero, L
Montejo Berlingen, J
Montella, M
Monticelli, F
Morange, N
De Carvalho, ALM
Moreno Llácer, M
Moreno Martinez, C
Morettini, P
Morgenstern, S
Mori, D
Morii, M
Morinaga, M
Morisbak, V
Morley, AK
Morris, AP
Morvaj, L
Moschovakos, P
Moser, B
Mosidze, M
Moskalets, T
Moskvitina, P
Moss, J
Moyse, EJW
Muanza, S
Mueller, J
Mueller, R
Muenstermann, D
Mullier, GA
Mullin, JJ
Mungo, DP
Munoz Martinez, JL
Munoz Sanchez, FJ
Murin, M
Murray, WJ
Murrone, A
Muse, JM
Muškinja, M
Mwewa, C
Myagkov, AG
Myers, AJ
Myers, AA
Myers, G
Myska, M
Nachman, BP
Nackenhorst, O
Nag, AN
Nagai, K
Nagano, K
Nagle, JL
Nagy, E
Nairz, AM
Nakahama, Y
Nakamura, K
Nanjo, H
Napolitano, F
Narayan, R
Narayanan, EA
Naryshkin, I
Naseri, M
Nass, C
Navarro, G
Navarro-Gonzalez, J
Nayak, R
Nechaeva, PY
Nechansky, F
Neep, TJ
Negri, A
Negrini, M
Nellist, C
Nelson, C
Nelson, K
Nemecek, S
Nessi, M
Neubauer, MS
Neuhaus, F
Neundorf, J
Newhouse, R
Newman, PR
Ng, CW
Ng, YS
Ngair, B
Nguyen, HDN
Nickerson, RB
Nicolaidou, R
Nielsen, DS
Nielsen, J
Niemeyer, M
Nikiforou, N
Nikolaenko, V
Nikolic-Audit, I
Nikolopoulos, K
Nilsson, P
Nindhito, HR
Nisati, A
Nishu, N
Nisius, R
Noacco Rosende, SJ
Nobe, T
Noel, DL
Noguchi, Y
Nomidis, I
Nomura, MA
Norfolk, MB
Norisam, RRB
Novak, J
Novak, T
Novgorodova, O
Novotny, L
Novotny, R
Nozka, L
Ntekas, K
Nurse, E
Oakham, FG
Ocariz, J
Ochi, A
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Ochoa-Ricoux, JP
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Odaka, S
Oerdek, S
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O'Keefe, MW
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