Unique title : รายชื่อบทความทั้งหมดในปี 2023 (Faculty of Education)

1. [Advance on the classification of prostate cancer with neuroendocrine differentiation]. Zhao, M
Zhou, M
Huang, JT
Rao, Q
Teng, XD
2. AI-powered neural implants. Sudharson, NA
Joseph, M
Kurian, N
Varghese, KG
Wadhwa, S
Thomas, HA
3. A learning model promoting higher-order thinking skills and active citizenship with global mindedness Doungwilai, D.
Kanjug, I.
4. [Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for MDS secondary to Shwachman-Diamond syndrome: a case report]. Zhou, M
Jiang, YW
Chen, JJ
Wu, C
Zou, BB
Chen, Z
Li, L
Lei, P
Liu, GH
Tian, YY
Zhu, ML
Liu, C
5. [Analysis and prediction of burden of viral hepatitis C-associated diseases in China from 1990 to 2044]. Zhou, M
Yao, L
Wu, Y
Lin, S
Huang, J
6. [Analysis of the effects of low/intermediate dose of coagulation factor Ⅷ on 30 adult patients with severe hemophilia A in a single center]. Yuan, YH
Xu, PP
Xu, YY
Liu, S
Shao, XY
Zhang, WJ
Gong, L
Zhou, M
Chen, B
Zhou, RF
7. Assessing Impact of Tablet-Based Digital Games on Mathematics Learning Performance † Tepho, S.
Srisawasdi, N.
8. Characterization of ovarian tissue oocytes from transgender men reveals poor calcium release and embryo development, which might be overcome by spindle transfer. Christodoulaki, A
He, H
Zhou, M
Cardona Barberán, A
De Roo, C
Chuva De Sousa Lopes, SM
Baetens, M
Menten, B
Van Soom, A
De Sutter, P
Weyers, S
Boel, A
Stoop, D
Heindryckx, B
9. Cloud intelligence in diagnosis? Lister, P
Sudharson, NA
Joseph, M
Kaur, P
10. Constructivist gamification environment model designing framework to improve ill-structured problem solving in learning sciences Machmud, M.T.
Wattanachai, S.
Samat, C.
11. Deep learning for predicting the risk of immune checkpoint inhibitor-related pneumonitis in lung cancer. Cheng, M
Lin, R
Bai, N
Zhang, Y
Wang, H
Guo, M
Duan, X
Zheng, J
Qiu, Z
Zhao, Y
12. Design and Development of Interactive Moodle-Based E-Learning Platform for Competency Training † Muangbangyung, S.
Srisawasdi, N.
13. Designing and Implementation of Web-enhanced Inquiry Learning for Literacy in Science Platform for Post COVID-19 Education Srisawasdi, N.
Chaipidech, P.
Pondee, P.
Chaipah, K.
Panjaburee, P.
Khaokhajorn, W.
Premthaisong, S.
Tuamsuk, K.
14. Development of Mobile Augmented Reality of Series Circuits for Science Learning in Primary School Students Kusonyang, P.
Pondee, P.
Srisawasdi, N.
Chaipidech, P.
Premthaisong, S.
Khaokhajorn, W.
15. Digital Learning Ecosystem for Classroom Teaching in Thailand High Schools Nguyen, L.T.
Kanjug, I.
Lowatcharin, G.
Manakul, T.
Poonpon, K.
Sarakorn, W.
Somabut, A.
Srisawasdi, N.
Traiyarach, S.
Tuamsuk, K.
16. Effect of Metacognitive-Based Digital Graphic Organizer on Learners' Oral Presentation Skill and Self-Regulation of Learning Awareness Robillos, R.J. 2023
17. Effects of Integrating Brain Training Digital Game for Improving Learning Gains † Sampanyen, P.
Srisawasdi, N.
18. ENGLISH MEDIUM INSTRUCTION (EMI) IN THAI HIGHER EDUCATION: Policy, Structural, and Ideological Challenges Liyanage, I.
Phantharakphong, P.
19. Enhancing grade eight students’ creative thinking in the water STEM education learning unit Sutaphan, S.
Yuenyong, C.
20. Evaporative water loss from dairy cows in climate-controlled respiration chambers. Zhou, M
Groot Koerkamp, PWG
Huynh, TTT
Aarnink, AJA
21. Exploring Translanguaging during Metacognitive Strategy Use on L2 Listening and Writing Skills Robillos, R.J. 2023
22. Futures for Post-Pandemic Mathematics Teacher Education: responsiveness and responsibility in the Face of a Crisis Atweh, B.
Kaur, B.
Nivera, G.
23. [HIF-1α activation induces cholesterol homeostasis dysfunction to accelerate progression of diabetic nephropathy in rats]. Wang, Y
Zhou, M
Zhu, Q
Zhang, C
Wang, L
Li, S
Hu, Z
24. Implementing Translanguaging with Pedagogical Approach in an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Listening Classroom Robillos, R.J. 2023
25. Improving Students' Speaking Performance and Communication Engagement through Technology-Mediated Pedagogical Approach Robillos, R.J. 2023
26. Indicators for the evaluation of musculoskeletal trauma systems: A scoping review and Delphi study. Dworkin, M
Agarwal-Harding, KJ
Joseph, M
Cahill, G
Konadu-Yeboah, D
Makasa, E
Mock, C
27. Integrating 360° Virtual Learning Environment to Support Out-Of-Class Inquiry Activity for Preservice Teachers: A Preliminary Study Chaipidech, P.
Srisawasdi, N.
28. Investigation of Learning Attraction towards Digital Board Game by Using Eye Tracking Technology Nukprach, N.
Chaipidech, P.
Srisawasdi, N.
29. Key success factors for transforming classrooms into learning communities in digital learning ecosystem at secondary schools in Thailand Tuamsuk, K.
Nguyen, L.T.
Kanjug, I.
Lowatcharin, G.
Manakul, T.
Poonpon, K.
Sarakorn, W.
Somabut, A.
Srisawasdi, N.
Traiyarach, S.
30. Maternal rumen and milk microbiota shape the establishment of early-life rumen microbiota in grazing yak calves. Guo, W
Bi, SS
Wang, WW
Zhou, M
Neves, ALA
Degen, AA
Guan, LL
Long, RJ
31. Measurement of the Positive Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment to 0.20 ppm. Aguillard, DP
Albahri, T
Allspach, D
Anisenkov, A
Badgley, K
Baeßler, S
Bailey, I
Bailey, L
Baranov, VA
Barlas-Yucel, E
Barrett, T
Barzi, E
Bedeschi, F
Berz, M
Bhattacharya, M
Binney, HP
Bloom, P
Bono, J
Bottalico, E
Bowcock, T
Braun, S
Bressler, M
Cantatore, G
Carey, RM
Casey, BCK
Cauz, D
Chakraborty, R
Chapelain, A
Chappa, S
Charity, S
Chen, C
Cheng, M
Chislett, R
Chu, Z
Chupp, TE
Claessens, C
Convery, ME
Corrodi, S
Cotrozzi, L
Crnkovic, JD
Dabagov, S
Debevec, PT
Di Falco, S
Di Sciascio, G
Drendel, B
Driutti, A
Duginov, VN
Eads, M
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Esquivel, J
Farooq, M
Fatemi, R
Ferrari, C
Fertl, M
Fienberg, AT
Fioretti, A
Flay, D
Foster, SB
Friedsam, H
Froemming, NS
Gabbanini, C
Gaines, I
Galati, MD
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Garcia, A
George, J
Gibbons, LK
Gioiosa, A
Giovanetti, KL
Girotti, P
Gohn, W
Goodenough, L
Gorringe, T
Grange, J
Grant, S
Gray, F
Haciomeroglu, S
Halewood-Leagas, T
Hampai, D
Han, F
Hempstead, J
Hertzog, DW
Hesketh, G
Hess, E
Hibbert, A
Hodge, Z
Hong, KW
Hong, R
Hu, T
Hu, Y
Iacovacci, M
Incagli, M
Kammel, P
Kargiantoulakis, M
Karuza, M
Kaspar, J
Kawall, D
Kelton, L
Keshavarzi, A
Kessler, DS
Khaw, KS
Khechadoorian, Z
Khomutov, NV
Kiburg, B
Kiburg, M
Kim, O
Kinnaird, N
Kraegeloh, E
Krylov, VA
Kuchinskiy, NA
Labe, KR
LaBounty, J
Lancaster, M
Lee, S
Li, B
Li, D
Li, L
Logashenko, I
Lorente Campos, A
Lu, Z
Lucà, A
Lukicov, G
Lusiani, A
Lyon, AL
MacCoy, B
Madrak, R
Makino, K
Mastroianni, S
Miller, JP
Miozzi, S
Mitra, B
Morgan, JP
Morse, WM
Mott, J
Nath, A
Ng, JK
Nguyen, H
Oksuzian, Y
Omarov, Z
Osofsky, R
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Pauletta, G
Piacentino, GM
Pilato, RN
Pitts, KT
Plaster, B
Počanić, D
Pohlman, N
Polly, CC
Price, J
Quinn, B
Qureshi, MUH
Ramachandran, S
Ramberg, E
Reimann, R
Roberts, BL
Rubin, DL
Santi, L
Schlesier, C
Schreckenberger, A
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Shemyakin, D
Sorbara, M
Stöckinger, D
Stapleton, J
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Stoughton, C
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Sweigart, DA
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Turner, W
Valetov, E
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Volnykh, VP
Walton, T
Weisskopf, A
Welty-Rieger, L
Winter, P
Wu, Y
Yu, B
Yucel, M
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Zhang, C
32. Measurement of Ultra-High-Energy Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission of the Galactic Plane from 10 TeV to 1 PeV with LHAASO-KM2A. Cao, Z
Aharonian, F
An, Q
Bai, YX
Bao, YW
Bastieri, D
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Cai, JT
Cao, Q
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Huang, XY
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Liu, JY
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Liu, Y
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Zhao, B
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Zhou, M
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Zhu, CG
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Zhu, KJ
Zuo, X
33. Morphological and molecular characterization of a new freshwater Ceratomyxa species (Cnidaria: Myxozoa) from the yellow catfish, Trachysurus fulvidraco in China. Li, ZY
Wang, JT
Zhou, M
Sato, H
Zhang, JY
34. NHS dentists and pension sustainability. Sudharson, NA
Joseph, M
Kaur, P
Lister, P
Jangde, MK
Sudharson, NG
35. Quantum computing in dentistry. Sudharson, NA
Roy, N
Daniel, AY
Mathew, RS
Joseph, M
Renji, JE
36. Rasch Analysis for Standards-Setting Appraisal of Competency Level-Based Performance on the Part of Instructors in Higher Education Nongna, C.
Junpeng, P.
Hong-Ngam, J.
Podjana, C.
Tang, K.N.
37. Reducing donor-site complications in DIEP flap breast reconstruction with closed incisional negative pressure therapy: A cost-benefit analysis. Munro, SP
Dearden, A
Joseph, M
O'Donoghue, JM
38. [Reliability and validity of the Chinese version of adverse childhood experiences international questionnaire in parents of preschool children]. Mi, XY
Hou, SS
Fu, ZY
Zhou, M
Li, XX
Meng, ZX
Jiang, HF
Zhou, H
39. Smart teaching abilities of junior high school teachers in Thailand Manakul, T.
Somabut, A.
Tuamsuk, K.
40. SNHG12/NFYC-AS1 Acted as the Sponge for hsa-miR-199a-5p to Promote the Expression of S100A8/S100A7/XDH and was Involved in the Progression of Diabetic Foot Ulcers. Shaorong, Z
Xiaodong, L
Qiong, P
Zhaodong, X
Zhuo, L
Hechen, H
Yuancheng, W
41. The Designing Framework of Simulation Flipped Classroom to Enhance Analytical Thinking on the Topic of the Nervous System for Grade 11 Students Rampuengchit, K.
Samat, C.
42. [ : The rise of Dietetic Materia Medica in the Edo Period in Japan]. Zhou, M
Hu, YC
43. User-Centered Design of a Digital Citizen Inquiry Project on Plastic Circular Economy for Young People Srisawasdi, N.
Panjaburee, P.
44. Vitrified before and after genome editing via electroporation. Nguyen, TV
Kim Do, LT
Namula, Z
Lin, QY
Torigoe, N
Nagahara, M
Hirata, M
Tanihara, F
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