Unique title : รายชื่อบทความทั้งหมดในปี 2024 (Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies)

1. A critique of community-based tourism development: The comparative case of Betong and Pho Tak Districts, Thailand Ditta-Apichai, M.
Sroypetch, S.
Caldicott, R.W.
2. Analysis of tourism destination centrality and structural properties of tourism system: Complex network perspective Kanrak, M.
Lean, H.H.
Nonthapot, S.
3. Analyzing online public opinion on Thailand-China high-speed train and Laos-China railway mega-projects using advanced machine learning for sentiment analysis Nokkaew, M.
Nongpong, K.
Yeophantong, T.
Ploykitikoon, P.
Arjharn, W.
Siritaratiwat, A.
Narkglom, S.
Wongsinlatam, W.
Remsungnen, T.
Namvong, A.
Surawanitkun, C.
4. A portable fluorescence detection device based on a smartphone employing carbon nanodots for Mn2+ sensing Mool-Am-kha, P.
Phetduang, S.
Ngamdee, K.
Surawanitkun, C.
Ren, X.K.
5. Bamboo-derived hard carbon/carbon nanotube composites as anode material for long-life sodium-ion batteries with high charge/discharge capacities Pothaya, S.
Poochai, C.
Tammanoon, N.
Chuminjak, Y.
Kongthong, T.
Lomas, T.
Sriprachuabwong, C.
Tuantranont, A.
6. Broadband Graphene/TiO2 Optical Modulator Based on Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguide for Ultrafast Switching and Low-Voltage State Supasai, W.
Suwanarat, S.
Wannaprapa, M.
Chaisakul, P.
Siritaratiwat, A.
Srichan, C.
Jutong, N.
Narkglom, S.
Surawanitkun, C.
7. Chromosomes of Asian cyprinid fishes: Novel insight into the chromosomal evolution of Labeoninae (Teleostei, Cyprinidae) Khensuwan, S.
Sassi, F.d.M.C.
Moraes, R.L.R.d.
Rab, P.
Liehr, T.
Supiwong, W.
Seetapan, K.
Tanomtong, A.
Tantisuwichwong, N.
Arunsang, S.
Buasriyot, P.
Tongnunui, S.
Cioffi, M.d.B.
8. Corrigendum: Evolutionary tracks of chromosomal diversification in surgeonfishes (Acanthuridae: Acanthurus) along the world’s biogeographic domains (Frontiers in Genetics, (2021), 12, (760244), 10.3389/fgene.2021.760244) Fernandes, M.A.
Bello Cioffi, M.d.
Bertollo, L.A.C.
Costa, G.W.W.F.d.
Motta-Neto, C.C.d.
Borges, A.T.
Soares, R.X.
Souza, A.S.d.
Pinthong, K.
Supiwong, W.
Tanomtong, A.
Molina, W.F.
9. Extending the Baldrige excellence model for managing community-based social enterprise Rangsungnoen, G.
Sroypetch, S.
Caldicott, R.W.
10. Karyotypic stasis and its implications for extensive hybridization events in corallivores species of butterflyfishes (Chaetodontidae) Molina, W.F.
Khensuwan, S.
Rosa de Moraes, R.L.
de Menezes Cavalcante Sassi, F.
Werneck Félix da Costa, G.W.
Miguel, D.Z.
Supiwong, W.
Jantarat, S.
Phintong, K.
Seetapan, K.
Ditcharoen, S.
Tanomtong, A.
Liehr, T.
de Bello Cioffi, M.
11. New intelligent particle swarm optimization algorithm with extreme learning machine for forecasting Pattavia pineapple productivity: case study of Loei and Nong Khai provinces in Thailand Wongsinlatam, W. 2024
12. Using a bottom-up method to assess cruise ship activity impacts on emissions during 2019–2020 in China Chen, Q.
Lau, Y.y.
Kanrak, M.
Sun, X.
Zhang, P.
13. Water tourism demand in the Mekong River basin Nonthapot, S.
Lattanasouvannaphonh, C.
Sifongxay, S.
Bounpathaph, L.
Wuttipan, C.
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