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361. Energy and protein intake in critically ill people with respiratory failure treated by high-flow nasal-cannula oxygenation: An observational study. Zerbib O
Rattanachaiwong S
Palti N
Kagan I
Singer P
2021 Nutrition (Burbank, Los Angeles County, Calif.)
(84), pp. 111117
362. Enhancement of Patchoulol Production in Multiple Engineering Strategies. Zhou L
Wang Y
Han L
Wang Q
Liu H
Cheng P
Li R
Guo X
Zhou Z
2021 Journal of agricultural and food chemistry
27 (69), pp. 7572-7580
363. Enriching the nutritive value of marigold (Tagetes erecta L) crop residues as a ruminant feed by lactic acid bacteria during ensilage. Hou Z
Liu J
Cai M
Liu Y
Mu L
Gao Y
Wanapat M
Huang B
2021 BMC veterinary research
1 (17), pp. 74
364. ent-Clerodane diterpenoids from the stems of Croton krabas. Rajachan OA
Lakornwong W
Pitchuanchom S
Suchaichit NP
Boonmak J
Youngme S
Kanokmedhakul K
Kanokmedhakul S
2021 Fitoterapia
(), pp. 104912
365. Entrapment of nano-ZnO into alginate/polyvinyl alcohol beads with different crosslinking ions for fertilizer applications. Knijnenburg JTN
Kasemsiri P
Amornrantanaworn K
Suwanree S
Iamamornphan W
Chindaprasirt P
Jetsrisuparb K
2021 International journal of biological macromolecules
(181), pp. 349-356
366. Epidermal resident γδ T cell development and function in skin. Xu Y
Dimitrion P
Cvetkovski S
Zhou L
2021 Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS
2 (78), pp. 573-580
367. Epstein-Barr Virus-Associated Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis of the Thyroid Gland. Munkhdelger J
Vatanasapt P
Pientong C
Keelawat S
Bychkov A
2021 Head and neck pathology
3 (15), pp. 1054-1058
368. Ergonomic arm support prototype device for smartphone users reduces neck and shoulder musculoskeletal loading and fatigue. Tapanya W
Puntumetakul R
Neubert MS
Hunsawong T
Boucaut R
2021 Applied ergonomics
(95), pp. 103458
369. Erratum to: Characterization of Klebsiella pneumoniae complex isolates from pigs and humans in farms in Thailand: population genomic structure, antibiotic resistance and virulence genes. Leangapichart T
Lunha K
Jiwakanon J
Angkititrakul S
Järhult JD
Magnusson U
Sunde M
2021 The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy
8 (76), pp. 2224
370. Essential and non-essential heavy metal levels in key organs of winter flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) and their potential impact on body condition. Foley M
Askin N
Belanger MP
Wittnich C
2021 Marine pollution bulletin
(168), pp. 112378
371. Establishment and genetic characterization of cell lines derived from proliferating nasal polyps and sinonasal inverted papillomas. Nukpook T
Ekalaksananan T
Kiyono T
Kasemsiri P
Teeramatwanich W
Vatanasapt P
Chaiwiriyakul S
Ungarreevittaya P
Kampan J
Muisuk K
Pientong C
2021 Scientific reports
1 (11), pp. 17100
372. Estimating Time to Progression of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease With Tolerance. Tang C
Plasek JM
Shi X
Wan M
Zhang H
Kang MJ
Wang L
Dulgarian SM
Xiong Y
Ma J
Bates DW
Zhou L
2021 IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics
1 (25), pp. 175-180
373. Estimation of additive genetic, dominance, and mate sire variances for fertility traits in Thai native (Pradu Hang Dam) chickens. Mookprom S
Duangjinda M
Puangdee S
Kenchaiwong W
Boonkum W
2021 Tropical animal health and production
1 (53), pp. 81
374. Etoricoxib Can Reduce Post-Operative Morphine Consumption and Pain Score in Patients Undergoing Lumbar Laminectomy Compare to Acetaminophen: A Randomized Trial. Weraarchakul S
Sae-Jung S
2021 Global spine journal
(), pp. 21925682211035719
375. Evaluating the analytical validity of circulating tumor DNA sequencing assays for precision oncology. Deveson IW
Gong B
Lai K
LoCoco JS
Richmond TA
Schageman J
Zhang Z
Novoradovskaya N
Willey JC
Jones W
Kusko R
Chen G
Madala BS
Blackburn J
Stevanovski I
Bhandari A
Close D
Conroy J
Hubank M
Marella N
Mieczkowski PA
Qiu F
Sebra R
Stetson D
Sun L
Szankasi P
Tan H
Tang LY
Arib H
Best H
Burgher B
Bushel PR
Casey F
Cawley S
Chang CJ
Choi J
Dinis J
Duncan D
Eterovic AK
Feng L
Ghosal A
Giorda K
Glenn S
Happe S
Haseley N
Horvath K
Hung LY
Jarosz M
Kushwaha G
Li D
Li Z
Liu LC
Liu Z
Ma C
Mason CE
Megherbi DB
Morrison T
Pabón-Peña C
Pirooznia M
Proszek PZ
Raymond A
Rindler P
Ringler R
Scherer A
Shaknovich R
Shi T
Smith M
Song P
Strahl M
Thodima VJ
Tom N
Verma S
Wang J
Wu L
Xiao W
Xu C
Yang M
Zhang G
Zhang S
Zhang Y
Shi L
Tong W
Johann DJ
Mercer TR
Xu J
2021 Nature biotechnology
9 (39), pp. 1115-1128
376. Evaluation of a Rapid IgG4 Lateral Flow Dipstick Test to Detect Strongyloides stercoralis Infection in Northeast Thailand. Noordin R
Anuar NS
Juri NM
Wongphutorn P
Ruantip S
Kopolrat KY
Worasith C
Sithithaworn J
Sithithaworn P
2021 The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
3 (105), pp. 688-691
377. Evaluation of biological and chemical additives on microbial community, fermentation characteristics, aerobic stability, and in vitro gas production of SuMu No. 2 elephant grass. Shah AA
Qian C
Liu Z
Wu J
Sultana N
Mobashar M
Wanapat M
Zhong X
2021 Journal of the science of food and agriculture
13 (101), pp. 5429-5436
378. Evaluation of Laccase Production by Monokaryotic Strains of Edible Mushrooms. Karittapattawan P
Benchawattananon R
2021 Pakistan journal of biological sciences : PJBS
4 (24), pp. 454-460
379. Evaluation of the Lung Immune Prognostic Index in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Treated With Systemic Therapy: A Retrospective Study and Meta-Analysis. Huang L
Han H
Zhou L
Chen X
Xu Q
Xie J
Zhan P
Chen S
Lv T
Song Y
2021 Frontiers in oncology
(11), pp. 670230
380. Evolutionary ecology of the visual opsin gene sequence and its expression in turbot (Scophthalmus maximus). Wang Y
Zhou L
Wu L
Song C
Ma X
Xu S
Du T
Li X
Li J
2021 BMC ecology and evolution
1 (21), pp. 114
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