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Title Authors Year Journal title
1. Biomechanical analysis of posteromedial tibial plateau fracture fixation in fresh cadaveric bone. Twinprai N
Twinprai P
Sripaduangkul S
Samrid R
Nimpisut N
Apinyankul R
Laonapakul T
Chindaprasirt P
2024 Injury
3 (55), pp. 111316
2. Mechanical and self-healing properties of cement paste containing incinerated sugarcane filter cake and Lysinibacillus sp. WH bacteria. Ditta ZM
Laohana P
Tanapongpisit N
Saenrang W
Boonlue S
Sata V
Baalousha M
Chindaprasirt P
Ekprasert J
2024 Scientific reports
1 (14), pp. 6716
3. Optimizing vertically integrated pork production supply chain: A Lagrangian heuristic approach. Nakrachata-Amon T
Vorasayan J
Pitiruek K
Arunyanart S
Niyamosoth T
Pathumnakul S
2024 Heliyon
6 (10), pp. e26407
4. Quantifying fair income distribution in Thailand. Sitthiyot T
Holasut K
2024 PloS one
4 (19), pp. e0301693
5. Tailoring visible-light active TiO/cellulose nanocomposites with controlled crystalline structure for enhanced photocatalytic performance. Pimsawat N
Theerakulpisut S
Kamwilaisak K
2024 Scientific reports
1 (14), pp. 101
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