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Nuntaboot K.
2022 Suranaree Journal of Science and Technology
3 (29), pp. 201-212
2. Decision Delay Is a Significant Contributor to Prehospital Delay for Stroke Symptoms Potisopha W.
Vuckovic K.M.
DeVon H.A.
Park C.G.
Phutthikhamin N.
Hershberger P.E.
2022 Western Journal of Nursing Research
(), pp.
3. Factors Associated with Nurses' Perceived Competence in Pressure Injury Care in a Tertiary Hospital in Yunnan, China Huang S.
Saensom D.
2022 Advances in Skin and Wound Care
8 (35), pp. 1-9
4. Factors impacting COVID-19 preventive behaviors in Thai adults during the initial phase of vaccination Potisopha W.
Saensom D.
Noonark C.
Kabkumba C.
Pearkao C.
2022 Journal of Public Health and Development
3 (20), pp. 236-248
5. Factors influencing the implementation of labour companionship: formative qualitative research in Thailand Rungreangkulkij S.
Ratinthorn A.
Lumbiganon P.
Zahroh R.I.
Hanson C.
Dumont A.
de Loenzien
Betrán A.P.
Bohren M.A.
2022 BMJ open
5 (12), pp. e054946
6. Hormonal contraceptive use related to breast cancer among women in Indonesia: a nationwide study Solikhah S.
Sangruangake M.
Matahari R.
Rahmadhani W.
Ruliyandari R.
2022 International Journal of Public Health Science
3 (11), pp. 779-784
7. How Thai men cope with depression: A qualitative study Kaewjanta N.
Rungreangkulkij S.
2022 Perspectives in Psychiatric Care
2 (58), pp. 651-657
8. Literacy Enhancement Program among Older People Receiving Hemodialysis: Feasibility and Acceptability Boonasa K.
Panpanit L.
Banharak S.
Kumniyom N.
Chanaboon S.
2022 Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research
3 (26), pp. 474-487
9. Mental health status and factors related on mental health status of the older adults living alone Juntapim S.
Theranut A.
2022 Working with Older People
(), pp.
10. Motorcycle Ambulance Policy to Promote Health and Sustainable Development in Large Cities Apiratwarakul K.
Suzuki T.
Celebi I.
Tiamkao S.
Bhudhisawasdi V.
Pearkao C.
Ienghong K.
2022 Prehospital and Disaster Medicine
1 (37), pp. 78-83
11. Psychometric Properties of the Thai Version of Supportive Care Needs Survey-Partners and Caregivers (T-SCNS-P&amp;C) for Cholangiocarcinoma Caregivers Sangruangake M.
Summart U.
Methakanjanasak N.
Ruangsuksud P.
Songthamwat M.
2022 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
3 (23), pp. 1069-1076
12. Q-methodology identifies distinctive viewpoints of the facilitators and barriers to six-month exclusive breastfeeding in Northeast Thailand Thepha T.
Marais D.
Bell J.
Muangpin S.
2022 Nutrition and Health
2 (28), pp. 219-227
13. The Perceptions and Self-management of Depressive Symptoms in Men: A Qualitative Study in a Province of Northeastern Thailand Kaewjanta N.
Rungreangkulkij S.
2022 Trends in Sciences
4 (19), pp.
14. The Relationship between Unmet Need, Physical Symptoms, Psychological Well-Being and Health-Related Quality of Life in Cholangiocarcinoma Survivors Sangruangake M.
Summart U.
Songthamwat M.
Sangchart B.
2022 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
8 (23), pp. 2821-2828
15. Validation of the Modified Thai Cancer Survivor’s Unmet Needs (T-CaSUN) for Cholangiocarcinoma Patients Summart U.
Sangruangake M.
Songthawat M.
Sangchart B.
Teinprasert S.T.
Srisuwan P.
2022 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
5 (23), pp. 1769-1776
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