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1. 13-cis-retinoic acid inhibits the self-renewal, migration, invasion and adhesion of cholangiocarcinoma cells Butsri S.
Kukongviriyapan V.
Senggunprai L.
Kongpetch S.
Prawan A.
2023 International Journal of Molecular Medicine
3 (51), pp.
2. 2023 HFCT Focused Update of the 2019 HFCT Heart Failure Guidelines Part 2: Diagnosis and Management of HFmrEF and HFpEF Chirakarnjanakorn S.
Senthong V.
Ariyachaipanich A.
Phrommintikul A.
Buakkhamsri A.
Krittayaphong R.
Naratreekoon B.
Yingchoncharoen T.
2023 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand
10 (106), pp. 1005-1014
3. 3′,4′,5′-trimethoxy- and 3,4-dimethoxychalcones targeting A549 cells: Synthesis, cytotoxic activity, and molecular docking Danova A.
Nguyen D.V.
Toyoda R.
Mahalapbutr P.
Rungrotmongkol T.
Wonganan P.
Chavasiri W.
2023 Journal of Molecular Structure
(1275), pp.
4. A Case Report of Anaphylaxis in Health Care Personnel: The Importance of History-Taking and Occupational Health Management Puybandit M.
Chaiear N.
Kasa S.
2023 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand
11 (106), pp. 1074-1078
5. Accuracy and adequacy of photoprotection in pediatric systemic lupus erythematosus patients, and the effect of education on photoprotection: a prospective study Suebsarakam P.
Mairiang D.
2023 Pediatric Rheumatology
1 (21), pp.
6. Acrodermatitis continua of Hallopeau and generalised pustular psoriasis: Should they be the same or different entities? Chularojanamontri L.
Rattanakorn K.
Julanon N.
Chuamanochan M.
2023 Experimental Dermatology
8 (32), pp. 1235-1245
7. Acute Effects of Percussive Massage Therapy on Thoracolumbar Fascia Thickness and Ultrasound Echo Intensity in Healthy Male Individuals: A Randomized Controlled Trial Yang C.
Huang X.
Li Y.
Sucharit W.
Sirasaporn P.
Eungpinichpong W.
2023 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
2 (20), pp.
8. Acute Fibrinous Organizing Pneumonia in a COVID-19 Patient: A Case Report Ratanawatkul P.
Solomon J.J.
Chaisuriya N.
Watcharadetwittaya S.
Tumsatan P.
Boonrod A.
Reechaipichitkul W.
So-Ngern A.
Chumpangern W.
Arunsurat I.
Mahawarakorn P.
Deawtrakulchai P.
Mootsikapun P.
Kaitchoosakun S.
Suttinarakorn C.
Yodpinij N.
Swigris J.J.
2023 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand
4 (104), pp. S123-S127
9. Addressing global disparities in blood pressure control: perspectives of the International Society of Hypertension Schutte A.E.
Jafar T.H.
Poulter N.R.
Damasceno A.
Khan N.A.
Nilsson P.M.
Alsaid J.
Neupane D.
Kario K.
Beheiry H.
Brouwers S.
Burger D.
Charchar F.J.
Cho M.-C.
Guzik T.J.
Haji Al-Saedi
Ishaq M.
Itoh H.
Jones E.S.W.
Khan T.
Kokubo Y.
Kotruchin P.
Muxfeldt E.
Odili A.
Patil M.
Ralapanawa U.
Romero C.A.
Schlaich M.P.
Shehab A.
Mooi C.S.
Steckelings U.M.
Stergiou G.
Touyz R.M.
Unger T.
Wainford R.D.
Wang J.-G.
Williams B.
Wynne B.M.
Tomaszewski M.
2023 Cardiovascular Research
2 (119), pp. 381-409
10. Adherence to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy in Pediatric Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Meta-Analysis Sawunyavisuth B.
Ngamjarus C.
Sawanyawisuth K.
2023 Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management
(19), pp. 143-162
11. Adult-onset Xanthogranuloma Overlapping with IgG4-related Ophthalmic Disease: A Case Report Julanon N.
Choonhakarn C.
Chaowattanapanit S.
Sawangsri K.
2023 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand
4 (104), pp. S128-S130
12. Air Embolization During a MitraClip Procedure Kaewkes D.
Moshkovits Y.
Shenoda M.M.
2023 Complex Cases in Structural Heart Intervention
(), pp. 225-229
13. Alcohol use, suicidality and virologic non-suppression among young adults with perinatally acquired HIV in Thailand: a cross-sectional study Aurpibul L.
Kosalaraksa P.
Kawichai S.
Lumbiganon P.
Ounchanum P.
Natalie Songtaweesin W.
Sudjaritruk T.
Chokephaibulkit K.
Rungmaitree S.
Suwanlerk T.
Ross J.L.
Sohn A.H.
Puthanakit T.
2023 Journal of the International AIDS Society
2 (26), pp.
14. Algorithmic prediction of anaesthesia manpower quantity needs: A multicentre study Akavipat P.
Suraseranivongse S.
Yimrattanabowon P.
Sriraj W.
Ratanachai P.
Summart U.
2023 Journal of Perioperative Practice
9 (33), pp. 282-292
15. Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>:C optically stimulated luminescence dosimetry for evaluation of potential factors contributing to entrance skin doses received by liver cancer patients undergoing Transarterial Chemoembolization Buranurak S.
Pong-Inwong V.
Hanpanich P.
Wongwiwatchai J.
Ahooja A.
Pungkun V.
2023 Radiation Physics and Chemistry
(202), pp.
16. A longitudinal study of hepatitis B surface antibody level after the accelerated vaccination protocol applied to health workers in a hospital of Thailand Chaiear N.
Krisorn P.
Seehamoke C.
2023 Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health
(21), pp.
17. A method for in vivo evaluation of α-glucosidase inhibition using Drosophila Wongchum N.
Tanomtong A.
Pinlaor S.
Suwannapoom C.
2023 MethodsX
(11), pp.
18. AMPAR autoimmunity: Neurological and oncological accompaniments and co-existing neural autoantibodies McCombe J.A.
Zivelonghi C.
Vorasoot N.
Majed M.
Flanagan E.P.
Dubey D.
Pittock S.J.
McKeon A.
Zekeridou A.
2023 Journal of Neuroimmunology
(375), pp.
19. Analysis of the role of the QseBC two-component sensory system in epinephrine-induced motility and intracellular replication of Burkholderia pseudomallei Meethai C.
Vanaporn M.
Intarak N.
Lerdsittikul V.
Withatanung P.
Janesomboon S.
Vattanaviboon P.
Chareonsudjai S.
Wilkinson T.
Stevens M.P.
Stevens J.M.
Korbsrisate S.
2023 PLoS ONE
2 February (18), pp.
20. An analysis of pain intensity, injury incidence, and their associations with sociodemographic factors in high school athletes: A cross-sectional study during the COVID-19 pandemic Amarttayakong L.
Ruengyangmee S.
Nualkim W.
Meelam P.
Rodchan N.
Amarttayakong P.
Narom N.
Sudchoo K.
Nulong N.
Chaiyamoon A.
Sangkhano S.
2023 PLoS ONE
9 SEPTEMBER (18), pp.
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