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1. Capacity building skills in the implementation of evidence-based practice for community health nurses: an exploratory descriptive cohort study Walsh S.
Ryan C.
McCreary L.
Ocho O.N.
Potisopha W.
Jeremiah R.D.
2024 Contemporary Nurse
2 (60), pp. 140-151
2. Correction to: “Because it eases my Childbirth Plan”: a qualitative study on factors contributing to preferences for caesarean section in Thailand (BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, (2023), 23, 1, (280), 10.1186/s12884-023-05576-8) Nuampa S.
Ratinthorn A.
Lumbiganon P.
Rungreangkulkij S.
Rujiraprasert N.
Buaboon N.
Jampathong N.
Dumont A.
Hanson C.
de Loenzien M.
Bohren M.A.
Betrán A.P.
2024 BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth
1 (24), pp.
3. Factors related to changes in severity among adult and older adult patients at an internal medicine department clinic: an embedded mixed-method study Narongsanoi P.
Banharak S.
Panpanit L.
Chanaboon S.
Damkliang J.
2024 Scientific Reports
1 (14), pp.
4. Identifying diabetes risks among Indonesians: A cross-sectional study in a community setting Tarigan M.
Tarigan R.
Imelda F.
Jongudomkarn D.
2024 Belitung Nursing Journal
1 (10), pp. 41-47
5. Integrated Care Model by the Village Health Volunteers to Prevent and Slow down Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease in a Rural Community, Thailand Theeranut A.
Methakanjanasak N.
Lertsinudom S.
Surit P.
Panyaek N.
Leeladapattarakul S.
Nilpetch P.
Kessomboon P.
Chalermwat C.
Rintara W.
Khongtong W.
Paktipat P.
Banchonhattakit P.
Chunlertrith D.
Sharma A.
Cha’on U.
Anutrakulchai S.
Anutrakulchai S.
2024 Journal of Primary Care and Community Health
(15), pp.
6. Psychometric Evaluation of the Thai Male Depression Risk Scale (MDRS-TH) Kaewjanta N.
Kabkumba C.
Rungreangkulkij S.
2024 Journal of Current Science and Technology
2 (14), pp.
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