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Title Authors Year Journal title
121. A Randomized, Open-label, Presurgical, Window-of-Opportunity Study Comparing the Pharmacodynamic Effects of the Novel Oral SERD AZD9496 with Fulvestrant in Patients with Newly Diagnosed ER HER2 Primary Breast Cancer. Robertson JFR
Evans A
Henschen S
Kirwan CC
Jahan A
Kenny LM
Dixon JM
Schmid P
Kothari A
Mohamed O
Fasching PA
Cheung KL
Wuerstlein R
Carroll D
Klinowska T
Lindemann JPO
MacDonald A
Mather R
Maudsley R
Moschetta M
Nikolaou M
Roudier MP
Sarvotham T
Schiavon G
Zhou D
Zhou L
Harbeck N
2020 Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research
16 (26), pp. 4242-4249
122. A rapid and simple method for the removal of dyes and organophosphorus pesticides from water and soil samples using deep eutectic solvent embedded sponge. Gissawong N
Mukdasai S
Boonchiangma S
Sansuk S
Srijaranai S
2020 Chemosphere
(260), pp. 127590
123. A recurrent subcutaneous tumour of the thumb: a case of a capicua transcriptional repressor (CIC)-rearranged sarcoma. Mizukami T
Yanagi T
Kitamura S
Narahira A
Maeda T
Hata H
Takakuwa E
Doi K
Sugita S
Hasegawa T
Ikenaga H
Shimizu H
2020 Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology : JEADV
2 (34), pp. e59-e61
124. Are full-face helmets the most effective in preventing head and neck injury in motorcycle accidents? A -analysis. Chaichan S
Asawalertsaeng T
Veerapongtongchai P
Chattakul P
Khamsai S
Pongkulkiat P
Chotmongkol V
Limpawattana P
Chindaprasirt J
Senthong V
Ngamjarus C
Sittichanbuncha Y
Kitkhuandee A
Sawanyawisuth K
2020 Preventive medicine reports
(19), pp. 101118
125. Arg-GlcNAcylation on TRADD by NleB and SseK1 Is Crucial for Bacterial Pathogenesis. Xue J
Hu S
Huang Y
Zhang Q
Yi X
Pan X
Li S
2020 Frontiers in cell and developmental biology
(8), pp. 641
126. Arginine GlcNAcylation of Rab small GTPases by the pathogen Salmonella Typhimurium. Meng K
Zhuang X
Peng T
Hu S
Yang J
Wang Z
Fu J
Xue J
Pan X
Lv J
Liu X
Shao F
Li S
2020 Communications biology
1 (3), pp. 287
127. Arginine, glutamine, and fish oil supplementation in cancer patients treated with concurrent chemoradiotherapy: A randomized control study. Chitapanarux I
Traisathit P
Chitapanarux T
Jiratrachu R
Chottaweesak P
Chakrabandhu S
Rasio W
Pisprasert V
Sripan P
2020 Current problems in cancer
1 (44), pp. 100482
128. A risk prediction model for the development of subsequent primary melanoma in a population-based cohort. Cust AE
Badcock C
Smith J
Thomas NE
Haydu LE
Armstrong BK
Law MH
Thompson JF
Kanetsky PA
Begg CB
Shi Y
Kricker A
Orlow I
Sharma A
Yoo S
Leong SF
Berwick M
Ollila DW
Lo S
2020 The British journal of dermatology
5 (182), pp. 1148-1157
129. Arrestin domain-containing 3 (Arrdc3) modulates insulin action and glucose metabolism in liver. Batista TM
Dagdeviren S
Carroll SH
Cai W
Melnik VY
Noh HL
Saengnipanthkul S
Kim JK
Kahn CR
Lee RT
2020 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
12 (117), pp. 6733-6740
130. Arrhythmia in patients with severe coronavirus disease (COVID-19): a meta-analysis. Wen W
Zhang H
Zhou M
Cheng Y
Ye L
Chen J
Wang M
Feng Z
2020 European review for medical and pharmacological sciences
21 (24), pp. 11395-11401
131. Artificial intelligence-assisted cytology for detection of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia or invasive cancer: A multicenter, clinical-based, observational study. Bao H
Bi H
Zhang X
Zhao Y
Dong Y
Luo X
Zhou D
You Z
Wu Y
Liu Z
Zhang Y
Liu J
Fang L
Wang L
2020 Gynecologic oncology
1 (159), pp. 171-178
132. A Screening Tool for Patients With Lumbar Instability: A Content Validity and Rater Reliability of Thai Version. Chatprem T
Puntumetakul R
Yodchaisarn W
Siritaratiwat W
Boucaut R
Sae-Jung S
2020 Journal of manipulative and physiological therapeutics
5 (43), pp. 515-520
133. A Screening Tool for Patients With Lumbar Instability: A Criteria-related Validity of Thai Version. Chatprem T
Puntumetakul R
Boucaut R
Wanpen S
Chatchawan U
2020 Spine
21 (45), pp. E1431-E1438
134. Asian consensus recommendations on optimizing the diagnosis and initiation of treatment of hepatitis B virus infection in resource-limited settings. Gane EJ
Charlton MR
Mohamed R
Sollano JD
Tun KS
Pham TTT
Payawal DA
Gani RA
Muljono DH
Acharya SK
Zhuang H
Shukla A
Madan K
Saraf N
Tyagi S
Singh KR
Jargalsaikhan G
Duger D
Sukeepaisarnjaroen W
Purnomo HD
Hasan I
Lesmana LA
Lesmana CRA
Kyi KP
Naing W
Ravishankar AC
Hadigal S
2020 Journal of viral hepatitis
5 (27), pp. 466-475
135. A signal transduction approach for multiplexed detection of transcription factors by integrating DNA nanotechnology, multi-channeled isothermal amplification, and chromatography. Chen Y
Yan X
Yang W
Wang J
Lu Q
Li B
Zhu W
Zhou X
2020 Journal of chromatography. A
(), pp. 461148
136. A Solid-State Luminescent Cd(II) Supramolecular Coordination Framework Based on Mixed Luminophores as a Sensor for Discriminatively Selective Detection of Amine Vapors. Tunsrichon S
Sukpattanacharoen C
Escudero D
Kungwan N
Youngme S
Boonmak J
2020 Inorganic chemistry
9 (59), pp. 6176-6186
137. Assessing the benefits and usefulness of Schwartz Centre rounds in second-year medical students using clinical educator-facilitated group work session: not just "a facilitated moan"! Smith J
Stewart MG
Foggin E
Mathews S
Harris J
Thomas P
Cooney A
Stocker CJ
2020 BMC medical education
1 (20), pp. 271
138. Assessing the role of Filopaludina martensi martensi as a biocontrol agent of Bithynia siamensis goniomphalos, the first intermediate host of Opisthorchis viverrini. Wang YC
Liew TZ
Namsanor J
Sithithaworn P
2020 Parasitology research
10 (119), pp. 3415-3431
139. Assessment of C-DBP and N-DBP formation potential and its reduction by MIEX® DOC and MIEX® GOLD resins using fluorescence spectroscopy and parallel factor analysis. Jutaporn P
Armstrong MD
Coronell O
2020 Water research
(172), pp. 115460
140. Assessment of cutting time on nutrient values, in vitro fermentation and methane production among three ryegrass cultivars. Wang C
Hou F
Wanapat M
Yan T
Kim EJ
Scollan ND
2020 Asian-Australasian journal of animal sciences
8 (33), pp. 1242-1251
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