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1. Abrasion and sulfuric acid resistance of floor concrete polishing Chindaprasirt P.
Ridtirud C.
2023 Materials Today: Proceedings
(), pp.
2. A Comparative Study of State-of-the-art Metaheuristics for Solving Many-objective Optimization Problems of Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Conceptual Design Anosri S.
Panagant N.
Champasak P.
Bureerat S.
Thipyopas C.
Kumar S.
Pholdee N.
Yildiz B.S.
Yildiz A.R.
2023 Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering
(), pp.
3. A Comparison Study of Hydro-Compact Generators with Horizontal Spiral Turbines (HSTs) and a Three-Blade Turbine Used in Irrigation Canals Monatrakul W.
Senawong K.
Sritram P.
Suntivarakorn R.
2023 Energies
5 (16), pp.
4. Adaptive meta-learning extreme learning machine with golden eagle optimization and logistic map for forecasting the incomplete data of solar irradiance Boriratrit S.
Fuangfoo P.
Srithapon C.
Chatthaworn R.
2023 Energy and AI
(13), pp.
5. Adsorption of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (ibuprofen) onto biochar and magnetic biochar prepared from chrysanthemum waste of the beverage industry Ngernyen Y.
Petsri D.
Sribanthao K.
Kongpennit K.
Pinijnam P.
Pedsakul R.
Hunt A.J.
2023 RSC Advances
21 (13), pp. 14712-14728
6. A hybridization of PSO and VNS to solve the machinery allocation and scheduling problem under a machinery sharing arrangement Worasan K.
Sethanan K.
Pitakaso R.
Jamrus T.
Moonsri K.
Golinska-Dawson P.
2023 Intelligent Systems with Applications
(18), pp.
7. A model for predicting reduction in mobile phosphorus of lake sediment by aluminum drinking water treatment residuals Kuster A.C.
Huser B.J.
Thongdamrongtham S.
Patra S.
Padungthon S.
Kuster A.T.
2023 Water Research
(232), pp.
8. A modelling approach for evaluating the wind resource and power generation using a high-resolution grid at selected regions in the northeast of Thailand Tawinprai S.
Polnumtiang S.
Suksomprom P.
Waewsak J.
Tangchaichit K.
2023 Modeling Earth Systems and Environment
(), pp.
9. A novel generalized normal distribution optimizer with elite oppositional based learning for optimization of mechanical engineering problems Mehta P.
Sultan Ylldlz B.
Pholdee N.
Kumar S.
Riza Yildiz A.
Sait S.M.
Bureerat S.
2023 Materialpruefung/Materials Testing
2 (65), pp. 210-223
10. A novel hybrid arithmetic optimization algorithm for solving constrained optimization problems Yildiz B.S.
Kumar S.
Panagant N.
Mehta P.
Sait S.M.
Yildiz A.R.
Pholdee N.
Bureerat S.
Mirjalili S.
2023 Knowledge-Based Systems
(271), pp.
11. A novel hybrid flow direction optimizer-dynamic oppositional based learning algorithm for solving complex constrained mechanical design problems Yildiz B.S.
Pholdee N.
Mehta P.
Sait S.M.
Kumar S.
Bureerat S.
Yildiz A.R.
2023 Materialpruefung/Materials Testing
1 (65), pp. 134-143
12. A novel variable neighborhood strategy adaptive search for SALBP-2 problem with a limit on the number of machine’s types Pitakaso R.
Sethanan K.
Jirasirilerd G.
Golinska-Dawson P.
2023 Annals of Operations Research
1-2 (324), pp. 1501-1525
13. A two-archive multi-objective multi-verse optimizer for truss design Kumar S.
Panagant N.
Tejani G.G.
Pholdee N.
Bureerat S.
Mashru N.
Patel P.
2023 Knowledge-Based Systems
(270), pp.
14. Catalysis interfaced multifunctional membranes for sustainable treatment of water and wastewater Hosakote Shankara A.
Samuel Prabagar
Thinley T.
Yadav S.
Kotermane Mallikarjunappa
Bhusan Das
David J.
Wantala K.
Shivaraju H.P.
2023 Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring and Management
(19), pp.
15. Catalytic performance of copper and ruthenium loaded on N-doped modified PBZ-derived carbons for CO<inf>2</inf> hydrogenation Donphai W.
Thepphankulngarm N.
Chaisuwan T.
Tanangteerapong D.
Rood S.C.
Kongkachuichay P.
2023 Chemical Engineering Science
(274), pp.
16. Cellulose nanocrystal-stabilized Pickering emulsion improved sesamolin's physicochemical properties, stability, and anti-tyrosinase activity Rosalina R.
Kamwilaisak K.
Sutthanut K.
Weerapreeyakul N.
2023 Food Structure
(36), pp.
17. Challenge of Supplying Power with Renewable Energy Due to the Impact of COVID-19 on Power Demands in the Lao PDR: Analysis Using Metaheuristic Optimization Keokhoungning T.
Wongsinlatam W.
Remsungnen T.
Namvong A.
Khunkitti S.
Inthakesone B.
Siritaratiwat A.
Premrudeepreechacharn S.
Surawanitkun C.
2023 Sustainability (Switzerland)
8 (15), pp.
18. Changes in molecular dissolved organic matter during coagulation/sedimentation and chlorine and chlorine dioxide disinfection by non-target (or unknown) screening analysis Prasert T.
Ishii Y.
Kurisu F.
Musikavong C.
Phungsai P.
2023 Journal of Water Process Engineering
(52), pp.
19. Chaotic marine predators algorithm for global optimization of real-world engineering problems Kumar S.
Yildiz B.S.
Mehta P.
Panagant N.
Sait S.M.
Mirjalili S.
Yildiz A.R.
2023 Knowledge-Based Systems
(261), pp.
20. Comparative study for photovoltaic cooling using metal mesh inserted eutectic phase change material enclosure Homlakorn S.
Velmurugan K.
Suksri A.
Wongwuttanasatian T.
2023 Case Studies in Thermal Engineering
(45), pp.
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