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Title Authors Year Journal title
1. Accuracy in patient-reported adverse drug reactions and their recognition: a mixed-methods study. Kampichit S
Srisuriyachanchai W
Pratipanawatr T
Jarernsiripornkul N
2024 International journal of clinical pharmacy
2 (46), pp. 401-410
2. Advanced quality assessment of Sanshishi (Gardenia jasminoides Ellis) and Kampo medicines using a monoclonal antibody against geniposide. Noguchi K
Imahori D
Nishiura R
Nuntawong P
Putalun W
Tanaka H
Morimoto S
Sakamoto S
2024 Fitoterapia
(), pp. 105829
3. Anti-inflammatory activity of verbascoside- and isoverbascoside-rich Lamiales medicinal plants. Pongkitwitoon B
Putalun W
Triwitayakorn K
Kitisripanya T
Kanchanapoom T
Boonsnongcheep P
2024 Heliyon
1 (10), pp. e23644
4. Bioactive cholinesterase inhibitions of clerodanes from the flowers of and molecular docking studies. Limtragool OA
Pitchuanchom S
Boonyarat C
Kanokmedhakul K
Kanokmedhakul S
2024 Natural product research
(), pp. 1-10
5. Comparing patient reported and medical record data of adverse drug reactions to anti-seizure drugs. Jarernsiripornkul N
Tiamkao S
Wongtaweepkij K
Jorns TP
Junsuaydee K
Nontasen N
Gayrash S
Kampichit S
2024 International journal of clinical pharmacy
1 (46), pp. 101-110
6. Differentiation of protein types extracted from tilapia byproducts by FTIR spectroscopy combined with chemometric analysis and their antioxidant protein hydrolysates. Wachirattanapongmetee K
Katekaew S
Weerapreeyakul N
Thawornchinsombut S
2024 Food chemistry
0 (437), pp. 137862
7. Identification of Major Bioactive Anti-inflammatory Compounds of Derris scandens Stem Using RAW 264.7 Cells and HPLC-UV Analysis. Sae-Foo W
Yusakul G
Nualkaew N
Putalun W
2024 Planta medica
2 (90), pp. 126-137
8. Measuring fatigue in people with multiple sclerosis - which questionnaire should be used? A Plain Language Summary of Publication. Kamudoni P
Johns J
Cook KF
Salem R
Salek S
Raab J
Middleton R
Henke C
Amtmann D
2024 Neurodegenerative disease management
1 (14), pp. 5-9
9. Proteomic analysis of crocodile white blood cells reveals insights into the mechanism of the innate immune system. Tankrathok A
Mahong B
Roytrakul S
Daduang S
Temsiripong Y
Klaynongsruang S
Jangpromma N
2024 Heliyon
2 (10), pp. e24583
10. The effect of Thai ginger (Kaempferia parviflora) extract orally administration on sperm production, semen preservation, and fertility in Thai native chickens under heat stress. Authaida S
Chankitisakul V
Ratchamak R
Pimpa J
Koedkanmark T
Boonkum W
Khonmee J
Tuntiyasawasdikul S
2024 Poultry science
2 (103), pp. 103372
11. Trends in Anticoagulant Utilization and Clinical Outcomes for Cancer-Associated Thrombosis: A Multicenter Cohort Study in Thailand's Upper-Middle-Income Country Setting. Kengkla K
Nathisuwan S
Sripakdee W
Saelue P
Sengnoo K
Sookprasert A
Subongkot S
2024 JCO global oncology
(10), pp. e2300353
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