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1. Agricultural Transformation in the Rural Farmer Communities of Stung Chrey Bak, Kampong Chhnang Province, Cambodia Kimkong H.
Promphakping B.
Hudson H.
Day S.C.J.
2023 Agriculture (Switzerland)
2 (13), pp.
2. Collaborative Partnership and New Farm Management for Solving Drought According to Different Geo-Social Environment in the Northeast of Thailand Panyasing S.
Yongvanit S.
Nurmandi A.
Prabnok P.
2023 International Journal of Rural Management
1 (19), pp. 64-88
3. Designing and Implementation of Web-enhanced Inquiry Learning for Literacy in Science Platform for Post COVID-19 Education Srisawasdi N.
Chaipidech P.
Pondee P.
Chaipah K.
Panjaburee P.
Khaokhajorn W.
Premthaisong S.
Tuamsuk K.
2023 Proceedings of the 6th IEEE Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2023: Educational Innovations and Emerging Technologies, ECEI 2023
(), pp. 111-114
4. Development of Ontology for Thai Country Songs Jaitiang T.
Kabmala M.
Chansanam W.
2023 Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice
1 (11), pp. 79-88
5. Digital Learning Ecosystem for Classroom Teaching in Thailand High Schools Nguyen L.T.
Kanjug I.
Lowatcharin G.
Manakul T.
Poonpon K.
Sarakorn W.
Somabut A.
Srisawasdi N.
Traiyarach S.
Tuamsuk K.
2023 SAGE Open
1 (13), pp.
6. Do the trade credit influence firm performance in agro-industry? Evidence from Thailand Detthamrong U.
Chansanam W.
2023 Heliyon
3 (9), pp.
7. Key success factors for transforming classrooms into learning communities in digital learning ecosystem at secondary schools in Thailand Tuamsuk K.
Nguyen L.T.
Kanjug I.
Lowatcharin G.
Manakul T.
Poonpon K.
Sarakorn W.
Somabut A.
Srisawasdi N.
Traiyarach S.
2023 Contemporary Educational Technology
2 (15), pp.
8. Knowledge Creation in International Non-Profit Organisations Le Q.N.
Tuamsuk K.
2023 Journal of Information and Knowledge Management
2 (22), pp.
9. Knowledge sharing practices in non-profit sector: a case of an intergovernmental organisation Le Q.N.
Tuamsuk K.
2023 International Journal of Knowledge and Learning
2 (16), pp. 151-170
10. Meaning extension of the Korean loan word oppa in the Thai context Tawichai S.
Sroikudrua T.
Punkasirikul P.
2023 Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences
1 (44), pp. 293-300
11. Motivational factors promoting knowledge sharing in the non-profit sector in Thailand Le Q.N.
Tuamsuk K.
2023 Information Development
2 (39), pp. 333-343
12. Smart teaching abilities of junior high school teachers in Thailand Manakul T.
Somabut A.
Tuamsuk K.
2023 Cogent Education
1 (10), pp.
13. Topic Modeling on Crowd Trading Ideas for Digital Asset Price Prediction Prabpala S.
Chansanam W.
Tuamsuk K.
2023 International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology (London)
1 (5), pp. 6-12
14. Waste-merit management: How adapting Buddhist environmental ethics can help – A qualitative case study of Buddhist temples in Khon Kaen, Thailand Prabnok P.
Chamaratana T.
Sirisuwilai W.
Jirasatthumb N.
Sutheejariyawat P.
2023 International Social Science Journal
(), pp.
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